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BUH BYE Facebook

For immediate release: January 20, 2021

Keys® Joins Companies in Closing Their Facebook® Account & Business Pages

Cheyenne Wyoming –  The following is a direct quote and open letter from Keys® CEO, Wendy Steele.

Wendy Steele, Keys CEO & Founder

“I made one of the easiest business decisions of my career. I closed our Facebook account! You see, Keys is a company that values every aspect of our customer’s lives. We make great efforts to operate from a place of integrity. I can no longer morally be associated with Facebook®. Facebook® is a company started for the purpose of ranking women at Harvard University. It has de-evolved to a company that shows no concern for personal privacy. Frankly, I should have done this long ago, but I listened to social media gurus too long. Their litany was that “Keys has to have a Facebook® Page.” No, we don’t, and no, we won’t.

I must admit that two business leaders strongly influence me. Tim Cook at Apple and Elon Musk bring me an urgency to focus on integrity and first principle thinking. These are two of my best business filters offering a “go, no go” decision test for me. Does it feel right, and is it the simplest solution possible are my filters. Following the lead of Apple and Tesla®, we now join them with no official Facebook® page. My most straightforward reason is that I do not trust Facebook®, and parting is very freeing. This includes closing our Instagram® page, which is owned by Facebook®.

Frankly, there is always a ‘straw that breaks the camels back,’ and I reached a point where working within the Facebook® structure hit a point with me that I just said, “NO MORE.”

Twitter® is our only social media merchant. No social network is perfect, but what Keys needs is sometimes to have an avenue to let people know what is going on in real-time. For now and the foreseeable future, Twitter® is it because we can choose what we say when we say it and use it to lead to deeper information for you on our blog. We want to hear your ideas and thoughts. Facebook® is incendiary at best, with people weighing in that don’t even know who we are. At least with Twitter®, we can target our message to those that want to hear it and express a relevant point of view back to us. The operative word is ‘relevant.”

I just wanted to let you know about my decision and my reasons. It is also self-defense to ward off speculators.”

Note from Keys Technologies: Facebook and Instagram account sometimes take 30+ days to be deleted in their hopes we will change our mind.  Please be aware that any posts to these accounts will not be responded to.

Keys® is a subsidiary of Orion Learning Intl, Inc.