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Shingles – On The Rise?

Bob Root, Keys Scientist & Founder

Problem: Stress Triggering Shingles

Solution: Lessen the Effects with Natural & Ayurvedic Lotions


Shingles are a very real side effect of the realities of Covid-19 relates to the stress we are all under. Lore has it that weak areas of our body have disorders triggered by stressful situations. So, it makes sense that we have seen a significant number of customer service requests about shingles rash and scabbing. First, here is an excellent simple overview article from Healthline.  

For solutions from Keys, we have had customers tell us over the years that both our Tortuga Lotion and MetaCare lotion help with both the rash and scabbing, which can lead to scars. Overly simplifying, MetaCare is our Tortuga Lotion base with the addition of Neem and Karanja oil. Neem and Karanja oil are thousand-year-old Ayurvedic remedies for various skin disorders. We select the purest form and source these oils for their quality. Adding them to Tortuga lotion gives you the option of a base lotion, or you can choose to maximize the efficacy with MetaCare.

As a teammate to either Tortuga lotion or MetaCare lotion is our Island Rx Liquid Soap. This Castile soap has maximum Micelle properties with the addition of Avocado oil and Clary Sage essential oil. By itself, Island Rx is a great cleanser, natural and effective.   Bob