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Regimen DIY Save 10%, Bye Bye Collections and Kits!

Build Your Own Regimen!

We have recently discontinued our Kits and Collections that we created because of complaints from customers.  It seems that they were not exactly what they wanted.  Choice is better than no choice!  We have replaced the collections with a new automatic Regimen program that lets you decide what you want to build and buy.

The old Kits and Collections required you to select specific products from groups.  Now you buy any five (5) different full-size Keys, KPRO, Alternative Naturals or KODA products and you will automatically receive 10% off your entire order.

This new program offers the same discount levels, but now, you choose what you want.  So, buy any combination of five or more full-size products and get 10% Off your entire order.  Sachets and travel sizes are not included in the sale.




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