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RediCare – Not Just an Insect Repellant.

By Gabriela Castillo.

RediCare is not just for small pets and people! It’s amazing for horses! I discovered this product for horses when I rescued an abused mustang. His name is Arrow. I had some of the RediCare at home for my dog Baldr/us and needed something to help Arrow with some wounds immediately and discovered right away what an amazing find for horses this really is!

RediCare is an effective treatment for horses for all kinds of minor wounds, rashes and bug bites. It treats and heals the issue and the huge benefit? It keeps the toughest of pests like flies and mosquitos off of your horses sores, minor wounds and rashes! You can apply it with the spray bottle but if your horse is skittish with the sound and feel then you can spray on your hands and dap the area needing attention! RediCare is a healthy, non toxic way to care for your horse and the environment.

Arrow, Gabriela’s Mustang

My other discovery with RediCare, is simply but most importantly, it’s amazing for keeping flies and other pests off his face! My Rescue Mustang Arrow is VERY sensitive and he wont wear a fly mask! Of course because of years of abuse and lack of care he has some rain-rot issues, old cuts on his face and his eyes get weepy with the pests. The RediCare has a wonderful scent but it is NOT overpowering. This very sensitive horse allows me to spray it on my hands and massage it on his face and ears. Because it is an oil it goes straight into the skin. I apply once when I groom him when I go out to ride and once when I re-groom him after his exercise. RediCare keeps the pests OFF his face the rest of the day until I arrive in the morning with no weepy eyes and no nats driving him mad buzzing his ears! I have never in my 35 years of horses seen a product be so non toxic yet so effective.

So horse people! Do yourself and your horse a favor, try RediCare for minor wounds, cuts, abrasions, rashes, rain-rot and other fungus issues as well as a great fly replant for your horses face.  This is a great company that we should all support because it’s clean, effective and safe for the environment!

Two videos…

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Gabriela Castillo

Gabriela is a holistic healer who specializes in energy therapy for people (adults & children) and animals (domestic & wild). She is effective because she works on all three levels: energy, emotional and physical health.  With her work with animals, she even has the rare endorsement of the legendary animal behaviorist icon Warren Eckstein. Find out more about her practice at

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