I was ready to give up on my problem acne. Nothing the doctor gave me worked. A friend told me about Keys Island Rx cleanser. I bought it and Solar Rx. I stopped using everything (but Keys) and noticed a change within days. Now my skin is clear. I have my mojo back. Mitch

"I went natural with Keys Eye Butter, Luminos, and Island Rx wash. In two weeks, my husband noticed a difference. I saw a clearer, smoother, brighter, and glowing face in the mirror in four weeks—a look I have not seen for years. My only problem now is my husband uses all my Eye Butter." Britney

My eczema was incurable. Keys MetaCare began to work overnight. It's now gone, thanks to Keys. The Keys advisor explained that my eczema was probably because of all the junk I was using on my skin. It wasn't eczema at all. I am now a chemical-free believer. Amy

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