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Record Sales For Nextra NeoRetinol & We Are Super Excited

NextraNextra is a Retinol like overnight star and we are so so excited

We are as ecstatic as a group can be.  Our geeks, scientists, aboriginal healers and rocket scientists pulled off a big one with Nextra NeoRetinol.  Like Retinol and none of the side effects, Nextra is a hit.  We introduced Keys Nextra NeoRetinol less than a month ago, and it is our fastest-growing product in the history of the company. Our overnight star has become a real rising star. Here is what a few customers have said in our first few weeks:

Acne Fighter – “I have struggled with acne for 10+ years and have tried just about anything under the sun to help my skin clear, and nothing worked until Nextra! After trying the Nextra NeoRetinol product, I immediately noticed a dramatic change! Not only did it help clear my acne, but it also helped with my overall skin tone.” Britney

German skin“When I discovered Keys products, I was in heaven because they use only natural and organic ingredients, NO chemicals, and very budget-friendly. I was even more excited when I could try Nextra. It gave my skin moisture and made it so smooth and soft. It reduces my fine lines and wrinkles and helps sagginess around the chin area. I use it right after I get out of the shower.” Anja

Grateful“Bob, Wendy, and the Keys Team, I want to say thank you for how much your products have helped me. I suffer from buildup and breakouts on my skin, but it is difficult to find a product that doesn’t dry me out or leave my skin feeling greasy. Nextra NeoRetinol is the first product I have found that leaves my skin clean, refreshed, and oil-free! I am so grateful! Not to mention, it is all done without harmful chemicals! I can’t wait to see what you think of next!” Lisa

Smooothe!“Using Nextra, my overall skin texture, it is so much improved! Also, my pores are not as easily congested by the end of the day, and I would say they are much more clear in general. Nextra is the perfect moisture balance for my skin! I feel like I don’t need any other moisturizer after applying it all over my face. Maybe a little eye butter around my mouth where I tend to get drier.” Olga

Reverse Logic“I love my expensive Renova® Retinol. It is like an old friend, and who wouldn’t want to keep an old friend around. When I beta’d Nextra, I thought, would it speed up my Retinol recovery time. It did. Now I am experimenting with using Nextra in between Retinol treatments. Somehow I no longer have the side effect of dry red patches from the Retinol. I self-experiment, so the next will be to try and blend them.” Elle

Electric Feel“When I first read about Keys Nextra, I had to try it. It came in the mail, and I ripped the package open and ran to the mirror. I first put it below my eyes and expected to see something, but what happened is it felt electric. I swear it tingled. After a few days, I really noticed a difference, but now I am addicted to the electric feel.” Peg

Dry Line“Amazing! When I first got my Nextra, I took a small amount to under my eyes. I could not believe how smooth it was. Silky. What happened next was that it absorbed so quickly that there was no oily feel. It went on dry, but days later, I noticed a change. I saw a change in my skin look and feel, and it does not feel greasy or oily.” Amanda

Eczema Relief“I have used Keys MetaCare to control my eczema on my arms for a few years. Recently, I noticed something that looks like eczema on my face near the corners of my mouth. MetaCare was a bit strong close to my nose. I decided to try my new Keys Nextra. It was gone overnight. I can’t say it was eczema, but it is gone now. Who cares what it was.” Janet

He Noticed“There are three distinct stages to my Nextra experience. 1) I felt a cooling, tingle, and calming at my first use. 2) After a few days, my skin was brighter and smoother. 3) After a week, my husband noticed and asked what I was using on my face. I am 45, and step three was a big deal.” Meg

Space Cowboy“I am a young engineer with a Space company. I work outdoors all over the world and live in Southern California. I take excellent care of my skin, eat right and play hard. When I received my Nextra sample, I thought it would be just another product for my face. Boy, was I wrong. I noticed my skin changing overnight, and my face looks like I am five years younger in the first two weeks.” Peter

We are very proud of our team for developing Nextra and Element 6.  These days of fake news, fake products, and sensationalism, these testimonials speak for themselves.  Excited we are.