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Keys Feet & Hands Video Testimonial

Problem:  Dry Cracking, Bleeding Skin Breaks

Solution: Keys Feet & Hands Avocado Jelly with Natural Skin Restoring Ingredients

Keys Feet & Hands vegan jelly to the rescue.  Living at 7,000 feet in the very environment of Los Alamos New Mexico, it is common to get dry cracked fingers that bleed. This short animation is a 72 hour time-lapse of my cracked thumb. Using Keys Feet & Hands twice a day at waking and at bedtime, shows the quick restore of my cracked thumb.

Keys Feet & Hands uses the avocado jelly as its base replacing typical petroleum jelly.  We then add back see oil, carrot seed oil and menthol to reverse skin problems.  Although Feet & Hands was designed specifically for these areas, it can be used on other body parts that have chapping, tracking, dry patches and itching.