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Social Media Stealing Your Privacy?

Fake News, Fake Marketing & False Opinion Is About To End.

This article is for you. I must admit a high level of frustration feeling like you and confronted with the ‘Me’ realities of running a natural product company in today’s confusing and fake marketing world. You see, our rights as consumers and me in business are being violated every day by marketers using social media to influence us with phony information.

For over fifteen years, Keys has strived to develop products that solve skin problems and make people feel good using natural ingredients and remedies. For the last five years, we have battled fake news by fake people playing the ‘natural card’ when they are far from it. Their tool has been social media, and their game is false claims. I see it every day, and you are the ultimate victim.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO & Chairman

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, just said in a ten-minute speech what I have been feeling and trying, unsuccessfully, to explain or understand for years. That is, trying to sift through garbage on the internet to find the truth is nearly impossible, and Apple is about to change that, at least for iPhone and iPad users this spring.

I have been trying to express my frustration for years at why I/we have to endure all the fake news, fake people, snooping of my behaviors, and influencing tribes of money-making grifters paid by companies to control me. As if these people are real experts and are they even real people?

Bob Root wrote an article a couple of weeks ago about all the fake top 10 best editorials that are no more than paid advertising. Trust me that this tiny, tiny segment frustrating us is just a piece of frost on the top of a 100 story iceberg. Honestly, all the fake influencers paid by companies to one-up their competitors hurt business, but it hurts you the most. We feel your pain because we have the same pain in this trashy online world. Worse, some NGO institutions running under the banner of “truth” are using the same fear tactics and social media to get donations.

I said I have been frustrated, and perhaps the real reason for my frustration is that the trashing of our internet privacy by social media giants has been out of my grasp to explain. I mean, it is just so deep in technology and AI that I cannot understand it enough to explain it. At the same time, “influencers” and celebrities earn millions of dollars a year to hoist some companies and NGO’s banners while still producing junky products that can harm us. It gets deeper and worse with recent political events that shake our core beliefs in each other. If there is ever a core failure, it is the lack of privacy we all have enabled from the internet by allowing it to change our lives.

My belief has always been that we do better when we know better. Honestly, I am still frustrated and unable to explain, so with that, I will turn it over to Mr. Cook and Apple.

Please read this Apple Whitepaper, (A Father-Daughter Day at the Playground), and please please watch Tim Cook’s speech (below) to the world’s privacy conference. Please! You will be the direct beneficiary of this new-found knowledge. I sure was.

Please also know that our core principle at Keys is integrity; Integrity in our purpose, products, and comments. I know it is odd for the CEO of a small natural products company to speak out on the lack of privacy, but it is who I am. We are too small to be a part of the CPCD, but I sure support them along with Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook. Tim is my light at the end of a very dark and long tunnel. I can see the light finally, and it is not a train coming the other way.

Please take the time to listen to and read what Apple is doing to protect us and our privacy in the next version of IOS coming this spring(IOS version 14.5). It is very cool. And get ready for all the bullshit that you will hear from social media companies about why they do what they do. While you are at it, and after you read and listen, join me in dumping all the apps that track our every behavior. Yes, you will feel withdrawal, but you will feel a more robust level of freedom, relief, and well-being.

You will not see on the Keys website, “We use cookies, please disable your Safari AdBlocker to learn more.”

Again, please read and watch what Tim has to say.

Wendy Steele

Read The Apple Whitepaper Here