• Out with the Old Bar: The Superior Suds of Liquid Soaps for Modern Cleanliness

    Embrace Radiant Skin: Discover the Gentle Power of Liquid Soaps for Ultimate Cleanliness and Skin Health Over the years, we have been asked why we make only liquid soaps. Bar soap is widespread, and natural bar soap is impossible to make with the essential oil combinations that we insist on using. Ironically, it is the same reason we cannot make lip balms. The formulations will not permit the essential oil needed for the soap to be effective. Conversely, liquid Castile and Castile-like soaps are excellent carriers for large amounts of essential oils needed to be…

  • Probiome® 101 – A Guide

    Probiome® and the Importance of Prebiotics and Probiotics in Skincare and Your Microbiome Keys® Probiome® skincare refers to a range of skincare products that incorporate prebiotics and probiotics into their formulations. These products are designed to support and enhance the skin’s natural microbiome, a community of beneficial bacteria living on the skin’s surface. The goal of Probiome® skincare is to promote healthy, hydrated, and resilient skin. For instance, Reflex ProBiome is an anti-aging serum made from pure organic oils that replicate the skin’s sebum. It offers tetrapeptides, triglycerides, fatty acids, quadracarotenoids, and nutrients that affect…

  • Future of Natural Skincare

    The Future of Natural Skincare: Innovations to Watch For In 2024 Nowadays, much of the natural products industry seems stalled and very introspective. Keys® has always been an innovator in our engineering culture. Much of the marketing and celebrity hype has quieted down, but the industry, in general, has stopped innovating. A few of us are carrying the torch of innovation and discovery. There are lots of exciting things going on behind the curtains. So what will the future bring for skincare. When Keys® started, many phrases and words we used were unheard of in…

  • New Luminos PLUS with Zinc Oxide for Problem Skin

    We are happy and super excited to announce a new product called Luminos PLUS with Zinc Oxide. It is a wide-range anti-aging product because it protects and restores across many fronts. Luminos PLUS Zinc Oxide is another tool in staving off aging caused by our environment. We are still 100% advocates of covering up with UPF clothing, a big UPF hat, UV protective sunglasses, and sunscreen on exposed areas. Luminos PLUS is a way to fight back time. luminos PLUS is genuinely a bit of a time machine that even makes this guy look better…

  • The Mythical Origins and Evolution of Acidic Skin Treatments

    The Origins and Evolution of Acidic Skin Treatments: From Historical Curiosities to Modern Skincare The Origins of My Interest Recently I got into a squabble with the author of a paper published on NIH PubMed. The author quoted the basis of their paper on two dudes that I would have to categorize as snake oil salesmen from the 1890s as a basis for why people need to use acid treatments on their face to balance the skin. Basically, the two dudes were pitching apple cider as a toner for women to use for a more…

  • Collagen Restoring Oils For Youthful Skin – A Keys® Tradition

    Collagen-restoring oil is a type of moisturizer that contains collagen-rich ingredients like avocado oil, black seed oil, carrot seed oil, and other plant oils-rosins. It is designed to improve collagen production in the skin, giving it a smooth and youthful look. Collagen restoring oil can be used on the face or body and is known to restore elasticity, tightness, and even tone. Some collagen restoring oils also contain additional ingredients like Vitamin C, Omega 3’s, and Glycerin to restore lost elasticity and firmness. Collagen restoring oil can help soothe and nourish “stressed” skin, promote collagen…

  • Keys® Element 6 in Nextra: The Natural Alternative for Youthful Skin

    Element 6 is a patent-pending tocopherol triterpene compound comprised of six different Amazonian sustainable tree fruits and seeds processed using cyrogenisis extraction that has the skin anti-aging properties of Retinol, but without the traditional side effects. There are no reported reactions or allergens.  Nextra’s Element 6 has been in development for over five years and is a blend of six ingredients from five tree species found in the Amazon. All are abundant, sustainable, and very effective by themselves. Combined, they create a single compound that mirrors the benefits of Retin-A with none of the side…

  • Ayurvedic Skin Care at Keys® – Neem & Karanja adaptogens

    Neem & Karanja Adaptogenic Skin Care Keys MetaCare MetaClean and RediCare use Neem and Karanja oil as the adaptogen basis of the ayurvedic skin care properties. We have eight (8) products that use Neem and Karanja for their adaptogenic ayurvedic skin care properties. Ten years of service to our has made both MetaCare and RediCare revered for their functionality and efficacy. MetaClean is a remarkable Castile Soap. Natural Therapies! Our dog products using Neem and Karanja are among our most popular. Urban Shield Gel is a go-to therapy product. Our ForceX insect repellant uses Neem…

  • Eczema – It’s Probably the Chemicals in Your Life!

    Eczema is a catchall term for a lot of doctors. The cause is unknown, but some of us suspect chemicals in everyday products. Common culprits for chemically induced eczema are sulfates in laundry detergents, PEG (propylene glycol) in just about everything, and parabens (a biocide in most products). So, we have heard from our customers that finding the cause of skin irritation is much more important than giving it a name. Doc’s want to name it so they can prescribe steroids and topical antibiotics. This seems to make things worse, with usually a fast relief…

  • Keys® Island Rx Foaming Wash – Try It for a fresher clean

    Island Rx Foaming Wash – Feel the Micellar difference. The Keys Island Rx Foaming Wash is a natural skincare product that cleans and nourishes the skin. The core Island Rx liquid soap was designed and made nearly twenty years ago for our CEO and founder, Wendy Steele. Her skin was so sensitive post Melanoma, and all the prescription products worsened it. Regular Castile soaps like Dr. Bronner helped, but they were still too harsh and alkaline. Island Rx was invented for her as a safer and milder alternative. Most Castile soaps have a micellar set…

  • Keys® Product Formulations – A Formulators Perspective

    I receive a lot of very interesting questions every month that are escalated to me by our customer service. A question often enrobed in suggestions is in regard to Vitamins and the benefits of ingredients in our products. I am pleased and amazed at the complexity of the questions from our customers and the suggestions I receive. First, please remember that my team are engineers and not chemists. Every product starts with a clean slate based on the functionality we are trying to achieve. So, each ingredient may look like a single add, but each…

  • Nextra® NeoRetinol – Exceeding Expectations

    Nextra® NeoRetinol Discovery – Better Than Retinol “I am in my 60’s and have been using Retinol for decades. By far, it is the best skincare product ever invented. I have purchased Retinol in tiny tubes for over $300 each for years, and it has been worth it until Nextra® NeoRetinol. When Bob Root researched and invented NeoRetinol, I was skeptical; how was it possible to recreate a Retinol that can be used every day, in the sun and without side effects. I started using Nextra NeorRetinol over a year ago, and I use it…

  • Island Rx For Hair Growth

    Island Rx Liquid Soap/Shampoo has been a Key® staple product for nearly twenty-four years. It was the product that Pfizer scientists applauded for its efficacy and clean-green design. It was one of our first four products and was the first developed for Wendy’s fight with Melanoma. Over the years Island Rx has been around, we discovered some interesting properties of Island Rx liquid soap that were pretty amazing. One of many was hair growth in men and women with short thinning hair. Why? Island Rx’s base soap is Castile-like. We mixed oils to ensure that…

  • Keys® VaporJel & Eye Butter for Chapped Lips

    Why Invent Something New When It Already Exists Over the years, we have received hundreds of requests for lip balm for chapped and cracked lips. I have resisted because we already have two great products that do the job better than any waxy lip balm I could design. Keys® Eye Butter and VaporJel are those two solutions. They both work wonderfully in two distinct ways. Eye Butter is a Shea butter and cucumber extract-based balm/cream with effective oils to soothe soft tissue around the eyes. It also works so well for the lips that we…

  • Keys Now Featured on YouTube and Apple Podcasts

    Friends of ours at our parent company, Orion, remind us that communicating meaning is a very precise thing.  As humans, we communicate meaning best when we are fully present together.  They tell us that 7% of meaning is communicated with words, 38% tone of voice and 55% body language.  This is why we have formalized our video and podcast communication paths.   We will strive to add new content weekly to both channels and ask you to subscribe to receive these notifications from YouTube and Apple Connect. These videos and podcasts are a new series…

  • Nextra® NeoRetinol for Psoriasis & Eczema

    Nextra® Help with Psoriasis & Eczema Your skin is your largest organ. 80% of people have skin problems. At KEYS®, we create clean, safe, natural products without chemicals that solve these problems. KEYS products make you feel and look better. Articles like this are meant to help you in your journey for clean clear skin, Naturally. Factoids: Since the introduction of Keys Nextra® NeoRetinol last summer, our customers have reported extra fast relief of symptoms from Psoriasis and Eczema. National Institutes of Health studies have outlined a combination of oral vitamin D supplementation and Retinol…

  • The Quest for the Fountain of Youth. Tamanu Oil?

    Skin Health & Anti-Aging   When we started Keys, it was for my sweetie’s battle against Melanoma. As the story goes, her surgery was successful, but her battle against the prescription skincare seemed futile. I had to find ingredients in the natural world to help her skin recover and flourish in a hostile environment. Besides finding ingredients and combining them into products that work for all sorts of skin issues, it started a quest for unique natural ingredients that became a part of our DNA. Also, a part of our DNA is your well-being in…

  • Record Sales For Nextra NeoRetinol & We Are Super Excited

    Nextra is a Retinol like overnight star and we are so so excited We are as ecstatic as a group can be.  Our geeks, scientists, aboriginal healers and rocket scientists pulled off a big one with Nextra NeoRetinol.  Like Retinol and none of the side effects, Nextra is a hit.  We introduced Keys Nextra NeoRetinol less than a month ago, and it is our fastest-growing product in the history of the company. Our overnight star has become a real rising star. Here is what a few customers have said in our first few weeks: Acne…

  • Breakthrough Routine to Revive Winter Skin

    Winter is tough on our faces. Dryness, rapid changing temperatures, and chapping happen. There is a regimen that I use to fight off the effects of winter skin. So, herein I will share what I learned and what I use. Read on to learn more. Do better when you known better.

  • Greenwashing and Vaporware – Naturally (OpED)

    The natural skin products industry has never been regulated since the invention of the snake oil salesperson. The industry operates under the 'GRAS' banner, which means "Generally Accepted As Safe." Simply, this means that there is a lot of good in the industry and some bad.

  • Keys Feet & Hands Video Testimonial

    Problem:  Dry Cracking, Bleeding Skin Breaks Solution: Keys Feet & Hands Avocado Jelly with Natural Skin Restoring Ingredients Keys Feet & Hands vegan jelly to the rescue.  Living at 7,000 feet in the very environment of Los Alamos New Mexico, it is common to get dry cracked fingers that bleed. This short animation is a 72 hour time-lapse of my cracked thumb. Using Keys Feet & Hands twice a day at waking and at bedtime, shows the quick restore of my cracked thumb. Keys Feet & Hands uses the avocado jelly as its base replacing…

  • Shingles – On The Rise?

    Problem: Stress Triggering Shingles Solution: Lessen the Effects with Natural & Ayurvedic Lotions   Shingles are a very real side effect of the realities of Covid-19 relates to the stress we are all under. Lore has it that weak areas of our body have disorders triggered by stressful situations. So, it makes sense that we have seen a significant number of customer service requests about shingles rash and scabbing. First, here is an excellent simple overview article from Healthline.  https://www.healthline.com/health/shingles-natural-treatment   For solutions from Keys, we have had customers tell us over the years that both our Tortuga…

  • Are We Aging Faster?

    7 Reasons People Are Aging Faster by Bob Root – the Author of Chemical-Free Skin Health & Keto Plus I was recently asked in an interview if people are visibly aging faster or slower than ten years ago. The answer is both yes and no. Kudos to some big companies that followed the wallets of knowledgeable consumers. Ten years ago, there was a handful of us screaming that chemicals in everyday products were harming people. You agreed and started buying your laundry detergents and personal care products from reputable natural product companies. Nowadays, Natural products…

  • Get The Facts – Please – PubMed!

    Get The Facts! - Please! Living with an engineer scientist, the common phrase I hear is, "Where Are Your Facts?"  When it comes to your health, Dr. Google is an excellent resource as long as individuals do not have an intention for themselves. So, where do we go for HealthLine facts so we can make good decisions? You are responsible for your personal and family health. Having a resource that you can count on is paramount. National Institutes of Health Enter the National Institutes of Health PubMed. NIH is the health arm of the US…

  • Our New Hand Sanitizer – And A Few Heroes

    Keys has a new interim product and it is a maximum strength hand sanitizer. Our Extra Strength Hand Sanitizer took just 20 minutes to develop and seven days to manufacture, market, and start delivering. Seven days total from concept to delivery with lots of heroes to thank along the way.

  • Bre Video Protect Your Skin – Solar Rx

    Bre’s Short Film Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage For nearly 20 years, I have written hundreds of thousands of words, created cards of what to do and wear, and have been an advocate of sunscreen every day.  All said Bre in her creative wave translated that message into a thousand languages with this short video.  Just look at her Keys skin and you have to be convinced.   Wendy  ☺️😉

  • Branch Basics – Truly Natural

    Branch Basics is a company that is on purpose and walks their talk. They have developed a natural concentrated cleaner that reduces biomass without harming the microbiome of your home or your family. To be clean without harming the good bacteria we live with is of paramount importance to me. It would also seem that it is crucial to Branch Basics.

  • DIY Hand Sanitizers – That Really Work

    Time for Hand Sanitizers. It is important to be effective and know what you are putting on your hands.   There are a number of natural commercially available products that work.  Right now, they are hard to find in the stores.  So, it is time to make your own.  It is simple and done right, just as effective as the store-bought sanitizing products. DIY Sanitizers Formulas So here is a formula for creating the world’s best hand sanitizers. Use 98% of 99% Isopropyl alcohol and 1% spearmint essential oil. Can’t find Isopropyl Alcohol? Turn to…

  • Just Wash Hands

    Yes, it is flu season, and traveling is getting to be a more significant concern. It is the time of year to write about not only how to wash your hands, but why doing it the wrong way can hurt. Many years ago, we researched the University of California Irvine on proper handwashing as a means to stay healthy during flu and virus outbreaks. The study formed our opinion, which I will share here. The primary purpose of washing your hands is not to spread viruses to your face. The average person touches their face…

  • Debunking Hand Sanitizers

    Hand Sanitizers, The Right Way, and the Wrong Way. Where to begin? My article, “Just Wash Hands,” has brought a lot of comments. Lots of thank you’s, a few questions and some opinion. Cool, that is what is supposed to happen. Most comments address a short paragraph I wrote about “Hand Sanitizers.” There is a wrong way and a right way. Most of us do it the wrong way. So, I cruised into a Wal-Mart to buy a pair of new windshield wiper blades. I noticed two sanitizer stations at the entrance. One was the right kind,…

  • Why Daily SPF and Moisturizing?

    One of the markets top moisturizers is Solar RX Moisturizer SPF due to its UVA-UVB protection minimizing the chemical burden on the skin.  This article was written by Ashley Parker about Keys Solar Rx

  • Galleyon Antibacterial Foaming Soap is Now Supercharged

    Galleyon Natural Antibacterial Foaming Soap has been a cornerstone of Keys for near 15 years. Galleyon is an alternative to soaps that contained Triclosan. Unlike antibacterial soaps, it is not a biocide, so it does not kill our skin's natural Probiome. It reduces the levels of harmful bacteria without harming the natural colonies of bacteria on our skin. Galleyon is now supercharged! Try it now.

  • Keys Tortuga Exfoliates, Moisturizes and Removes Makeup

    In the 1950’s virtually every woman owned a jar of Pond’s Cold Cream.  They removed makeup, washed their face, moisturized and exfoliated with it.  The problem was that it was full of chemicals and today’s natural woman wants something safer and healthier.  Tortuga to the rescue!

  • Tips – Thinning Lotions

    At Keys, we receive lots of questions and this weeks dominant question deals with thinning our lotions in colder weather and to have a lighter finish. We share a few tricks in this short article.

  • SmallFlower Interviews Bob Root, Keys Scientist & Founder About Probiome

    SmallFlower Interviews Bob Root About Probiome. Keys Natural Skincare & Beauty was born after co-founder Wendy Steele was diagnosed with and beat melanoma. The cancer was gone, but she was still dealing with some nasty side effects on her skin – itchy, irritated patches that were just made worse by sticky sunscreens. Read this interview here.

  • Cold, Flu Bronchitis? Keys VaporJel To The Rescue!

    Cold, Flu Bronchitis? Keys Vapor Jel To The Rescue! In the not so long ago past if you wanted some fast relief from congestion you took the vapors from Smelling Salts. The problem was that you would have been killing your lungs and smell nerve receptors.

  • FDA Bans Triclosan – EPA, Your Turn

    In my book Chemical-Free Skin Health published in 2010, I pointed out the health risks of Triclosan including cancer, hormone disruption. Now it is time to look at the vast amount of other products that us Triclosan. EPA, your next!

  • Avo Jel vs. Petroleum Jelly for Sports

    Keys Avo Jel is just a couple of months old and it has already taken the triathlon, running, biking, swimming and surfing community to a new level. Replacing petroleum jelly, our customers have shared with us how they use Avo Jel. In this article, we talk about over a dozen of the most popular uses.

  • The Triathlete & Keys New Jel Products

    We developed Keys Alternative Naturals for people who need vegan and chemical-free products that perform and replace drug store brand products like Vaseline®, Bengay® and others. Among the markets for these new products are for people who compete in strenuous events that need protection for rashes, chafing and other skin disorders. This is one such story about a triathlete and how he used Keys products before, during and after his race.

  • Super Lice – RediCare Works!

    There are reports all over the US of a resistant strain of super lice that are not controlled by convention lice treatments. I have been aware of this for a couple of years, but without someone raising the warning flag, my words have fallen short. Our customers have reported that our RediCare is not only highly effective at repelling initial lice infestation, but also kills the lice.

  • Balding? Hair Re-growth? – Keys Island Rx!

    Years of customer testimonials point to hair regrowth by using Keys Island Rx liquid soap as a shampoo. This article breaks down what might be the reason Island Rx works and explains some of the reasons Island Rx has a lot of fans. We are offering a discount code to try Island Rx....

  • Keys Tortuga Lotion Case Price Sale – Save 10%

    Our very popular Tortuga lotion is now available at a discount if you buy 6 or more at a time. Just add 6 or more Tortuga lotion to online store basket and the normal $16.95 price will be reduced to $15.25 each automatically. This is a $10.20 savings on 6 and even more savings if you buy more than 6. Tortuga is the perfect winter solution for dry itchy skin as well as chapped lips, dry cracking skin and tough calluses. It is a clean, pure natural lotion that is gluten-free, vegan and chemical-free.

  • Keys Cross RediCare – The Many Uses

    Every Keys product has many uses, purposes and are cross functional natural remedies. We have created a new category called Keys Cross where our customers have told us how they use our products. Here are the many uses of Keys RediCare. Share how you use it.

  • Foot Calluses? Go Gluten-Free!

    From Bob Root, Keys Founder. We may have found a direct correlation to calluses on the feet and toes and gluten in peoples diets. A revelation to some is just another reason to get off gluten for others.

  • Polluted Pets – What we are doing to our pets!

    I am raising a red flag when it comes to our pets and the environment. In my book, Chemical-Free Skin Health® I pointed out that about 50 years ago just about everything we put on our skin or came in contact with was naturally derived. Now nearly 95% is synthetic.

  • iWellness? – An Open Letter to Tim Cook, Apple CEO

    The rumors are pretty strong that Apple will introduce Healthkit technology in it next IOS 8 operating system for iPhones and iPad’s..and maybe iWatch this October. iWellness or iHealth – There is a difference. Can Apple change healthcare forever? Yes! Will they? by Bob Root, Keys Founder and Technologist. Check it out http://www.cleangreencafe.com/CGC/?p=2814

  • Sunscreen Tips from the EWG

    We have posted tips from the EWG regarding sunscreens. Keys Solar Rx was ranked as a top product in the 2014 sunscreen report under the moisturizers with SPF category. Keys received one of the highest ratings for safety and efficacy.

  • Tortuga Turns 100 Years Old.

    Tortuga was born in my grandmothers kitchen 100 years ago I grew up with this ancient remedy as a cure-all that saved me from cuts, bruises, dog bites, scrapes and even being jilted by a girlfriend or two.

  • FDA Taking Closer Look at ‘Antibacterial’ Soap

    "New data suggest that the risks associated with long-term, daily use of antibacterial soaps may outweigh the benefits," Rogers says. There are indications that certain ingredients in these soaps may contribute to bacterial resistance to antibiotics, and may have unanticipated hormonal effects that are of concern to FDA.

  • Keys Testimonials

    We have installed a new testimonial system to help other discover what our Keys products have done for others. Please submit anything that you feel will help people achieve relief for their conditions and disorders. Thanks!

  • Keys KPRO Cosmetic Products – Now Available!

    Keys New KPRO professional line is now available for review and for sale. Nominated for Best New Product of the year at the Natural Products Expo East coming this week, I believe these are the most revolutionary products we have ever designed. Read more! Wendy.

  • Announcing KODA – Keys for Dogs

    Keys is pleased to announce a new company with both internal and external products for dogs. KODA, which is Lakota Sioux for "friend" has ten new products for dogs. KODA is Keys for dogs!

  • Keys Cross – The Many Uses of Omni Spray Elixir

    This post features the Functions and Uses of Keys Omni. It is a new category for Keys products on Clean Green Cafe. We have constructed a table along with a description to give people an idea of what they can use our products to solve their skin problems.