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Your skin is your largest organ. 80% of people have skin problems. At KEYS®, we create clean, safe, natural products without chemicals that solve these problems. KEYS products make you feel and look better.

FAQ’s that may help


Ordering & Order Questions

One of our most common questions is about shipping costs and procedures. Here are the basics of how we work shipping your products at Keys. First and foremost:
  • We do not markup shipping charges
  • We do not charge for boxes or packing materials
  • We do not have handling charges
Here is how it works: When you place your online order, it immediately goes into the queue in our fulfillment center. When Sam arrives at work, she has a list and starts picking and packing orders in the order they were received. She uses a barcode system where she scans each product and places them in a box. Each product is individually wrapped using a technology developed by Disney Imagineering called Geami. It is special expandable recycled paper dunnage. Liquids are individually plastic bagged using a biodegradable plastic zip bag. The package receives a packing slip and is closed with an old-school-style paper gum tape. Sam then weighs the finished box, and our online systems generate a label with postage. In the weighing process, our shipping software electronically contacts the USPS online postage rate system, and a shipping label is produced to match the exact weight of your package. This all happens in real-time in milliseconds. Sam affixes the shipping label and then scans the barcode, which identifies your package to our system and marks it as processed. Then she is on to the following order. The finished boxes are then stored, awaiting the USPS postal carrier to arrive. They usually arrive between 3 pm and 4 pm Pacific time. Our shipping system produces a single bar code called a scan sheet. The carrier scans the scan sheet bar code, which identifies all the shipments for that day. Instantly, our shipping system sends out an email to all customers who notice that their package was shipped, and a tracking number from the USPS is assigned. There is a link in the email to track your shipment until it arrives at your location. When the local postal carrier scans the package at your door, we instantly receive notification that the package was delivered, and our software then sends the final notice to your email that your package was delivered. That’s it. Everything is automated from the moment you order until you receive your package. We hope you can feel the care given to your order when you receive it.
If you have received a delivery notice and cannot find your package from Keys, please follow this procedure! Please note that this is a procedure created by the US Postal Service. All Keys packages are trackable by USPS.  We cannot act on your behalf!
  1. Contact your local post office by using the missing mail link here.    Do this first and wait to hear from the USPS. This form will ask if you suspect theft based on history.
  2. At the same time, check with neighbors to see if the package was accidentally delivered to another close address.
  3. After these steps, contact Keys Customer Service at after you have heard from the post office and they confirm your package is lost. We will refund your purchase, permitting you to place another order to a secure mailing address.
 We cannot institute a tracking inquiry to the post office. If there is no resolution in 5 business days, we will issue you a refund for the goods and shipping charges. You are then free to place another order at a more secure address. 

Do you take phone orders? 

No, we are an online-only eStore.  Phone and in-person ordering require a different merchant banking account that we do not have.  We are like Amazon and most others who accept online orders only.
My Orders are failing, and I can’t order? Keys uses a very sophisticated internet system that is very secure and efficient. Our GT Metric ranking is 98 out of 100. So, when there is an ordering problem, 98% of the time it is because of something else. So, here are a few things to check:
  • Make sure to turn off any VPN’s
  • Try a different browser.
  • Make sure is whitelisted on your router.
  • Firewalls can be a problem if set too high a security level.
  • Cable TV-based internet will throttle. So, one day you might be able to order, and the next may get zapped.
  • Your billing address is different from what your credit card company has on file. It often takes them months to update changes. So try an old billing address if you have recently moved in the last six months.
  • Your name has changed will also kick out an order if your credit card company is lagging on the update. Just like billing address
  • You are trying to order from a country we do not serve.
  • Your IP address has multiple fraud reports. Many cable internet providers use shared IP’s, and if there has been a fraud, it casts a shadow on that IP. If you can, try a different place or service to try to place the order.
  • The internet is your area can be maxed out because of loads and traffic. Try a different time of day.
  • You are trying to order using a cellular provider where tower loads are too busy.
  • You are using a freebie email provider. We see problems with old Yahoo and AOL addresses being kicked by the US Merchant Banking System. This is sometimes true of Gmail accounts. We use Wells Fargo Merchant Banking which can be a bit restrictive.
Our systems are very similar to Amazon. The big difference is that they set their protection very loosely and absorb any fraud. Keys cannot afford to do this as a small company. So it is feasible that you can order on Amazon and not Keys. Sorry for that, but we have to protect ourselves. If all fails, please be advised that we cannot take phone orders because of the merchant banking account we use. So, reach out to our customer service through this ticket system, and we will try to help. Lastly, our close partner, sells on Amazon. They are our only authorized reseller on

Keys Returns and Refunds Policy (Post Covid-19)

Thank you for shopping at Keys. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help. Our products can be returned within 30 days of the original purchase of the product. A new product may be exchanged for another product or returned for a store credit. Before you return a product, please make sure that:
  • The product was purchased in the last 30 days
  • The product is in its original packaging
  • You obtained a Return Merchandise Number (RMN) from us
To obtain a Return Merchandise Number (RMN), contact us:
  • By visiting this page by using the form above.
  • You will be given an address to send the package along with the RMA instructions.
  Returns Returns Purchased from Sellers, Stores, Resellers et al Resellers who purchase Keys products do so to resell products to consumers. This purchasing action pushes the ownership and returns policies to that reseller, and Orion nor its subsidiaries hold any responsibility. Returns of products purchased from resellers stores, websites et al. must be returned to the place where they were originally purchased for credit or refund. Each US State has specific laws governing returns, and you should check the laws of your State or the reseller’s State before making a return attempt to that reseller. Any dispute you have regarding Keys products purchased from a reseller must be resolved with that reseller. Orion/Keys will not accept returns for credit or refund from consumers who purchased products from any reseller that purchased goods and take possession of products from Keys/Orion. Return Policy for Incorrectly Fulfilled Orders Keys must be notified via email to within ten (10) calendar days ARO (After Receipt of Order) to refund (credit) and amend the original order. Keys will issue an RMA (return merchandise authorization), for unused and unopened products and modify the order. Keys will pay for the return shipping for errors we make only. Return Policy for Incorrectly Ordered Products. If an order is placed online by the customer and was incorrectly ordered, Keys must be notified via email to within ten (10) calendar days ARO (After Receipt of Order) to refund and amend the original order. Keys will issue an RMA (return merchandise authorization), a refund (credit) minus a 15% restocking fee for the items, and modify the order. The customer is responsible for returning the items at their expense. Items must be unopened for a return to be authorized. Returns will be issued a store credit for future use. No cash refunds are issued. Return Policy for Unsatisfactory Products. Keys products are produced from natural ingredients that will have different scent levels based on seasonality. Further, Keys does not use contra-chemicals to minimize or unscent any products. We encourage you to purchase sample sachets if you are uncertain of how a product smells or performs. Should you not like a product for any reason, Keys will issue a store credit within the first 30 days ARO (After Receipt of Order). There are no cash refunds. A product purchased beyond 30 days will not be accepted for return, nor will a refund or credit be issued. Please contact to request a store credit and RMA (return merchandise authorization) Credit/Refunds All credits must be used within 90 days of issuance. Credits beyond 90 days are forfeited.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us by going to Ask Us in the information tab of the website.
I forgot to order something.  Can I add to my order? No, because our order system does not retain credit card information for your security.  We do have the feature to store your credit card information at our merchant bank, but the order origin must be originated by your login.  If it is early enough, we can cancel your order and you can reorder what you need.  Tory, in our shipping department, is pretty fast, so you need to act quickly.
Do you sell on Yes, through our partner Smallflower is our strategic partner owned by Merz Apothecary. Merz is a 135-year-old company that also markets under the SmallFlower name on Amazon and other websites. You can be confident that products sold by are original and fresh. Buy with confidence on Amazon through  Prime Members can take advantage of free shipping where applicable.
We receive the question, "Do you have stores that sell your products in Canada?" The answer is, unfortunately, NO! The reason is both simple and complex. We used to have stores selling Keys across Canada. Canada requires local distribution and the Canadian government pretty much shut down boutique distributors for no known reason. So, our distributor was shut down. Attempts for us to reopen stores in Canada have all failed due to intense regulations and roadblocks. It seems like Canada does not want small US brands. Frankly, we are too small for the big Canadian distributors to get their attention. The small glimmer has been that we instituted a 10% discount on our products so that Canadian customers can buy online and receive a 10% discount on their order amount, which helps to defer the extra shipping cost from the US to Canada. This is not a 10% discount on shipping but on the order value. So, when you can buy more, it does average down the shipping costs. We will continue to look for a distributor, but it is getting harder between the roadblocks and border closures due to Covid. We are sorry. Lastly, some of our products are on Amazon Canada, but not all.  The 10% discount is for the Keys website and not Amazon Canada.
The United Kingdom (UK) enacted a new law during their Brexit project requiring that vendors shipping into the UK collect VAT (Tax) upfront and pay in quarterly tranches. They require vendors like Keys to get a license via an application process. Reluctantly, we applied and were told we were too small for this sort of license. Equally, there are no provisions for us to ship directly. Some of our UK customers have told us that they use MyUS as a service. This is a system to ship to a US address and then be forwarded to many companies. We have no details or recommendations about MyUS. Admittedly, we are a bit frustrated with this situation which seems to have no viable answer, nor does the UK care.

Keys Products- Use and Usage

Wendy Steele, Keys® CEO had to make a hard decision because of the new sunscreen administrative regulations buried in the Biden CARES Act. You can read the why on our blog, but what people are asking is "What will Wendy use now instead of Solar Rx?" That answer is simple. Luminos Plus. LUMINOS PLUS is everything Solar Rx was, from a formulation perspective, but even better.
There are no redundant Keys “Face” products.  All of them have a place and use.  Regimens vary regarding how much and when.  Your skin is different and therefore the regimen is different for everyone. Nextra NeoRetinol was developed as a better alternative to the age-old Retinol Vitamin A derivative.  Read about Retinol and you will learn about how Retinol has been used for years.  It was primarily an acne fighter, but people soon learned that it was great for clearing the skin, smoothing skin surface, fighting fine lists,s and brightening the skin.  Nextra does all of that, but without the traditional side effects of Retinol.  Retinol’s side effects include redness, drying, dry patches, sun sensitivity, and unsightly blotching when overused.  Please do keep in mind that Nextra NeoRetinol is an active ingredient product.  Less is more, so use a thin application or thin more applying to slightly damp skin.  Our only experience with any irritation over the two-year test period was when people used too much. So, if you were not a Retinol user, it is important to do your own research.  For former Retinol users, you already understand the value of the features without side effects.  This means Nextra can be used day and night every day for progressive change in your skin. Below is a regimen if you were to use all of the face products in order of use: Wash with Island Rx Foaming Wash, Rinse, Pat Dry If you use Omni or AquaVit toner, do that next and let dry naturally as a deep toner Use Nextra NeoRetinol on all areas you want to smooth, brighten, or reduce aging marks.  Note, it is best to let Nextra absorb in for a minute or two or when there is a feeling it has disappeared. Reflex serum on spot areas where super hydration, dryness, or patches are seen Eye Butter for around the eye and lips Luminos Moisturizer for night or evening Solar Rx as an SPF daytime moisturizer with sun protection Tortuga Lotion for extremely dry areas in cold or dry regions.  Use where needed on face, hands, elbows, feet, etc. Some customers use all and some customers use all depending on the time of year and their climate.  Younger hydrated skin needs less
There are no redundant Keys “Face” products.  All of them have a place and use.  Regimens vary regarding how much and when.  Your skin is different and therefore the regimen is different for everyone. Below is a regimen if you were to use all of the face products in order of use:
  1. Wash with Island Rx Foaming Wash, Rinse, Pat Dry
  2. If you use Omni or AquaVit toner, do that next and let dry naturally as a deep toner
  3. Use Nextra NeoRetinol on all areas you want to smooth, brighten, or to reduce aging marks. Please do keep in mind that Nextra NeoRetinol is an active ingredient product.  Less is more, so use a thin application or thin more applying to slightly damp skin.  Our only experience with any irritation over the two-year test period was when people used too much.
  4. Reflex serum on spot areas where super hydration, dryness, or patches are seen
  5. Eye Butter for around the eye and lips
  6. Luminos Moisturizer for night or evening
  7. Solar Rx as an SPF daytime moisturizer with sun protection
  8. Tortuga Lotion for extremely dry areas in cold or dry regions.  Use where needed on face, hands, elbows, feet, etc.
Some customers use all and some customers use all depending on the time of year and their climate.  Younger hydrated skin needs less
What are the ingredient used in your products? For over 16 years, Keys only uses all-natural whole ingredients. All are Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, and Chemical-Free. Our factory is allergen-free, and there are no hidden ingredients on our labels. We use no preservatives or best used by date extenders. We use only the highest quality available natural ingredients, and they are in therapeutic proportions. Each product in our estore has an image of our labels in a flat pattern so you can read the ingredients. Go to the detailed product page by clicking on the picture of the product you are interested in knowing what is in it. The product gallery has a picture of the back of the product label and the entire label rt. Run your cursor over the image, and the system will zoom in for a better view.
Each product label has all the ingredients listed on its label.  You can find an image of every label by clicking on the image of the product on the website to get to the detailed product page.  Then there is a gallery of images below the main image.  There is an image of the label.  Then you can hover over the label to zoom in.
Why Don’t you Make Larger Sizes? We do get a few questions about the product sizes that we choose to offer. There are several reasons that we have for the sizes we offer, and they may not be obvious. So herein are the reasons in order of priority:
  1. Our products use very little water, and they are concentrated. Many big box brands use 65%+ water to stretch the product and offer 32oz sizes. Our Tortuga Lotion is a little less than 4oz, but actually contains the same level of moisturizing as those 32oz products. So use just a drop or a drop on wet skin for the same effect. All without chemicals and with world-class natural ingredients.
  2. The FDA has restrictions on the best used by dates and sizes (including refills) where Paraben biocides are required as a preservative. Not every manufacturer follows the rules, but we do.
  3. Liability insurance! Similar to the FDA, we use Llyods of London for our liability insurance. They have size restrictions where too big a bottle has a much higher insurance rate. This is pretty rare and mostly with our dog products because we offer supplements as well as topicals. This also gets interesting when we consider any internal products for humans. It is a dragon to doing business, but it is what it is.
How Are Keys Therapy Products Different than Keys other skincare? Our two largest selling categories are the “Face” and “Therapy” product categories. Keys skin therapies add a high percentage of Neem and Karanja oil to our base ingredients that feature avocado oil, black seed oil, and carrot seed oil to overly simplifying things. Neem and Karanja are Ayurvedic medicines that have been used for thousands of years in eastern medicine. Both Neem and Karanja are legendary for their skin healing and anti-insect capabilities. Karanja is less known and is a symbiotic plant with Neem. Take some time to read on the internet about each ingredient. Make a special note about the things that the National Institutes of Health have to say. Neem and Karanja oil are also at the center of many Keys KODA topical dog products.  Great as insect repellants and for skin disorders like hot spots, itching and rashes. If you have a typical skin disorder, allergies or chemical intolerances, Keys therapy products will help.  All are good for people and dogs. Keys has been using Neem and Karanja oil for over 15 years, and we have sustainable vendors that make pharmaceutical-grade versions. So, they are effective, natural, and whole ingredients in therapeutic proportions.
Important Note: Over the two-year testing period for Nextra NeoRetinol we saw no real irritations caused by the product.  Keeping in mind that the test group was relatively small, we have had around 1% of customers buying Nextra NeoRetinol experience some redness upon initial use that disappears overnight with some lingering redness on and around old acne scars. We discovered that it wasn’t skin irritation but rather increased circulation that appeared more obvious on areas that required more healing! This is especially true in those areas where acne breakouts and older red scars are in the healing process. So, our suggestion is to throttle back if you see redness and apply a lighter amount of Nextra and then slowly throttle up over a week’s time. Of course, if redness continues, discontinue use and let us know.

Nextra is a Retinol like overnight star and we are so so excited

We are as ecstatic as a group can be.  Our geeks, scientists, aboriginal healers and rocket scientists pulled off a big one with Nextra NeoRetinol.  Like Retinol and none of the side effects, Nextra is a hit.  We introduced Keys Nextra NeoRetinol less than a month ago, and it is our fastest-growing product in the history of the company. Our overnight star has become a real rising star. Here is what a few customers have said in our first few weeks:
Acne Fighter – “I have struggled with acne for 10+ years and have tried just about anything under the sun to help my skin clear, and nothing worked until Nextra! After trying the Nextra NeoRetinol product, I immediately noticed a dramatic change! Not only did it help clear my acne, but it also helped with my overall skin tone.” Britney German skin“When I discovered Keys products, I was in heaven because they use only natural and organic ingredients, NO chemicals, and very budget-friendly. I was even more excited when I could try Nextra. It gave my skin moisture and made it so smooth and soft. It reduces my fine lines and wrinkles and helps sagginess around the chin area. I use it right after I get out of the shower.” Anja Grateful“Bob, Wendy, and the Keys Team, I want to say thank you for how much your products have helped me. I suffer from buildup and breakouts on my skin, but it is difficult to find a product that doesn’t dry me out or leave my skin feeling greasy. Nextra NeoRetinol is the first product I have found that leaves my skin clean, refreshed, and oil-free! I am so grateful! Not to mention, it is all done without harmful chemicals! I can’t wait to see what you think of next!” Lisa Smooothe!“Using Nextra, my overall skin texture, it is so much improved! Also, my pores are not as easily congested by the end of the day, and I would say they are much more clear in general. Nextra is the perfect moisture balance for my skin! I feel like I don’t need any other moisturizer after applying it all over my face. Maybe a little eye butter around my mouth where I tend to get drier.” Olga Reverse Logic“I love my expensive Renova® Retinol. It is like an old friend, and who wouldn’t want to keep an old friend around. When I beta’d Nextra, I thought, would it speed up my Retinol recovery time. It did. Now I am experimenting with using Nextra in between Retinol treatments. Somehow I no longer have the side effect of dry red patches from the Retinol. I self-experiment, so the next will be to try and blend them.” Elle Electric Feel“When I first read about Keys Nextra, I had to try it. It came in the mail, and I ripped the package open and ran to the mirror. I first put it below my eyes and expected to see something, but what happened is it felt electric. I swear it tingled. After a few days, I really noticed a difference, but now I am addicted to the electric feel.” Peg Dry Line“Amazing! When I first got my Nextra, I took a small amount to under my eyes. I could not believe how smooth it was. Silky. What happened next was that it absorbed so quickly that there was no oily feel. It went on dry, but days later, I noticed a change. I saw a change in my skin look and feel, and it does not feel greasy or oily.” Amanda Eczema Relief“I have used Keys MetaCare to control my eczema on my arms for a few years. Recently, I noticed something that looks like eczema on my face near the corners of my mouth. MetaCare was a bit strong close to my nose. I decided to try my new Keys Nextra. It was gone overnight. I can’t say it was eczema, but it is gone now. Who cares what it was.” Janet He Noticed“There are three distinct stages to my Nextra experience. 1) I felt a cooling, tingle, and calming at my first use. 2) After a few days, my skin was brighter and smoother. 3) After a week, my husband noticed and asked what I was using on my face. I am 45, and step three was a big deal.” Meg Space Cowboy“I am a young engineer with a Space company. I work outdoors all over the world and live in Southern California. I take excellent care of my skin, eat right and play hard. When I received my Nextra sample, I thought it would be just another product for my face. Boy, was I wrong. I noticed my skin changing overnight, and my face looks like I am five years younger in the first two weeks.” Peter
We are very proud of our team for developing Nextra and Element 6.  These days of fake news, fake products, and sensationalism, these testimonials speak for themselves.  Excited we are.  
Layering Keys Skincare? With Nextra NeoRetinol joining our product line, the dominant question we are getting is where, when and what order do I use all my Keys products. First and foremost, our founder, Wendy, says that everyone’s skin is different, but everyone can use all the Keys products together. They all serve a purpose, and all are different. Nextra NeoRetinol is the closest thing we make as a “one-product” for nighttime and combines with Solar Rx for daytime. For many they use Nextra as their primary moisturizer because it has the benefits of deep moisturizing and Retinol in one product. Said, it depends on your skin type, age, location, and climate. Nextra is a very fast penetrating “light” moisturizer with the additional benefits of Retinol and none of the side effects.  Use Nextra NeoRetinol on all areas you want to smooth, brighten, or reduce aging marks.  Note, it is best to let Nextra absorb in for a minute or two or when there is a feeling it has disappeared. Our founder, Wendy, uses a regimen of all the products because she lives in Sanat Fe, New Mexico, where the humidity level is approaching low single digits at different times of the year. She will use Reflex Serum in spot areas, Luminos all over her face, neck, and hands, as well as Nextra NeoRetinol. It is very dry where she is, so the combination works for her skin type and climate. She uses Solar Rx as a replacement for Luminos during the day because Solar Rx uses Luminos as the base moisturizer lotion and adds SPF. Please never forget that UVB is the number one skin ager. UVA can cause skin cancer! What to use? She always says, “you have to listen to your skin every day to hear what it wants.” It is a funny way of putting it, but the phrasing makes everyone pay attention to their skin. The more you notice, the easier it is to tailor a regimen for yourself. It is keeping in mind that there are so many factors that affect the skin. These include your age, skin type, humidity levels, air quality, temperature, and external conditions like allergens. Sunscreen is always on top! Until the FDA required manufacturers to use the term sunscreen, we called Solar Rx a sunblock. The Zinc Oxide is a physical block against UVA & UVB radiation. So, you want it as the first barrier of defense. To be clear, the last layer before any makeup or foundation is Solar Rx. The exception is when people use Solar Rx for therapy because the zinc oxide we use is uncoated and therapeutic. Then it will go on first. That said, we have many that use Solar Rx as a single product alone or under makeup. Wendy’s Regimen Wendy, Keys starts her daily regimens using Island Rx Micellar cleanser foamer to wash her face and neck. Next, she uses Nextra NeoRetinol all over her face and neck, morning and night – every day. She will use Reflex Serum on very dry areas of her skin. Next, she layers just enough Eye Butter around her eyes based on how they appear. She also puts Eye Butter on her lips. Then she layers Luminos for nighttime and Solar Rx SPF for the day. Wendy no longer wears foundation and primarily uses Bobbi Brown concealer around her eyes when necessary. The only makeup she uses is Bobbi Brown for eyes, cheeks, and lips.   The takeaway is that you have to tailor your Keys regimen to what your skin wants and needs. It can be different every day. There are no redundant Keys facial products, only unique purposes to each that depend on you.
Every product has a slightly different ingredient deck.  In common,
  • All products are vegan
  • All products are glute-free
  • All products contain no soy
  • All products are chemical-free meaning no “man-made” or estered ingredients
  • All products are preservative-free
  • All products are non-GMO
  • All ingredients are listed on the product’s label no matter how small a percentage.
To find the ingredients of a specific product, every product has a detail page where there is label art in flat-pattern with an ingredient list Every product has the label art in the image gallery on the products detail page.  So, if you click on a product within a category, it will bring up the detail page.  In the image gallery below the main picture, you will see the label art and that is where the ingredient deck is listed.  Here is an example.
Keys® is not permitted to do clinical testing because of extreme control by the FDA, so we rely on our customers for input and information. Many of our consumers are even bigger self-experimenters than Wendy our CEO. We have received numerous reports that Nextra® is highly effective when it comes to both Psoriasis and Eczema. The reports are consistent that Nextra quickly starts to remove the scaling and crustiness. Further they report that the area starts to pink and smooth quickly. They all also report that the itching is significantly reduced. It makes sense since Nextra is a Para-NeoRetinol. Here is an interesting article reporting similar results with a prescription retinoid.  So, give Nextra a try if you have a skin disorder that mimics or is psoriasis and eczema.  Please let us know so we can report back to our customers.  Just send us a note under the product category Here
Almost every aspect of Reflex Probiome is different from Nextra NeoRetinol. This is true in both ingredients, purpose, and functionality. Both are Probiotic and Postbiotic. Reflex is an oil featuring Polynesian Tamanu oil. Tamanu oil is a fatty nut oil that is pressed from the seeds of the tamanu tree. It is often used as a skincare ingredient for anti-aging and wound healing, but tamanu oil benefits don’t end there. Many people assume tamanu (species Calophyllum inophyllum) is an essential oil, but it’s actually a fatty nut oil. It can be used as a carrier to dilute essential oils or alone to moisturize and heal the skin. Many of these essential fatty acids are naturally found in your body and are used to lubricate your skin and keep it healthy. Not having enough fatty acids changes your skin’s structure and function. It can cause water loss and dry, scaly skin. Generally, essential fatty acids as skincare products help maintain healthy skin. Botanical oils with a lot of essential fatty acids can help by doing several things: Form a physical barrier on your skin Supply fatty acids to different skin layers Lower inflammation in your skin Hydrate your skin Make your skin smooth As a fatty botanical oil, tamanu oil can smooth and soften the skin. Tamanu contains antioxidants that fight free radical damage. When your body has an overload of free radicals that it can’t destroy, damage happens. This is one of the causes of faster aging in your skin. Tamanu oil is rich in antioxidants, and it is often added to anti-aging creams, but we use it in a pure oil serum. Tamanu oil is antibacterial and antifungal. It can help fight bacteria and fungus on the skin. This makes it helpful for: Acne Eczema Wound infections Fungal infections Nextra NeoRetinol, on the other hand, is a long-term restoration lotion that mirrors the functionality of Retinol and Retinoids. It directly affects collagen and helps to erase fine lines, age spots, and patchy skin. The other ingredients help to penetrate the skin to provide plumping and smoothing intensely. Nextra has deep moisturizing capabilities and can be used on the face, neck, and hands. Most of the ingredients are very exotic and are all the highest grade available. In short, Reflex is a spot moisturizer and intensive serum. There are crossovers, with Reflex mostly a spot super oil hydrator and Nextra a repairing, restorative wide-area lotion.

KEYS Off The Wall FAQs.

Wendy Steele, Keys® CEO had to make a hard decision because of the new sunscreen administrative regulations buried in the Biden CARES Act. You can read the why on our blog, but what people are asking is "What will Wendy use now instead of Solar Rx?" That answer is simple. Luminos Plus. LUMINOS PLUS is everything Solar Rx was, from a formulation perspective, but even better.
Are Keys Products Made in America? YES! A few years back, a disabled American soldier wrote the book Buy American. Alex Nelson said it was our duty to buy American to preserve our manufacturing place in the world. Today more than ever it is even more prescient and meaningful because all those toys, electronics, and skincare made in China are just not going to be available. Do Your Holiday Shopping Now The logistical and power nightmares in China are just the tip of the iceberg. Problems with the supply chain are jammed packing railyards and ports. Made in America and shipped by the USPS, UPS or FedEX will be your only solution. Keys products are designed and made in America. Many products, especially those from celebrity brands, are made in China. They are disappearing from Amazon and the shelves of big box stores like Wal Mart because those places cannot get the products. After all, they cannot be made in China because of power grid problems or are backed up in ports waiting to get out of China. Supply chain failures further complicate the situation in the US in both railyards and ports. So Buy American!
No, Keys® does not make Alicia Keys Soulcare products. There is no affiliation between Keys® and Alicia Keys other than we are not happy about the confusion she has caused for some of you. The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued Keys® this registered trademark in 2006 (USPTO registration #3176089). That is what that little "®" means when you see it next to a logo or name. It is like a patent but with no expiration date. Since then, we have renewed the mark diligently, and it now belongs to us in perpetuity, or so we thought. Said, over the years, we have had situations where people accidentally used our mark, and we had to ask them to stop politely. They were small companies that made a mistake. In the case of Alicia Keys company, they applied for and were denied the mark "Keys" in our business sector. We assume that is why their new application is for Keys Soulcare was filed. We have registered a letter of complaint with the USPTO, and they accepted it. Unfortunately, that acceptance does not mean much in the bigger scheme of things for our little company. Today, it is often difficult to find out or even complain to more prominent companies owned by celebrities. They are like giant amoeba with jello-like structures. Corporations with only letters for a name and even more allusive addresses. Our USPTO attornies tell us that it will cost $100,000.00 to serve them a grievance and a minimum of $1 million to sue. We have contacted Ms. Keys attorney, who predictably was met with rhetoric and attorney doublespeak. They know the game. The system is broken when it creates a way to protect small entrepreneurs and inventors but no way to defend them against violators. So, we are sorry for the confusion this has caused. Again we have no relationship with Alicia Keys or her Keys Soulcare products. You should check in with them to see if they care and where their products are made and designed. Sorry to bring this up now, but it has caused some confusion with some of our customers. The law requires that we defend our trademark, but when it comes to someone having a complaint about a reaction to find that another brand that caused it is also cause for us to clarify who has what. We are American-made, American-designed small products for all skin types and color. We are not race-specific and not made in China. Keys is dedicated to solving skin problems and making people feel and look good naturally. Thanks for your past loyalty and support. Knowing better is doing better. Onward!
Yes and No! We developed our AvoJel for the NASA astronaut, Scott Kelley, who was going to be on the International Space Station for a year stay. He was having skin issues, and Keys invented AvoJel out of avocado oil instead of petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly can be a fire and explosion hazard in space, so we conjured a way to jelly avocado oil. Keys complete line of Alternative Naturals is based on AvoJel. Unfortunately, one mission that AvoJel was included in was continually scrubbed and one mission failed. AvoJel and Urban Shield have been on missions and successfully used, but without the notoriety of the human on the station for the longest time. These missions were not for NASA.
Yes, Keys has been involved with many movies, TV shows, and events like the Oscars over the years. We have also been on Broadway and at concert events with our KPRO line. Our affiliations began with the Environmental Media Association, Hollywood's equivalent of the Environmental Working Group (EWG). We introduced Keys Eye Butter to 300 Hollywood makeup artists over 12 years ago, which has blossomed into new products and exciting adventures. Luminos was invented for the TV Show "Ghost Whisperer," and we were the green product line used on the actors on the TV hit "Weeds" for three seasons. On the red carpet at the Oscars numerous times, but always green and clean. We were featured three years in the celebrity gift bags at Maria Shriver's California Women's Conference. A bunch of movies and TV shows we can't mention, but actors and makeup artists have continuously chosen us because of the integrity of our products and the purity of our ingredients. Still, we are a company for everyone.

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