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The problem is many people are diagnosed with vague and generalized skin disorders that are not correct. Most dermatologists classify your skin issue as “contact dermatitis.” Their costly prescriptions are to treat the symptoms and do not address the cause. Expensive meds contain the same chemicals that we believed caused the condition in the first place—namely paraben bactericides.

The solution is first to understand the probable cause of your skin disorder. Over 15 years ago, we shocked the industry by saying, “Chemicals in conventional skincare cause over 50% of all skin disorders”. Some balked, and the medical industry scoffed. The Dirty Dozen list of worst chemicals in skincare was born. NIH and the FDA began to echo our beliefs just a few years later.

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After years of answering customers’ questions and concerns, we wanted to address their constant frustration with not knowing what was causing their skin issues. In 2010, our book Chemical-Free Skin Health was born. It helped everyday people understand skincare’s good and evil. It is an insider’s guide to safer personal care and cosmetics, a reference for natural practitioners, and a primer for the “New to Natural.”

Our skin remedies are proven powerful and effective. They range from thousand-year-old Ayurvedic ingredients to advanced natural science. They are popular because they work. They work because of world-class ingredients and the fact there is no junk in them.

Each of these products is on purpose and a simple form of natural skin medicine. All products are Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, No Animal Testing, Chemical-Free, No Preservative. Exotic ingredients make the difference between our products and those that almost work.

What People Say

I was diagnosed with Eczema ten years ago. I itched, scratched and took every possible prescription drug. A friend gave me Keys Tortuga. The first week the itching stopped, The second week the dryness was going away. Within a month my hands were clear. It has never come back. I cried when writing this because the relief has so changed my life and my outlook. My hands are clear again. Thank you Keys!!!

All the companies I’ve looked at claim they’re natural, but when I look up their ingredients, I’m always disappointed.  I was so excited when I found Keys.  The rash on my leg has cleared up and I just love how all my skin feels.  Thank you!!

Hi, I just had to let you know that your products are amazing and have changed my life. I have suffered from psoriasis and eczema for many, many years. I love that your products really work and are free of harmful chemicals. Thank you, Madlene

would love to reach my often itchy back with some soothing lotion after I shower but since I really can't reach it well I am pleased to be able to spray on some Omni Elixir. It really works and I also use it on my closed eyes to reduce allergy symptoms.....It's amazing or might I say "Omazing". Lately I spray it on at bedtime to wake up with calmer skin. Thanks Keys ! Kim

“Thank you so so so much for these products! They soooo help my rosacea when no prescription could!” J

I am a commercial pilot and was involved in a crash where my hands and arms were burned so badly that my skin is so tight after skin graphs.  I was given Keys MetaCare as a present.  After just a few weeks, my skin became softer and it is now easier to fly.  Nothing can replace my original skin, but MetaCare helped so much.  Thanks!

For the past three years I have been battling a dermatological condition with numerous visits to several doctors, prescription medications, ointments, salves, and topical oils, and hundreds of dollars in “natural” shampoos, soaps, and lotions… all with no relief. So, when I was handed the 4-ounce sample of Island RX, I was skeptical, but because it was from a good friend I went ahead and tried it. Well, within two weeks there was marked improvement head to toe. I am now finishing my first 8-ounce bottle and the results really are incredible. The doctors have been watching a “blotch” on my cheek suspicious of skin cancer and today that blotch is all but gone! Finally, a therapeutic soap that really does heal the skin. Thank you.

One of our employees is currently caring for her elderly mother. The mother developed some sort of itchy rash of unknown cause on her entire scalp (the itching was so bad, she'd scratch until she bled). The dermatologist couldn't discern what it was, and all attempts to relieve it failed (both with natural remedies and things like Benedryl and cortisol creams). I had her try the RediCare spray. She came back the next day and told me that it alleviated the itching immediately, and her mother was finally able to sleep through the night.

The meta care cream is vanishing ugly things that have been on my skin for years.  It is shrinking skin tags, it cleared a blackhead that was on my chest in one day!  The big red blotching spots I had on my cheeks are gone.  I am working on a Mole "barnacle" that is on my back...also a rough spot of skin between my breasts.  It is also working wonders on my sun damaged chest.

My son had been on a mild antibiotic for his skin (acne) while away at college.  It wasn’t working, so I gave him a bottle of Island Rx when he came home for Spring break.  I told him to wash his face and hair with it.  Within 3-days of being home it was a 1000 percent better

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