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DIY Hand Sanitizers – That Really Work

Time for Hand Sanitizers.

It is important to be effective and know what you are putting on your hands.   There are a number of natural commercially available products that work.  Right now, they are hard to find in the stores.  So, it is time to make your own.  It is simple and done right, just as effective as the store-bought sanitizing products.

DIY Sanitizers Formulas

So here is a formula for creating the world’s best hand sanitizers.

  • Use 98% of 99% Isopropyl alcohol and 1% spearmint essential oil.
  • Can’t find Isopropyl Alcohol? Turn to white lightening. Yes, Grain Alcohol or 190 proof ethanol. Do not dilute or buy less than 190 proof.  This means the alcohol level is 95%.   It doesn’t matter the source; ethanol is alcohol. Also, mix it with spearmint essential oil for lubrication and positive microbiome effects.

Wash Hands

Washing your hands with Castile soap is best. Seriously, but when you cannot, alcohol sanitizer helps.

My suggestion is to put it into a spray bottle. A 1 ounce (30ml) size will do for your pocket or purse. Spray it on your hands or surface. Spray on hands liberally and rub until dry: just a moment or two.

Denatured Alcohol, But Be Careful

There is also another choice at Home Depot od Lowes in the paint aisle. It is denatured alcohol altered with Menthol. Warning! Denatured alcohol can have other additives like Methyl Ethyl Ketone (aka MEK). Avoid at all costs, and if it is not marked, do not buy it.

Sanitizer Effectivity in Question

Alert: Many hand sanitizers are what I call “Soft.” What this means is that some sanitizers are for casual use. Make sure your hand sanitizer has ample germ-fighting protection. I recommend alcohol-based sanitizers that exceed 60% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. My DIY version uses 190 proof ethanol or 95% ethanol. 


Thanks for your comments.

Question:  Do these hand sanitizers dry out your hands.

Answer:  IAD – It All Depends.  The essential oil will help most people, but the concentrations of alcohol can cause some drying if you are prone to dry hands.

Question:  What do you recommend using after using hand sanitizers to calm the skin after washing?

Answer:  If you have been using hand sanitizers all day, I really recommend washing with a Castile soap like Island Rx or Galleyon.  Galleyon has spearmint and natural oils.  Then I recommend using Tortuga Lotion to repair the damage from the sanitizers.  This is true whether you make your own or buy an alcohol type of commercial sanitizer.

Question:  What do you think about the commercial sanitizers that claim to be lotion based.

Answer:  These scare me for a few reasons:

  1. Wondering what chemicals they use to kill bacteria
  2. What is the lotion base?  Propolene Glycol?
  3. Do the lotions attract bacteria because they are sticky.