• Keys® Tortuga – Makeup Remover

    An Aquarian Man’s Perspective You can imagine that being in my business that I receive a lot of beauty and skincare publications, both online and some Luddite ones in paper. I am always a sucker for the ones that the headline starts with, “Learn About The Latest Trends In…..” The one in particular that inspired this article was one whose headline was “Latest Hollywood Trends in Makeup Removal.” It went on, “Using Cold Creams to Remove Makeup.” First is a funny story when I was about 6 years old, I walked in on my mother…

  • Mendacious Trends or Just Plain Lies

    UnNatural Trend In The Natural Products Industry.  “Smiling Faces Sometime Tell Lies.” Mendacious and lying have similar meanings, but the two are not interchangeable.  Mendacious is more formal and literary, suggesting a deception harmless enough to be considered somewhat bland.  Lying is more blunt, accusatory, and often aggressive. You might yell, “You lying rat!” in an argument, but you would most likely stick to the more diplomatic, “Aren’t you being somewhat mendacious?” in a business meeting.  Mendacious can also imply habitual untruthfulness, whereas lying is more likely to be used to identify specific instances of dishonesty. It is hard to be funny about what appears to…

  • Keys® Island Rx Foaming Wash – Try It for a fresher clean

    Island Rx Foaming Wash – Feel the Micellar difference. The Keys Island Rx Foaming Wash is a natural skincare product that cleans and nourishes the skin. The core Island Rx liquid soap was designed and made nearly twenty years ago for our CEO and founder, Wendy Steele. Her skin was so sensitive post Melanoma, and all the prescription products worsened it. Regular Castile soaps like Dr. Bronner helped, but they were still too harsh and alkaline. Island Rx was invented for her as a safer and milder alternative. Most Castile soaps have a micellar set…

  • Keys® Product Formulations – A Formulators Perspective

    I receive a lot of very interesting questions every month that are escalated to me by our customer service. A question often enrobed in suggestions is in regard to Vitamins and the benefits of ingredients in our products. I am pleased and amazed at the complexity of the questions from our customers and the suggestions I receive. First, please remember that my team are engineers and not chemists. Every product starts with a clean slate based on the functionality we are trying to achieve. So, each ingredient may look like a single add, but each…

  • Dramatic Skin – Keys® Reflex Probiome® – New Revolution

    Reflex ProBiome – The Back Story Reflex is one of the oldest new products we have.  I know that does not make sense.  It does to me because I developed Reflex almost five years ago and have been testing it since under the code name of Silken.  My problem was that the delay had nothing to do with developing the product, packaging or refinement.  My problem?  At least three of the ingredients I needed were not available in quantities greater than a few gallons.  If you keep in mind that I need thousands of liters…

  • Nextra® NeoRetinol – Exceeding Expectations

    Nextra® NeoRetinol Discovery – Better Than Retinol “I am in my 60’s and have been using Retinol for decades. By far, it is the best skincare product ever invented. I have purchased Retinol in tiny tubes for over $300 each for years, and it has been worth it until Nextra® NeoRetinol. When Bob Root researched and invented NeoRetinol, I was skeptical; how was it possible to recreate a Retinol that can be used every day, in the sun and without side effects. I started using Nextra NeorRetinol over a year ago, and I use it…

  • Luminos, The Original “No Makeup Clean Look.”

    Luminos, The Original “No Makeup Clean Look.” By Bob Root, Keys Chief Technologist  Are you trying to get the No Makeup Clean Look? Look to Luminos for beyond the clean look to healthy. You may think that you already know everything there is to know, but I might surprise you or, at least, remind you of what you know. I intend to give you an insight into a new way of thinking, not about makeup, but how you prepare your skin for makeup. First, I want you to understand how makeup works, how it is…

  • New Luminos PLUS with Zinc Oxide for Problem Skin

    We are happy and super excited to announce a new product called Luminos PLUS with Zinc Oxide. It is a wide-range anti-aging product because it protects and restores across many fronts. Luminos PLUS Zinc Oxide is another tool in staving off aging caused by our environment. We are still 100% advocates of covering up with UPF clothing, a big UPF hat, UV protective sunglasses, and sunscreen on exposed areas. Luminos PLUS is a way to fight back time. luminos PLUS is genuinely a bit of a time machine that even makes this guy look better…

  • Island Rx For Hair Growth

    Island Rx Liquid Soap/Shampoo has been a Key® staple product for nearly twenty-four years. It was the product that Pfizer scientists applauded for its efficacy and clean-green design. It was one of our first four products and was the first developed for Wendy’s fight with Melanoma. Over the years Island Rx has been around, we discovered some interesting properties of Island Rx liquid soap that were pretty amazing. One of many was hair growth in men and women with short thinning hair. Why? Island Rx’s base soap is Castile-like. We mixed oils to ensure that…

  • Keys Now Featured on YouTube and Apple Podcasts

    Friends of ours at our parent company, Orion, remind us that communicating meaning is a very precise thing.  As humans, we communicate meaning best when we are fully present together.  They tell us that 7% of meaning is communicated with words, 38% tone of voice and 55% body language.  This is why we have formalized our video and podcast communication paths.   We will strive to add new content weekly to both channels and ask you to subscribe to receive these notifications from YouTube and Apple Connect. These videos and podcasts are a new series…

  • Keys New YouTube Channel

    First Look Keys is happy to announce a new up-to-date YouTube Channel. Over the years, we have broadcast videos on a periodic as-needed basis. Now we have a dedicated channel that will bring relevant content in a consistent format. Videos will range from product documentaries to open issues about skincare and chapter reviews from Bob’s book, “Chemical-Free Skin Health®. The nice thing about YouTube is that you can subscribe and get notifications of new content. Below is the first episode of this new series. We plan that Bob & Wendy will bring you a new…

  • Solar Rx – Sold Out & Discontinued

    From Wendy Steele, Keys CEO, and Melanoma Survivor: September 12, 2022 Due to President Biden’s CARES Act legislation, I have decided to discontinue Solar Rx Moisturizer with Sunscreen and KPRO Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen. President Biden COVID-19 and Sunscreen What does sunscreen have to do with COVID-19? It is a mystery. President Biden’s Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act was enacted, and buried in that bill are approximately 100 pages on sunscreens. Under the CARES Act, the FDA monograph system has become an administrative order process. This order process now subjects sunscreen manufacturers…

  • Inflation? Recession? – Time To Buy Quality

    Inflation or Recession or Both? I recently listened in on a financial advisory call from our bank Wells Fargo.  It was equally interesting and confusing.  I came away from the call with some very specific thoughts that I want to share from a Keys® perspective. Depending on who you talk to, we are experiencing unwarranted inflation with recession hiding in plain sight.  So, naturally these are times to be thrifty, but thrifty does not mean cheap. Unfortunately, cheap is the go-to option for some when trying to save money. Out of pocket is out of…

  • May for Melanoma Awareness

    May is Melanoma Awareness Month  Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. It affects more than 5 million people each year. Skin cancer: cancer you can see. Be proactive. Do skin exams monthly: they visually remind you to pay attention to your skin. Note any new or changing moles or unusual lesions. I am a melanoma survivor and grateful that early detection saved my life. I understand the ABCDEs of melanoma. It is essential to spot any potential skin cancers early. I just had my annual total body skin exam with my…

  • Psoriasis Decoded

    Psoriasis Has A Community NIAMS is a research community of the US National Institutes of Health. The NIH is one of the most elite US government institutions dedicated to human health research. It honors both pharmaceutical and natural solutions to disease. The mission of the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases is to support research into the causes, treatment, and prevention of arthritis and musculoskeletal and skin diseases; the training of basic and clinical scientists to carry out this research; and the dissemination of information on research progress in these diseases.   The…

  • Nextra® NeoRetinol for Psoriasis & Eczema

    Nextra® Help with Psoriasis & Eczema Your skin is your largest organ. 80% of people have skin problems. At KEYS®, we create clean, safe, natural products without chemicals that solve these problems. KEYS products make you feel and look better. Articles like this are meant to help you in your journey for clean clear skin, Naturally. Factoids: Since the introduction of Keys Nextra® NeoRetinol last summer, our customers have reported extra fast relief of symptoms from Psoriasis and Eczema. National Institutes of Health studies have outlined a combination of oral vitamin D supplementation and Retinol…

  • Keys Made in America

    Are Keys Products Made in America? YES! A few years back, a disabled American soldier wrote the book “Buy American.” Alex Nelson said it was our duty to buy American to preserve our manufacturing place in the world. Today more than ever it is even more prescient and meaningful to buy American because all those toys, electronics, and skincare made in China are just not going to be available. Do Your Holiday Shopping Now Freight Waves News reports, “Amazon announced it has started its Black Friday deals on October 4th this year in an attempt…

  • Remembering Steve Jobs 🍎

    You might ask yourself, what does Steve Jobs have to do with Keys. It is a fair question. The answer is a lot! It is important to us to remember the anniversary of his death ten years ago October 5. Bob Root, Keys Scientist, was heavily involved with the launch of the Macintosh computer both at Apple and through Chiat Day. Bob credits Steve with much of the philosophy and design behind all the Keys products. Seventeen years ago, the natural skincare industry was in disarray and clogged with useless products with brown paper labels…

  • Alternative Skin Health for Me

    Alternative Skin: My Annual Plea The meaning of alternative skin health for me is me taking responsibility for my skin health. Being responsible for me as the manager of me. Yes, I consult with doctors and experts, but I am ultimately responsible for my well-being and my skin health.  So are you. Keys’ quest for skin health began in 1996 when I was diagnosed and treated for Melanoma skin cancer. A successful Mohs surgery found me afflicted with all sorts of skin disorders from the chemicals in the prescription skincare that was my post-surgery regimen.…

  • Special Important Notice – China

    China Severe Shipping Bottleneck- Critical Message, August 30, 2021 Dear Customers and Retailers, As you probably have read the headlines, there is a severe supply situation worldwide resulting from Covid. It is becoming extremely tough to get products and materials out of China. It is the proverbial Catch-22!  Keys have no immunity to this situation because some containers we use are made in China. As an FYI, almost all skin and personal care products on the market today have to rely on China because the US and Europe have stopped manufacturing the containers and bottles.…

  • Autoimmune Skin Disorders – The 80/20 Rule

    In life, there seem to be consistent numbers that play out. One set is commonly called the 80/20 Rule. In tech, it meant that 20% of the people do 80% of the work. In the science of skin, it seems that 80% of autoimmune skin disorders are caused by just one thing. Recently some science has confirmed that trend. A recent study I have read suggests that 80% of skin disorders are autoimmune related. In my book, Chemical-Free Skin Health®, I connected some of these to chemicals in everyday skincare products. The most notable are…

  • The Quest for the Fountain of Youth. Tamanu Oil?

    Skin Health & Anti-Aging   When we started Keys, it was for my sweetie’s battle against Melanoma. As the story goes, her surgery was successful, but her battle against the prescription skincare seemed futile. I had to find ingredients in the natural world to help her skin recover and flourish in a hostile environment. Besides finding ingredients and combining them into products that work for all sorts of skin issues, it started a quest for unique natural ingredients that became a part of our DNA. Also, a part of our DNA is your well-being in…

  • Record Sales For Nextra NeoRetinol & We Are Super Excited

    Nextra is a Retinol like overnight star and we are so so excited We are as ecstatic as a group can be.  Our geeks, scientists, aboriginal healers and rocket scientists pulled off a big one with Nextra NeoRetinol.  Like Retinol and none of the side effects, Nextra is a hit.  We introduced Keys Nextra NeoRetinol less than a month ago, and it is our fastest-growing product in the history of the company. Our overnight star has become a real rising star. Here is what a few customers have said in our first few weeks: Acne…

  • Social Media Stealing Your Privacy?

    For over fifteen years, Keys has strived to develop products that solve skin problems and make people feel good using natural ingredients and remedies. For the last five years, we have battled fake news by fake people playing the 'natural car' when they are far from it. Their tool has been social media, and their game is false claims. I see it every day, and you are the ultimate victim. Well, the bullshit is about to end.

  • Alert – FDA Blocks Sanitizer Imports As Toxic

    You should be on alert that the FDA has halted import of all alcohol-based sanitizers made in Mexico. Many US off-brand sanitizers use Mexican sanitizer. Many are sold in bulk to grocery and retail stores for customer use at the front door. FDA found 87% to contain toxic ingredients and wood alcohol even though they claim to be Ethanol.

  • BUH BYE Facebook

    Keys® Joins Companies in Closing Their Facebook Account & Business Pages The following is a direct quote and open letter from Keys® CEO, Wendy Steele.   "I made one of the easiest business decisions of my career. I closed our Facebook account."

  • Breakthrough Routine to Revive Winter Skin

    Winter is tough on our faces. Dryness, rapid changing temperatures, and chapping happen. There is a regimen that I use to fight off the effects of winter skin. So, herein I will share what I learned and what I use. Read on to learn more. Do better when you known better.

  • Greenwashing and Vaporware – Naturally (OpED)

    The natural skin products industry has never been regulated since the invention of the snake oil salesperson. The industry operates under the 'GRAS' banner, which means "Generally Accepted As Safe." Simply, this means that there is a lot of good in the industry and some bad.

  • “Best Of” Are Fake News

    Those full page "articles" in magazines and eZines showing products strewn about with the headline Best Of xxx.  Many say "editors choice or editors pick."  The one thing they all have in common is they are fake purchased advertising. They are not editor picks, they are bought positioning.

  • Keys Feet & Hands Video Testimonial

    Problem:  Dry Cracking, Bleeding Skin Breaks Solution: Keys Feet & Hands Avocado Jelly with Natural Skin Restoring Ingredients Keys Feet & Hands vegan jelly to the rescue.  Living at 7,000 feet in the very environment of Los Alamos New Mexico, it is common to get dry cracked fingers that bleed. This short animation is a 72 hour time-lapse of my cracked thumb. Using Keys Feet & Hands twice a day at waking and at bedtime, shows the quick restore of my cracked thumb. Keys Feet & Hands uses the avocado jelly as its base replacing…

  • Shingles – On The Rise?

    Problem: Stress Triggering Shingles Solution: Lessen the Effects with Natural & Ayurvedic Lotions   Shingles are a very real side effect of the realities of Covid-19 relates to the stress we are all under. Lore has it that weak areas of our body have disorders triggered by stressful situations. So, it makes sense that we have seen a significant number of customer service requests about shingles rash and scabbing. First, here is an excellent simple overview article from Healthline.  https://www.healthline.com/health/shingles-natural-treatment   For solutions from Keys, we have had customers tell us over the years that both our Tortuga…

  • Are We Aging Faster?

    7 Reasons People Are Aging Faster by Bob Root – the Author of Chemical-Free Skin Health & Keto Plus I was recently asked in an interview if people are visibly aging faster or slower than ten years ago. The answer is both yes and no. Kudos to some big companies that followed the wallets of knowledgeable consumers. Ten years ago, there was a handful of us screaming that chemicals in everyday products were harming people. You agreed and started buying your laundry detergents and personal care products from reputable natural product companies. Nowadays, Natural products…

  • Keys Origins and Pedigree. Thanks for your support and loyalty

    Dear Keys Patrons 2001 was a historical year around the world. Keys parent corporation, Orion, was in the mode of expansion from our Washington DC-based operations to Amsterdam. 9.11.01 Terrorist Attacks dashed that plan, but what bloomed out of that was a much stronger relationship with our US clients like Pfizer, Qualcomm, and the motion picture industry. 2001 was the origin of Keys products in their early prototype form. Some brilliant people at Pfizer urged us to promote our first products’ natural benefits as natural medicines. We are forever indebted to these bright minds. Almost…

  • A Ray of Hope in Seattle for the Homeless & Elderly – Chef Traci.

    Our dear friend Chef Traci Calderon reached out to me personally to help her maintain meals for the elderly and homeless in Seattle.  I donated, but thought that I would share her plea for help.  Seattle has always been good to Keys and we wanted to share her quest with you.  By way of background, Traci has been my friend for over 20 years.  She is a deep spirit and is the chef at the Atrium at Pike Market in Seattle.  When the C-19 thing hit, it hit the elderly around the world very hard. …

  • Give Blood – The Benefits are Yours & Theirs

    Our business is your skin health.  A big part is your general health and periodically, we see or hear things that need repeating.  In this time of C-19, the need for blood donations is at an all-time critical level.  So we offer the following as a rational of how you benefit health-wise and spiritually by giving blood.  Please consider donating today for your benefit and the unseen faces who need it.  This is probably the only donation you will give that you know exactly where it goes.   Beer for Blood When I was in…

  • Smizing – Smiling with Your Eyes is the Cure IMS

    So the topic of this article is a kind of RBF story or to be more specific, IMS. Irritable Mask Syndrome is genuine and seems to be caused by various things. Some have told me that masks are an invasion of identity or uncomfortable. One said having to wear one is unconstitutional. Some feel self-conscious while others seem to like that they can hide behind one.

  • Online Grocery Shopping – C-19 A Grocery Shopping Game Changer For Me.

    Funny as it may seem, the one thing about C-19 that I enjoy is not shopping. I hate to grocery shop, so Bob does it most of the time. He hates shopping as well and has been an online buyer since the first eCommerce stores began in the '90s. He was one of the first subscribers to eBay and Amazon knows him by his first name. With the stay at home orders, it was the impetus for me to embrace online grocery shopping. InstaCart, Sprouts, and Wal-Mart have facilitated this change in a good way.

  • Lights! Camera! Action! – Megan and the Teleconference Crisis

    "Urgent"- Respond Immediately! She is an executive with a mega-company, and I worried that something was very wrong. So, I popped open the email and began to laugh out loud. Here was the first line. "Bob, holy shit, I need your help now. I am working from home and have to teleconference every day next week, and I look like shit on camera." "What should I do?"

  • The Handshake – A Ritual That May Have Just Ended

    Handshake Ritual Seem Odd Now A friend of a friend told me that the “Handshake” began in merry old England. It was supposed to show the other person that you were without a weapon. It seems to me that it might not have worked if your enemy was left-handed.   Anyhow, I decided to look this up, thinking it might be right or just another urban myth. Well, it turned out to be partially true and interesting. The Origin of the Handshake The history of the handshake dates back to the 5th century B.C. in Greece.…

  • Grocery Shop Smart – Not Often!

    The Center for Disease Control, The President and State Health Organizations, are asking us to stay out of the grocery stores for the next two weeks. Why? The reason we are being asked not to treat grocery shopping as entertainment is that smart people know that we can cap this virus by exposing fewer people to other people. So, where do we typically go when we are being asked to stay at home? Of course, we go grocery shopping. It is allowed, right!

  • “Blue Babies” Therapy May Help!

    Using a regulatory pathway that allows patients with life-threatening conditions to use unapproved therapies, the FDA has granted “emergency expanded access” to Bellerophon Therapeutics’ inhaled nitric oxide delivery system for treating the novel coronavirus. Also known as compassionate use, the agency’s policy is typically administered on a per-patient basis—at times when clinical trials are infeasible, the benefits are seen to outweigh the risks, and there are no available alternatives. According to Bellerophon, the FDA’s decision now opens up its INOpulse system for use at high-doses in ventilated COVID-19 patients, immediately.

  • Good News Spreads Fast Too. Something To Smile About

    Bob was working on our customer service line to help out. He fielded this comment from a customer's online order for our Hand Sanitizer.  This note touched us all but paled in comparison to the exchange Bob & Laura had after her initial order note and Bob's followup.

  • Get The Facts – Please – PubMed!

    Get The Facts! - Please! Living with an engineer scientist, the common phrase I hear is, "Where Are Your Facts?"  When it comes to your health, Dr. Google is an excellent resource as long as individuals do not have an intention for themselves. So, where do we go for HealthLine facts so we can make good decisions? You are responsible for your personal and family health. Having a resource that you can count on is paramount. National Institutes of Health Enter the National Institutes of Health PubMed. NIH is the health arm of the US…

  • Our New Hand Sanitizer – And A Few Heroes

    Keys has a new interim product and it is a maximum strength hand sanitizer. Our Extra Strength Hand Sanitizer took just 20 minutes to develop and seven days to manufacture, market, and start delivering. Seven days total from concept to delivery with lots of heroes to thank along the way.

  • Craft Distillers – Covid Heroes of a Different Kind

    Recognizing Craft Distillers – They May Just Have Saved A Lot of Lives Our new hand sanitizer can be refilled at home. The lead article shows you how to make it. We are a small company and are selling our extra strength sanitizer near cost, but another feel-good story is the distilleries around the world that are stepping up to the cause to make hand sanitizers or sell/give away grain alcohol to make your own. First, recognize that the two biggest fighters of Covid-19 and any other virus are hand washing with simple soap and…

  • Alert! – Extra Strength Hand Sanitizers Now Available from Keys

    We are making a single short run of Extra Strength Hand Sanitizers for our customers. Here are the details: We have allocated a supply of fine-mist sprayer bottles that we had in stock that we can use for hand sanitizers. We have decided to make a short run of extra-strength sanitizers made from 75% ethanol alcohol that we have in inventory that makes some of our extracts. We are dedicating the alcohol to use as a sanitizer that we will make available to our online customers only at a little over our cost at $9.47.

  • Bre Video Protect Your Skin – Solar Rx

    Bre’s Short Film Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage For nearly 20 years, I have written hundreds of thousands of words, created cards of what to do and wear, and have been an advocate of sunscreen every day.  All said Bre in her creative wave translated that message into a thousand languages with this short video.  Just look at her Keys skin and you have to be convinced.   Wendy  ☺️😉

  • Branch Basics – Truly Natural

    Branch Basics is a company that is on purpose and walks their talk. They have developed a natural concentrated cleaner that reduces biomass without harming the microbiome of your home or your family. To be clean without harming the good bacteria we live with is of paramount importance to me. It would also seem that it is crucial to Branch Basics.

  • DIY Hand Sanitizers – That Really Work

    Time for Hand Sanitizers. It is important to be effective and know what you are putting on your hands.   There are a number of natural commercially available products that work.  Right now, they are hard to find in the stores.  So, it is time to make your own.  It is simple and done right, just as effective as the store-bought sanitizing products. DIY Sanitizers Formulas So here is a formula for creating the world’s best hand sanitizers. Use 98% of 99% Isopropyl alcohol and 1% spearmint essential oil. Can’t find Isopropyl Alcohol? Turn to…

  • Just Wash Hands

    Yes, it is flu season, and traveling is getting to be a more significant concern. It is the time of year to write about not only how to wash your hands, but why doing it the wrong way can hurt. Many years ago, we researched the University of California Irvine on proper handwashing as a means to stay healthy during flu and virus outbreaks. The study formed our opinion, which I will share here. The primary purpose of washing your hands is not to spread viruses to your face. The average person touches their face…

  • Debunking Hand Sanitizers

    Hand Sanitizers, The Right Way, and the Wrong Way. Where to begin? My article, “Just Wash Hands,” has brought a lot of comments. Lots of thank you’s, a few questions and some opinion. Cool, that is what is supposed to happen. Most comments address a short paragraph I wrote about “Hand Sanitizers.” There is a wrong way and a right way. Most of us do it the wrong way. So, I cruised into a Wal-Mart to buy a pair of new windshield wiper blades. I noticed two sanitizer stations at the entrance. One was the right kind,…

  • Chemical-Free Skin Health Book, Anniversary Sale -Kindle $4.95

    It is the tenth anniversary of Bob’s book, “Chemical-Free Skin Health.” That does not mean it is ten years old. It has been remastered a number of times to keep it current. Ironically, our collective amnesia will make much of the book new to first-time readers. In 2008, Bob announced the beginning of a book focused on skin health over two years ago at the Natural Products Expo West. His book was published in early October 2009 and Bob will officially launch the book at the 2010 California Women’s Conference. Maria Shriver chose Keys Luminos…

  • Chemical-Free Skin Health® by Bob Root. Get Your Free Copy Today

    When You Know Better, You Do Better Chemical-Free Skin Health® is a powerful book written about destructive chemicals in everyday skincare and cosmetics. Maria Shriver invited Bob to launch his book at the last California Women’s Conference she hosted. It is a must-read, and now you can download it for free Here for a limited time.  A $19.95 Value What It’s About Chemical-Free Skin Health® is a book written by Bob Root that is a compilation of all his experiences being on the road with Keys customers. Bob features information about the Human Microbiome Project…

  • Keys® Story – About You and Us

    I have never told my story. Most of everything we have written is about Wendy's fight with Cancer and stupidity in the skincare market intermixed with how I created our products. So, since it is 15 years in business this year, I just felt like writing down my perspective of who we are. In 1994, I met the woman of my dreams. In 1997, I nearly lost her to Melanoma cancer. Dr. Hugh Greenway at Scripps in LaJolla, CA saved her life. The prescriptions so severely hurt her that the experience became the basis for…

  • Ugly Ducklings Moles – Part Three – Hold The Mayo

    In the first two parts of my story, I was diagnosed with two atypical biopsies, discovered that the diagnosis was a coverup for a botched lab test and prepared myself for a visit to the revered hallowed halls of the Mayo Clinic. Surely Mayo would be a much better experience. Right?  It can't get any worse or can it?

  • Ugly Ducklings Moles – Part Two – A Revelation

    In part one of my Ugly Ducklings story, I explained the process and reasons I went through having three moles , aka Ugly Ducklings, biopsied and tested. My story turned from being alarmed at the doctor's findings to anger when I realized that there was a coverup of a sloppy lab process. I was lead to believe I had potentially cancerous growths that needed retesting only to find out the lab messed up the test. Not atypical, but typical!

  • My Skin Cancer Anniversary – Lessons Learned

    Anniversary is a thing to celebrate and to remember. Sounds strange that I celebrate my Melanoma diagnosis and use this to remember my experiences. What I learned then and know now is that I am in charge of my health and well-being.   My doctors have all earned a basic level of my trust. The keyword is basic! I never let down my guard and question everything I hear. I respect the doctors I have chosen, but I do not treat them like gods. I have way too many experiences where what they thought or said…

  • The American Organic Hustle – Understanding The Misunderstood

    A customer contacted Keys Customer Service with three fundamental questions. The questions are mostly about being organic and safety as well as functionality. I have the answers, and they might not be what you think. They Asked: I am thinking of getting Keys MetaClean Healing Soap & Shampoo, it says there is >85% organic content, what is the rest that is not organic in this shampoo? 2. When you list on the right the vitamins/actions, are you indicating that the actual ingredient is providing those vitamins, for example, Avocado Oil gives Retinol vitamin or is…

  • Skin Pairings – Keys Guide to a Youthful Look (Discount Extended)

    Keys Skin Pairings by Wendy Steele Pairing fine skin care products for anti-aging and beauty is like pairing fine wines with great food. Our products are great. Often they are greater together.  This article by Wendy Steele points out the Keys product pairings she uses.  Wendy offers a discount coupon for you to try and believe.

  • Keys New Super Store Now Open

    Keys has a New Super Store. Visit www.KeysPure.com and register. Why? We realize last year that there was a significant demographic shift happening. Last year 85% of our customers purchased our website from a desktop or laptop computer. Over the last year, that number has flipped to 80+% of our customers purchase Keys products using a smartphone or tablet computer. What that meant to us was a need to redesign our entire store from the ground up around smartphone and tablet technologies while maintaining simple use on laptops and desktops. It was hard, but we…

  • InfoGram™ – New Keys ‘Quick-Reads’ Mini-Blog

    In keeping with the times, we created a new area of Clean Green Cafe blog for quick informational bites. Infograms™ are focused on helping you understand our product applications. Infograms will offer tips and tricks as well as educational information. We will bring you industry news and our perspective on various important subjects. Clean Green Cafe will continue to have in-depth content while Infograms will be quick short bits of information. Often there will be crossover content where Infogram's will link to larger more profound article on the Clean Green Cafe Side.  Click Here to…

  • Why Daily SPF and Moisturizing?

    One of the markets top moisturizers is Solar RX Moisturizer SPF due to its UVA-UVB protection minimizing the chemical burden on the skin.  This article was written by Ashley Parker about Keys Solar Rx

  • Galleyon Antibacterial Foaming Soap is Now Supercharged

    Galleyon Natural Antibacterial Foaming Soap has been a cornerstone of Keys for near 15 years. Galleyon is an alternative to soaps that contained Triclosan. Unlike antibacterial soaps, it is not a biocide, so it does not kill our skin's natural Probiome. It reduces the levels of harmful bacteria without harming the natural colonies of bacteria on our skin. Galleyon is now supercharged! Try it now.

  • Keys, Thievery Corporation and CafeCody.com – An Unlikely Group.

    Some Keys History Keys, Thievery Corporation and Cafe Cody - The Beginning Every company has many stories of how it started and defining moments that changed the course of its history.  For us, Thievery Corporation and Cafe Cody were defining moments. Every entrepreneur has good days, average days and some really bad experiences that teach, scar and modify you.  Creating defining moments mark course changes for everyone.  It is how we respond that separates us all. Keys is no different, but with the caveat that we chase defining moments rather than avoiding them.  Change is…

  • Keys Tortuga Exfoliates, Moisturizes and Removes Makeup

    In the 1950’s virtually every woman owned a jar of Pond’s Cold Cream.  They removed makeup, washed their face, moisturized and exfoliated with it.  The problem was that it was full of chemicals and today’s natural woman wants something safer and healthier.  Tortuga to the rescue!

  • Tips – Thinning Lotions

    At Keys, we receive lots of questions and this weeks dominant question deals with thinning our lotions in colder weather and to have a lighter finish. We share a few tricks in this short article.

  • SmallFlower Interviews Bob Root, Keys Scientist & Founder About Probiome

    SmallFlower Interviews Bob Root About Probiome. Keys Natural Skincare & Beauty was born after co-founder Wendy Steele was diagnosed with and beat melanoma. The cancer was gone, but she was still dealing with some nasty side effects on her skin – itchy, irritated patches that were just made worse by sticky sunscreens. Read this interview here.

  • FDA Bans Triclosan – EPA, Your Turn

    In my book Chemical-Free Skin Health published in 2010, I pointed out the health risks of Triclosan including cancer, hormone disruption. Now it is time to look at the vast amount of other products that us Triclosan. EPA, your next!

  • Avo Jel vs. Petroleum Jelly for Sports

    Keys Avo Jel is just a couple of months old and it has already taken the triathlon, running, biking, swimming and surfing community to a new level. Replacing petroleum jelly, our customers have shared with us how they use Avo Jel. In this article, we talk about over a dozen of the most popular uses.

  • The Triathlete & Keys New Jel Products

    We developed Keys Alternative Naturals for people who need vegan and chemical-free products that perform and replace drug store brand products like Vaseline®, Bengay® and others. Among the markets for these new products are for people who compete in strenuous events that need protection for rashes, chafing and other skin disorders. This is one such story about a triathlete and how he used Keys products before, during and after his race.

  • Safe Cosmetics Campaign & Keys – Red Lists

    Safe Cosmetics has recently done a great job of updating their website and social media efforts. What we are especially pleased with is that they have come up with a great visual reference of what chemicals to avoid based on product function.

  • Balding? Hair Re-growth? – Keys Island Rx!

    Years of customer testimonials point to hair regrowth by using Keys Island Rx liquid soap as a shampoo. This article breaks down what might be the reason Island Rx works and explains some of the reasons Island Rx has a lot of fans. We are offering a discount code to try Island Rx....

  • Keys KODA Products Help with ACL/Joint Issues in Small Dogs

    Keys KODA LifeTrace, Proflexoil and Omega life supplement joint and ACL issues in small young dogs. Add a Paleo diet and long walks extends their lives. This is our story of how applying known human natural medicine help both our older Bichon live longer and helped our young Bishon, Jasper, recover.

  • May is Melanoma Awareness Month at Keys

    It is 20 years since I was diagnosed and cured of Melanoma. May is melanoma awareness month and It is time to get wise and become in charge of your own skin health. Melanoma prevention saves lives. Please take some time to read my 2015 Melanoma Awareness Month message. Wendy Steele

  • Keys Tortuga Lotion Case Price Sale – Save 10%

    Our very popular Tortuga lotion is now available at a discount if you buy 6 or more at a time. Just add 6 or more Tortuga lotion to online store basket and the normal $16.95 price will be reduced to $15.25 each automatically. This is a $10.20 savings on 6 and even more savings if you buy more than 6. Tortuga is the perfect winter solution for dry itchy skin as well as chapped lips, dry cracking skin and tough calluses. It is a clean, pure natural lotion that is gluten-free, vegan and chemical-free.

  • Keys Cross RediCare – The Many Uses

    Every Keys product has many uses, purposes and are cross functional natural remedies. We have created a new category called Keys Cross where our customers have told us how they use our products. Here are the many uses of Keys RediCare. Share how you use it.

  • Shipping Sale – Domestic US Retail Customers

    In cooperation with the USPS, we have created a shipping discount of 25% off for domestic shipments over $50. The USPS has offered us a special discount to increase our volume and we are matching the amount. As always, domestic shipments over $75 are free.

  • Foot Calluses? Go Gluten-Free!

    From Bob Root, Keys Founder. We may have found a direct correlation to calluses on the feet and toes and gluten in peoples diets. A revelation to some is just another reason to get off gluten for others.

  • History Made – Exoskelaton’s and the Technology of People®

    A motorized exoskeleton, designed to help paralyzed people walk again, just earned U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval. It is the first such device to do so...From Bob Root: This article has nothing to do with Keys or our products. I am a scientist first and when I see something that revolutionizes the world, I have to say something.

  • Polluted Pets – What we are doing to our pets!

    I am raising a red flag when it comes to our pets and the environment. In my book, Chemical-Free Skin Health® I pointed out that about 50 years ago just about everything we put on our skin or came in contact with was naturally derived. Now nearly 95% is synthetic.

  • iWellness? – An Open Letter to Tim Cook, Apple CEO

    The rumors are pretty strong that Apple will introduce Healthkit technology in it next IOS 8 operating system for iPhones and iPad’s..and maybe iWatch this October. iWellness or iHealth – There is a difference. Can Apple change healthcare forever? Yes! Will they? by Bob Root, Keys Founder and Technologist. Check it out http://www.cleangreencafe.com/CGC/?p=2814

  • Sunscreen Tips from the EWG

    We have posted tips from the EWG regarding sunscreens. Keys Solar Rx was ranked as a top product in the 2014 sunscreen report under the moisturizers with SPF category. Keys received one of the highest ratings for safety and efficacy.

  • Clean Green Café Goes Mobile

    We have modified the software serving our Clean Green Café Blog and News Forum to detect smartphones and tablet users and switch to an easier to read format.

  • Tortuga Turns 100 Years Old.

    Tortuga was born in my grandmothers kitchen 100 years ago I grew up with this ancient remedy as a cure-all that saved me from cuts, bruises, dog bites, scrapes and even being jilted by a girlfriend or two.

  • FDA Taking Closer Look at ‘Antibacterial’ Soap

    "New data suggest that the risks associated with long-term, daily use of antibacterial soaps may outweigh the benefits," Rogers says. There are indications that certain ingredients in these soaps may contribute to bacterial resistance to antibiotics, and may have unanticipated hormonal effects that are of concern to FDA.

  • Keys Testimonials

    We have installed a new testimonial system to help other discover what our Keys products have done for others. Please submit anything that you feel will help people achieve relief for their conditions and disorders. Thanks!

  • Keys Overview Video with Wendy Steele

    This is the first in a new series of online videos from Keys. New technology will permit us to create small and effective videos for you to help understand us, our products and our mission. This is also available on the new Keys YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6WlkrnWIb2zoj0VhcSVqyQ/feed

  • Keys KPRO Cosmetic Products – Now Available!

    Keys New KPRO professional line is now available for review and for sale. Nominated for Best New Product of the year at the Natural Products Expo East coming this week, I believe these are the most revolutionary products we have ever designed. Read more! Wendy.

  • Announcing KODA – Keys for Dogs

    Keys is pleased to announce a new company with both internal and external products for dogs. KODA, which is Lakota Sioux for "friend" has ten new products for dogs. KODA is Keys for dogs!

  • Itchy Dog? Ditch the Perfume

    As for that nagging feeling about the itching and scratching after your dog’s bath or after a grooming session? The most likely reason your dog is scratching and itching is directly related to the perfumes, artificial fragrance and harsh ingredients in dog shampoos!

  • Probiotics & Probiome – Feeding Your Skin!

    The skin needs probiotics like we need for improved digestion. The problem is that the skin is a lot more susceptible to chemicals, allergens and pollution. Worse, the products we use are killing the skin's probiome and the results are misdiagnosed skin disorders. Learn what to do and what not to do.

  • California to License Groomers?

    From Cal Watchdog Even Dogs Have A Nanny In CA Katy Grimes: A California state Senator has authored a bill which would regulate pet grooming and require dog groomers to pay a whopping $350 for a state-issued license. As if the state Legislature’s attempt to require helmuts for skiers and snowboarders, licensing hair braiders, and and imposing child-car seats restrictions just isn’t enough – California now wants to monitor and regulate the bathing and clipping of Bowser and Fluffy. Will legislators be creating a new state agency to do this?

  • Sun Damage – Before and After on the Same Face?

    As a geek, I must admit a certain amount of frustration with many people espousing opinion when it comes to the skin. Choosing to blinder themselves from the obvious or ignoring simple realities to make a point. Jay Chiat, the advertising guru that was responsible for much of the Apple Macintosh marketing, once told me that, “Controversy is the #1 tool of marketing.  With the spread of blogs, articles and chat rooms created by the internet, his words are more true that ever.  Couple that concept with the Chinese proverb, “one dog hears something and barks. Then 500 dogs bark because they…

  • Time To Get Wise – Dear 16 Year Old Me!

    Wendy Steele, Keys CEO is a Melanoma Skin Cancer survivor. May is Melanoma Month and Wendy has written an article expressing here concern that May is also prom month. That little white dress does not need a tan to set it off! So, it is time to get wise. If the article is not convincing enough, the video just might be!

  • Dramatic Skin – Keys Reflex ProBiome – New Revolution

    Reflex ProBiome – The Back Story Reflex is one of the oldest new products we have.  I know that does not make sense.  It does to me because I developed Reflex almost five years ago and have been testing it since under the code name of Silken.  My problem was that the delay had nothing to do with developing the product, packaging or refinement.  My problem?  At least three of the ingredients I needed were not available in quantities greater than a few gallons.  If you keep in mind that I need thousands of liters…

  • Travel Tips from Dr. Amy

    Tips to Stay UltraHealthy While Traveling Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, with family, friends or solo here are some tips to stay UltraHealthy while away from home

  • Keys Cross – The Many Uses of Omni Spray Elixir

    This post features the Functions and Uses of Keys Omni. It is a new category for Keys products on Clean Green Cafe. We have constructed a table along with a description to give people an idea of what they can use our products to solve their skin problems.

  • A Close Shave

    Close Shave? I am often asked why we do not make a shave cream or shaving soap. My answer? We already do!

  • Skin ‘Sees’ UV Light, Starts Producing Pigment

    In a new study, biologists report that melanocyte skin cells detect ultraviolet light using a photosensitive receptor previously thought to exist only in the eye. This eye-like ability of skin to sense light triggers the production of melanin within hours, more quickly than previously thought, in an apparent rush to protect against damage to DNA.

  • SK!N What’s Normal pH?

      by Bob Root, Keys CTO There is another book on the horizon for us.   The working title is simple, “SK!N”.   After Chemical-Free Skin Health was published, I started to get so many questions that focused more on “what to do” than what is wrong.  Yes, there will be a chapter about the negative effects of chemicals in products.  The majority of the book are things that we should be doing to improve skin health which has a direct connection to youthful appearance and beauty. These articles are snippets from the book which are…

  • Safe Cosmetics Bestows Champion Status On Keys Care

    Market Shift: Keys Care Receives “Champion” Status – Fulfills Safe Products Pledge Consumer demand for safer products drives fastest-growing market segment The  Campaign for Safe Cosmetics announced today that Keys has achieved the highest recognition earning “Champion” status by meeting the goals of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, the Campaign’s voluntary pledge to avoid chemicals banned by health agencies outside the U.S. and to fully disclose product ingredients – a pioneering practice in the cosmetics industry. “Congratulations to Keys for being a ‘Champion’ and for demonstrating that it’s possible to make personal care products that…

  • The News Is Not All Bad!

    I must admit that I have been CNN Free for nearly tens years. Really!  I find myself working at looking at the world through positive lenses.  I have found that watching things out of my control affects my overall health.  This is not an “ignorance is bliss” approach to living as much as it is a focus on what I can effect, affect and control. For some time now, I have been afflicted with the belief that much of our health is not about doctors, prescription or even prevention.  As I have studied, for my own life,…

  • What Some Sunscreens Are Hiding…(Republished)

    It is summer and it is sunscreen season.  Below is an article I recently wrote about the new welcomed changes from the FDA that will force manufacturers to reveal what is in their sunscreens.  Please read it and the links to the FDA.  This change has go a long way to help save lives through UVA and UVB dangers awareness.  Also, since this new regulation, I thought it would be good to reprint the blog article herein.  I encourage you to study to protect you and your family. My grandfather used to say to me,…

  • New FDA Sunscreen Regulations

    by Bob Root It has been about three years of communication with the FDA before the new sunscreen regulations came out June 11, 2011.  The FDA requested input from many companies and organizations.  Keys and other presented facts, opinion and wishes.  For some the time and the angle of the new direction have been touted as too little and too late.  I for one am happy with the changes.

  • Skin Cancer & “The Ugly Duckling” …Hold the Mayo! (Update May 21st)

    WISDOM FROM “UGLY DUCKLINGS” by Wendy Steele  (Original Post May 9, 2011…See updates below) My recent experience with several “ugly ducklings” has once again put a bright spotlight on my desire and responsibility to share my personal wisdom about skin health. So far in this month of May, I have had the pleasure to personally talk to and meet many of our mid-west customers during multiple special events.  At one event I was wearing several flesh-colored bandage strips on my upper chest and self-consciously made sure that I covered those strategically with clothing, as I…

  • Gluten Sensitivity: Is something You Are Eating Making You Sick?

    Gluten Sensitivity: Is something You Are Eating Making You Sick? Are you eating something everyday that could be making you sick?  I was!  During my second year of medical school I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, an autoimmune disorder that caused my thyroid to be overactive.  Each night before going to bed I would eat two pieces of sprouted whole wheat toast so that I could make it through the night without losing weight.  Little did I know that each night I was poisoning myself.  At that time, I was not aware of the gluten…

  • Understanding UVA & UVB

    By Bob Root It is a constant quest to understand and then explain the effects of UVA and UVB on our skin and our lives.  Our involvement with the Skin Cancer Foundation, Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Scripps and various universities expose me to all sorts of information.  I am always searching for the simplest and best explanations to help people understand UV radiation.  Clearly I feel that I stand on the shoulders of many scientists and advocates.  Below is by far the best I have seen as a simple elegant guide.  It comes from the…

  • Keys Omni – New Revolutionary Skin Spray Elixir

    Omni – Skin Elixir Spray 60ml (2oz) Omni is a revolutionary product from every aspect.  Omni is a technology term derived from the Latin word Omnis meaning “all.” When we began to develop AquaVit, it became clear that our Ariane ingredient had wonderful properties. Omni was originally being developed with an ingredient we named Miras. Miras is a special ingredient that comes from the fruit of the Forsythia plant and has very high levels of Oleanolic which is known to have many healing and cleansing properties for the skin without harming the skins probiotic EcoSystem.…

  • New AguaVit – Toner Tonic from Keys

    I am very happy to announce a new product long in development called AguaVit AguaVit is more than a toner. Take one sniff and the scent conjures deeply rooted emotions of times gone by. AguaVit means “Water of life.” It is made from a functional ingredient created by Keys called Arianne. To make Ariane we blend & distill whole organic orange, lime, cranberry, cucumber, juniper berry, star anise, cassia cinnamon, anise seed, ginger and clove.

  • AguaVit & Omni – Two New Functional Ingredient Products From Keys

    Keys Skip Generation Technology – Blended Whole Botanicals by Bob Root  Keys Technologist We are about to introduce two new products that represent a significant advancement for us and the industry.  AguaVit and Omni are two new products coming soon that employ a remarkable change for us in how we produce products that offer functionality, efficacy and performance. Traditionally, companies blend ingredients to create a new product.  These can be oils, essential oils, extracts and blends of ingredients that were separately processed.  Often these ingredients are estered or separated and refined for a specific function. …

  • Bob Root Begins Book Tour! Asks! Are We Killing Our Skin’s Ecosystem?

    Chemical-Free Skin Health is the book written by Bob Root that is a compilation of all his experiences being on the road with Keys customers.  The book answers the most commonly asked questions as well as proposing some radical ideas about skin health.   Bob features information about the Human Microbiome Project and the National Institutes of health that is a spin-off of the human genome project. Of all the points Bob makes in the book, the one that drives his continued passion is his deep concern that the chemical bactericides used as preservative in…

  • UltraHealth…What A Concept! A Real BHAG!

    UltraHealth…What A Concept!  A Real BHAG! by Bob Root, Keys technologists & founder In tech, we had a phrase that we used to differentiate really big projects.  BHAG stands for a Big Hairy Audacious Goal.  When I helped to start Keys, we had some big hairy goals.  Universal Wellness was perhaps the biggest. Remember, I am from high tech engineering, a practicing quantum physicist and a dreamer.  Ergo a futurist who believes anything is possible.  The adage that anything new is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration simply means to me that usually one person or…

  • Wendy’s #1 Life Rule: Simplify!

    Wendy’s #1 Life Rule:  Simplify! Keys Products Have Many Uses! We design products that can simplify your life.  At Keys we think differently! Over six years ago, when we started designing and manufacturing skin health products, we had a fundamental belief that we could invent products that would solve skin issues and make people feel good.  We were inspired by our imagination and explored the use of revered healing natural ingredients so that each of these products effectively would have more than one use.  We believed they should be simple, safe and make life less…

  • Chemical-Free Skin Health Book Now For Sale!

    The new book by Bob Root is now available for sale.   The book is available on the Keys web site store as well as various book sellers like Amazon.com and Barnes & Nobel.  Below are the links to the book sale pages. Keys Online Store:  Click Here Amazon.com: Click Here Barnes & Nobel: Click Here

  • New RediCare Locking Sprayer

    We are pleased to announce the next generation sprayer head for our RediCare product.  The innovations for this new design development are a finer mist spray, more even and less pressure required to operate and a new integrated locking mechanism. Most people quickly notice the new locking mechanism.  The prior sprayer used a “wishbone” clip that kept the pump from operating while in a bag, backpack or pocket.   The problem with the old design is that the small clip was easily lost.  In the process of developing the next generation sprayer, we sought all the…

  • Gathering Thyme, New Bay Area Keys Reseller Opens in Marin County

    Gathering Thyme is a new community herb shop and holistic health education center focused on providing Marin County and the Bay Area with exceptional natural healthcare products, education and support.  “Keys is very excited to add Gathering Thyme to our reseller list because they are true trusted advisors in their community,” said Wendy Steele, Keys CEO. In the retail shop you will find a wide selection of high-quality locally-sourced herbal products including the very best in bulk herbs, teas and spices; Western, Chinese, and Ayurvedic herbal formulas; practitioner-lines of dietary supplements; a terrific selection of…

  • Keys Featured at the 2010 California Women’s Conference

    New book, “Chemical-Free Skin Health” premiered at the California Women’s Conference. Keys creates ECO Island. Keys product chosen by Maria Shriver for second year in a row for speakers’ gift bag. Long Beach California, October 25, 2010, California Women’s Conference. “Chemical-Free Skin Health” is a new book written by Keys founder and Chief Technology Officer, Bob Root.  The book is the first  written by a natural products industry formulator to help users make better buying choices for safer cosmetics and safer personal care products.  Bob Root offered, “I wrote my book because I realized that…

  • On The Press! New Book by Keys Founder – Bob Root

    Chemical-Free Skin Health! Bob announced the beginning of a book focused on skin health over two years ago at the Natural Products Expo West. His book will be published in early October and Bob will officially launch the book at the 2010 California Women’s Conference. Maria Shriver chose Keys Luminos for last years Women’s Conference for the speakers gift bag. This year, she chose Keys Solar Rx for the speakers gift bag. The book, titled “Chemical-Free Skin Health” with a subtitle of “Stop • Challenge • Choose” will be published by Orion’s M42 publishing company…

  • The Story of Cosmetics • Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

    Comments of the personal care industry, by Bob Root, Keys CTO “The world is a changen,” is an old southern phrase.   It generally means that new things continue to appear at a little to fast a pace.   The concept of safe cosmetics does not fit into that phrase.  I believe we are actually returning to the basics and our roots from not a too distant a past. Our first lotion was a refined version of one my grandmother created.  She taught me to make a very fine lotion that she used to simmer…

  • Triclosan: The Biocide That Creates Super Bugs?

    Triclosan: The Biocide that Creates Super Bugs? By Bob Root, Keys Technologist   Chemical Warfare Chapter 12:  Biocides:  Indiscriminate killers that create super bugs? For almost two years, I have been working on a book draft titled, “Chemical Warfare.”  It is a book focused on simplifying information about personal care and household products uses and concerns for public safety.  As I studied, I realized how much hearsay there was in the industry.  Taking a scientific approach, I turned to the research community for insights and facts…as best as they are.  Part of my dedication was…

  • Keys Now Blog Merges with Clean Green Cafe

    In a world of fast paced communications, we continue to try to simplify, condense and corral the information we present in a way that helps clarify not only our position, but that of the natural products industry.  Over the next few month, we will continue to simplify all that we present to be in one place.  Here! The Clean Green Cafe offers both a chat forum and a blog.  These are now condensed to this location and available on the tab bar above. The writing style will continue to be firm, frank and friendly bringing…

  • Ele Keats Actor – Artist – Keys Fan

    Ele Keats   Actor Artist Keys Fan! When we started Keys, we began small with a few products and some real fans.  Our core belief is that products should solve problems and make people feel good about themselves and what they are using in and on their body. As we have grown, we feel it is time to honor some of those that we have helped, have been with us for a long time and those using our products in unique applications. Featured Keys Customer:  Ele Keats, Hometown:  Hollywood California

  • About Us – A Defining Moment

    Keys was born from a need for natural skin care products the likes of which did not exist before we started. Our founder, Wendy Steele, survived Melanoma and her story of her road to recovery was littered with prescription products that almost worked.  The trauma showed her the clear vision need for products that really worked to solve skin problems.  Because they are natural, they also made her feel good with a new youthful appearance and the resulting contentment showed her the way in creating Keys In the simplest of messages, Keys is ancient remedies employing…

  • EWG 2010 Sunscreen Report – Sunscreen For Dummies

    Bob Root, Keys CTO It is that time of year again when the various sunscreen reports come out. The Environmental Working Group 2010 Sunscreen Report is out a couple of months early. Once again, Keys Solar Rx receives great marks in the Moisturizer with SPF category. I offer the title above with a great deal of respect for this years EWG 2010 Sunscreen Report.  I use the colloquial title because for the first time I feel there is a report that we can all read and understand.  Good on ya EWG for making something that we can read and…

  • Toxic America with Dr. Sanjay Gupta and EWG’s Ken Cook

    We always endeavor to report on things that we know based on facts or studies.  This small review is most definitely and opinion piece from us, so you should form you own opinion by reading the links and watching the various videos available at the links. Keys Review, Toxic America Well if you missed it, the CNN series with Sanjay Gupta titled Toxic America was quite good.

  • Parabens Good Or Bad Guys

    Both? As a part of my ongoing series of looking at the Dirty Dozen Chemicals shown to provide elevated cancer rates in people and animals, in this article, I outline why we do not use parabens leaving the judgmental diagnosis to the NGO’s attacking them.  The Dirty Dozen Chemicals are a list of 12 developed originally by the Marin County Cancer Project which at the time, had the highest Cancer Rates in the US.  Followed by Search For The Cause and Teens Turning Green the list is now designated the Dirty Thirty. So, are parabens…

  • Wax and Other Things That Threaten Mankind

    Ingredients, Skin Deep Report  and Everything Else… Musing from an interview with Bob Root, Keys Care CTO I recently took up Storm Chasing as a hobby… Just kidding although I feel like one of those guys chasing Tornado’s in the Midwest when it comes to the natural products industry. I was recently on a conference call with various members of the Natural Products Manufacturers Association enraged about a change that the EWG had made in the rating of Vegetable Emulsifying Wax from a 1 to a 4.  The tone was angry because as Compact Signers, we…

  • Keys Product Labels

    We have always published our product labels on our website.  Admittedly they have been a little hard to find and took some work.  As a part of the evolution of our website and our dedication to simpler more informed content, we have created a page on our blog dedicated to our products from an informational standpoint.  The page on the main menu bars above and to the right show a new category called “Keys Products.”  As we add information, it will appear in this category and as a brief article like this one. So, now all…

  • EWG Report on Fragrance – Not So Sexy!

    The EWG just released a report on Fragrances. Below is a part of the report and links to read the entire report. What is important to understand is that these same secret ingredients are used in personal care and household products. That familiar brand fragrance of Tide, Dreft and dryer sheets come from fragrance developed in the same process as the cologne’s and perfumes listed in the EWG Report. This report is not startling to us, but it will be to you. It is clear and concise as well as very easy to understand. Simply…

  • UV “B” Chic and UV “A” Wise – How to avoid skin cancer!

    Wendy Steele, Keys CEO UV “B” Chic and UV “A” Wise  Video After the shock of being diagnosed with Melanoma Skin Cancer and the aftermath of dealing with all the chemical in my life that cause my skin disorders, the reality set home pretty quickly.   My skn could never again be exposed to prolonged UV events.  Growing up with a golden tan every summer, sailing the Chesapeak Bay and living in San Diego on a boat caused me to rethink my lifestyle.  Moreover, it caused me to become a advocate and spokesperson for UV…

  • Keys on the Road with the Stars..At the Oscar’s

    By Wendy Steele, Keys CEO A few years ago when I fell and sprained my ankle, I had to send Bob to Santa Monica CA to meet with 300 Hollywood makeup artists.  The trip was to introduce Eye Butter as a natural alternative to eye foundations and creams.  Our message then and now was that natural products no longer needed to be a compromise.  Our message was and is that Eye Butter, Luminos and Solar Rx actually make people look good on and off camera.  Not just for the Red Carpet. Most of you know…

  • Our Green Piece…How It’s Made at Keys!

    by Bob Root Keys Technologist Clean, Caring, Concerned and Diligent! Everyone want to know these days what is in your products, what is not in your products and how does the making of your products effect the environment.  I thought it might be lighter to use the title Green Piece with an ‘i’ because that is what the PR people call the eco statement that a company offers.  Often these are full of $5 dollar words and platitudes.  So, I have attempted to inform here without using too many words or big words that have…

  • Keys Banned Chemical Series – SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate)

    Dirty Dozen Chemicals: SLS By Bob Root Keys Technologist Many people that I meet ask me to describe why I do not use certain chemicals.  I tell them that my reasons are practical not political.  I generally explain in three to five pragmatic reasons why I do not use certain ingredients.  Most encourage me to offer my simplified reasons, so I am beginning to undertake why we do not use certain ingredients.  In this series of article, I will start with the Dirty Dozen.

  • Acne Solutions…Cause and Effect!

    Acne Solutions.  Real or Unreal? By Bob Root, Keys Technologist There are many acne treatments on the market promising a quick result.  They work quickly and as quickly, the skin rebounds, for most with, with a vengeance. We receive a lot of emails from people wondering what we have for treating acne.  Ironically, Keys is in business because of acne treatment.  More about that later. The major quick fix for acne has been the same since the 1920’s.  The chemical is called Benzyol Peroxide.  Benzoyl peroxide is an compound in the organic peroxide family. It consists of two benzoyl groups…

  • New Eye Butter – A Better Butter

    New Eye Butter Softer, smoother and more effective anti-aging properties By Bob Root, Keys Technologist Eye Butter is now better butter.  The ingredients are the same.  The amount of each ingredient has not changed.  Two of the processes in making Eye Butter have been changed to increase its efficacy and soften the consistency while also being smoother.

  • EWG Report Released Today…457 chemical Contaminants in Cleaning Products

    Research links school air quality to school cleaning supplies Keys Note:  Although we are a natural skin remedy and health company, we have long said that many skin disorders are misdiagnosed and caused by chemicals in household products.  Because this report is about schools, on the surface, do not dismiss this report when choosing your household cleaning products.  Especially your laundry detergents that come in direct contact with your skin.  At Keys, we believe that 95+% of all household cleaning products contain harmful chemicals to humans and pets and cause over 75% of diagnosed skin…

  • The California Women’s Conference…One Guy and 22,000 Women

    Well, I am not the only guy.  There are a few of us. As the Keys formulator, I was asked to attend this year’s California Women’s Conference to answer questions and talk to the press and celebrities about our line of chemical-free skincare products. I arrived in LA last week.  It is always a homecoming for me.  This year was the same, but different.  After all, I was going to be hanging out with 22,000 women in one of my favorite towns, Long Beach. It is about four hours until the festivities begin and the…

  • Finding your Voice at the California Women’s Conference

    By Wendy Steele, Keys  CEO So what happens when over 20,000 women convene at a special conference in Long Beach CA hosted by The People’s Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and California First Lady Maria Shriver?   Well, we are about to find out!  Keys is excited to participate in the CA Women’s Conference events on Monday, October 26, and Tuesday, October 27.  During the event, Keys is exhibiting with one of its LA-based retail partners Lavender Natural Beauty.   If you are in Long Beach, please visit us on-site at the conference in Booth 846. I am struck by the great potential for thousands of women who I believe will be inspired…

  • Blogging…Not So Innocent

    Blogging Debunking  –  Federal Style By Bob Root, Keys Technologist And it did not take a Michael Moore Film…. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), protects consumers from fraud or deceptive business practices, voted 4 to 0 to update its rules governing endorsements, and the new guidelines require bloggers and celebrities  to clearly disclose any “material connection” to  and including payments for an endorsement or free product. This is the first time since 1980 that the FTC has updated its rules on the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. In addition to covering bloggers, the…

  • Luminos: A Revolution in Makeup, by Design

    How Does Luminos Work…A new generation of makeup by design. By Bob Root, Keys Technologist Authors note:  Everywhere I go, women and men  come up to me say, “Show me that Luminos thing you do?”  What they are talking about is a little illusion I do with Luminos that is more than an illusion.  I turn my hands, palms down, show them the back of my hands and then rub Luminos on the back of just one hand.  Two seconds and I show them the back of both hands again, side-by-side.  The Luminos hand is…

  • Keys Chosen By California Women’s Conference

    One of the premier conferences every year for and about women is the California Women’s Conference hosted by Maria Shriver and the Governor of California.  This year, Keys was honored to be invited as one of the sponsors of the conference being asked to have our Luminos be included in the speakers’ gift bags.  Many conferences permit vendors to buy their way into participation.  For this conference it is an invitation only honor that delighted us to receive. There will be 118 speakers from the entire globe that includes Sir Richard Branson, Kelly Preston, Maria…

  • Nano Zinc Oxide… Hundreds of Studies Show It’s Safe! Really!

    By Bob Root,  Keys Technologist One day when I was young, I was reading an issue of Popular Science Magazine with a story about a bold project to put man into space.  I was so excited.  Like many young people, I fantasized about flying in space.  I became an avid follower of early rocket pioneers and awaited the day when the first manned rocket would launch. A few months before the first test launch was to fire, my mother, in sheer terror, headed for church to join other devoted to pray for the salvation of…

  • Take a prescription topical, grow your eyelashes…are you kidding me?

    by Wendy Steele,  Keys CEO I did a double-take when I read some hoopla about a drug company suing a cosmetic company over an ingredient that they both touted as a miraculous eyelash growth ingredient.  Then I saw a commercial where a celebrity was touting the growth of her eyelashes to taking this prescription topical (never mind all of potential side effects they mention)?  YIKES! I thought about my teen years, as that was when my eyelashes started becoming the focus of my attention and quest for “beautiful long lashes”.  Being the only girl with two brothers, I…

  • Keys To Make Appearence on Emmy Nominated Showtime Series Weeds!

    Congratulations to the Weeds team for all your Emmy Nominations!!! Special congrats to Mary Louise Parker, Elisabeth Perkins and the entire Weeds team. Keys on Weeds Well we think it is true. We heard from an informant that Keys will be featured on Episode 10 of the hit Showtime Series “Weeds.” We have been working with the team using Solar RX and Luminos along with some of our other products. Rumor has it that some of our products will be seen during the episode in a bathroom scene. Keys has been extremely popular in Hollywood…

  • Why We Use Airless Pumps and Not Tubes

    Airless Pumps versus Tubes By Bob Root Keys Technologist I am often asked the question of why I chose airless pumps for our products over traditional tubes. Well, there is no simple answer, but a series of reasons that we chose this very advanced technology developed in the Netherlands along with our design team. The most important reasons are health, safety and cleanliness of the product. True, tubes are less expensive, easier to fill and more common. The problem with tubes is that they were never designed for natural products.

  • RediCare – Healing Spray and Natural Insect Repellent for People and Their Pets!

    Miracle product? Could Be! RediCare is certainly, a product that has touched so many people and pets in a positive way that we just had to write this article. Keys RediCare offers solutions to skin disorders, internal disorders that cause the skin to react, itch and breakdown. For sunburns, burns and scrapes, RediCare performs equally as well. RediCare is a natural insect repellent and much more. It all begins with the story of how RediCare became such a universal product. It was born from inspiration, a natural disaster and the people and the animals that suffered…

  • Keys Featured in Super Natural Home Book

          Beth Greer had been living what she considered a healthy lifestyle when a medical crisis prompted her to reevaluate everything—from the food she ate to the personal-care products she used and the environment she lived in. Now, in Super Natural Home,

  • FACTS Versus FUD

    By Bob Root, Keys CTO I spend 300 days a year on the road, out and about with our customers, retailers and at industry events. I receive numerous questions every day. The majority are inspiring and educational for me. Almost daily, though, I receive questions that relate to opinions expressed by some people or companies that are not based in fact, and literally scare people. They strike fear in people and I wonder what motivates these fearmongers to use negative marketing to further themselves or to try to elevate themselves in other peoples’ eyes. We…

  • Bob Root on Super Natural Mom Radio Show

    Bob Root, Keys Founder and Technologist was interviewed by Beth Greer, author of “The Super Natural Home” on her radio show, The Super Natural Mom, yesterday. The broadcast was live and can be heard by click the link below or the download link. (large file, so we do not recommend downloading). There were a number of subjects discussed including the meaning of the word “Natural” and “Organic” in the safe cosmetics market as well as misuse in the traditional over-the-counter skincare market. Also discussed are some of the chemicals commonly used by skin care companies…