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Bob Root, Keys Scientist & Founder

A Nextra Laugh and the Joke was on me!

I want to share an amusing story with you about Nextra and a famous comedian. Let’s call her Amy.

When Keys started, we jumped into the middle of entertainment and Hollywood. The timing was good, and the entertainers were keen on “Natural,” but with a caveat. Their skin had to look as good as conventional skincare because their face is their business. Better would be better. So, we took it as a challenge because if we could make an actor or entertainer look better than conventional, everyone would appreciate it: a tough challenge, but a good one.

So, back to the comedian. Amy is a very famous entertainer who works in Las Vegas and the Comedy Store scene in LA. Her whit is disarming and rarely serious – actually never. So you can imagine when I received an email that sounded very concerned. It turns out it was a new side of her comedy that I was not used to.

I sent Amy a beta production version of Nextra NeoRetinol with a general introduction postcard. It said the same thing as our website. So to my surprise, I got the following email and was a bit taken back. Not because of the subject or question; the surprise was who it was coming from.

“Bob, I received your sample and have one essential question. How do I know Nextra is working? As a Retinol user, I would have to plan to use it when I am not working. I apply it and then wait for the redness, dry patches, peeling, and recovery. My red nose and red face would take a few days to clear, and the difference was obvious. I tried your product, and it did not turn red or patchy, or blotchy. Does this mean that your product does not work, or does it mean I can work more often now? Either way, how am I supposed to know that it works if I do not react. Do I have to wait for my boyfriend to notice? Can you put a purple tint in it so I can have a reaction and recovery period? Your friend and follower, Amy.”

I had to sleep on the question and realized she was joking, so I responded by telling her to get into her Infrared sauna before using Nextra. Set the temperature to 125 degrees and stay in it until her face turns beet red. Then get out and apply Nextra. Then you can thank me. Then you will see the differencemy feeble attempt at comedy.

We both had a good laugh, but the message and her question are interesting because it is counterintuitive that Retinol has such a good effect, but you have to go through the trauma before seeing results.

Nextra NeoRetinol starts working immediately. It is progressive and has none of the side effects of Retinol. Element 6 and the other ingredients start to soothe instantly and have almost a dry touch feeling. Apply it first after washing and let it sink in for a few moments. Then take your fingers and feel your skin. Soft and after just a few days, maybe hours, depending on your skin type, you will notice an evening of your complexion, and the softening will continue. I guess that after a couple of weeks, you will stop using foundation and have more glowing skin.

So, it does work and improves what you already have. If your skin is dry and overly processed, you will be able to see results quickly. If you have great skin, it will get better.

It turns out that we have quite a few questions like Amy’s. So, I decided to share her story.


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