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Keys® VaporJel & Eye Butter for Chapped Lips

Why Invent Something New When It Already Exists

Chapped LipsOver the years, we have received hundreds of requests for lip balm for chapped and cracked lips. I have resisted because we already have two great products that do the job better than any waxy lip balm I could design.

Keys® Eye Butter and VaporJel are those two solutions. They both work wonderfully in two distinct ways.

Eye Butter is a Shea butter and cucumber extract-based balm/cream with effective oils to soothe soft tissue around the eyes. It also works so well for the lips that we added “lips” to the box and label. As an everyday lip balm, you can wear it by itself and uses it as frequently as you want and is non-addictive because it has no softening chemicals like most lip balms. Wear it under lipstick, softening the lips as you go about your day.

Chapped LipsNow VaporJel is a super-secret for skiers and people outdoors in the winter and those that get too much sun in the summer. VaporJel is an avocado-based gel similar to Vaseline® but without petroleum jelly. The avocado gel is softening in its own right. Camphor, Menthol, and eucalyptus oil each do their work.

  • Camphor is a mild pain and itch reliever. Camphor is a compound that shares many properties with Menthol, such as the cooling effect that temporarily relieves minor itching, irritation, and pain.
  • Natural Menthol is a soothing agent that has a slight burn to it. Our Menthol is naturally distilled Cornmint from the Mentha plant. It causes an increase in blood flow in the lips, which helps to hydrate and soften. It is naturally derived and not synthetic.
  • Eucalyptus oil is the ultimate dry lips treatment. A simple and effective formula with a natural ingredient known to help with respiratory issues, but it is also fantastic as a lip treatment.

Many brands use these three key ingredients in their medicated lip products. The rub is that most are synthetic derivatives and use petroleum jelly as their base.  

Keys® has carefully formulated VaporJel to be safe and effective. I use it daily where I live at 7,000′ and low humidity. Said, there are many “wives’ tales” and non-fact-based opinions out there. I recommend that you Google “NIH (insert ingredient) for the lips to judge for yourself.  (Note that NIH stands for National Institutes of Health)