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Breakthrough Routine to Revive Winter Skin

Wendy Steele Keys CEO and Founder

Our customers frequently share their frustration about searching for skincare products that solve their skin problems. They regret wasting money on expensive treatments and prescriptions that don’t help.

We love serving our customers. We educate them about healthy, simple ingredients that benefit their skin.

It all began after I survived melanoma. Post-surgery, the chemicals in prescriptions caused me to age prematurely and damaged my skin. I searched for healthy products for my sensitive skin. The real breakthrough was when we developed our natural chemical-free skincare products. Using our soaps and lotions, my Johns Hopkins doctor saw a remarkable difference in my skin.

Now 42% of all of our referrals come from our customers’ doctors! And we continue to develop and sell simple natural skincare solutions recognized by the FDA, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, EWG, and medical doctors.

Keys Fan Favorites

Our loyal Keys Fans rate these as their favorite products for routine winter skincare:

Fan-favorite for deep cleaning without drying: Island Rx Micellar Foaming Wash with Avocado and Clary Sage. The basis for Island Rx is a 300-year old Castile soap recipe that uses healing essential oils, a Micelle that resembles the antioxidant properties of natural glacier water, and the addition of softening oils like avocado and jojoba. The foam application cushions the skin and washes off easily, leaving clean, soft skin.

Another Keys fan-favorite is combining our Luminos Moisturizer with Island Rx Foaming cleanser for superior added moisture and smooth, glowing hydration:

Luminos Hydrating Facial Moisturizer gives a lightweight luminescent finish to bare skin. Luminos has high concentrations of avocado oil, aloe vera, black cumin oil, and carrot seed oil that provide strong anti-aging effects. This moisturizer calms the skin and quickly creates a visual reduction of redness, fine lines, and dry patches. Luminos was developed in conjunction with Hollywood makeup artists to provide a moisturizing foundation and soft-focus finish to give actors skin a smoother, softer appearance in high definition television and film. Apply to moist skin after cleansing and let it dry down, and do its magic.

Reflex ProBiome is our most potent anti-aging and age-reversing product. It is an ultra-rich treatment using a blend of the highest quality and performing exotic oils sourced worldwide. A little bit goes a long way! This oil fusion immediately soothes those dry and dehydrated areas that need extra emollients while softening the appearance of fine lines. You can use it alone or under Luminos for a brighter, more youthful, and less tired appearance.

Don’t be afraid to double down on moisture. During the driest of the winter months, I often use our Tortuga Super Emollient Lotion in place of Luminos. Tortuga is a super emollient lotion for the face, body, and hands. It is one of our original four products that we developed. Based on an old family recipe updated with pharmaceutical grade ingredients in therapeutic proportions. It is, by far, one of our biggest sellers during the cold or dry winter months. Tortuga follows our fundamental belief that a product must be able to do more than one thing. Tortuga is truly a universal lotion for so many practical purposes. It will always be my favorite lotion.

Ready for a breakthrough of your own? Add moisture. You will look more rested and more radiant when you use a daily moisturizer and supplement with a little oil where needed.