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Luminos, The Original “No Makeup Clean Look.”

Luminos, The Original “No Makeup Clean Look.”

By Bob Root, Keys Chief Technologist 

Bob Root, Chemical-Free Skin Health® author, and Keys chief scientist

Are you trying to get the No Makeup Clean Look? Look to Luminos for beyond the clean look to healthy.

You may think that you already know everything there is to know, but I might surprise you or, at least, remind you of what you know. I intend to give you an insight into a new way of thinking, not about makeup, but how you prepare your skin for makeup. First, I want you to understand how makeup works, how it is made, and what it does. More important is how to create a prime foundation that does not make you look like a Chinadoll or Mime.   

I originally wrote this article in 2009 after the introduction of Luminous, our super moisturizer and clear skin foundation.

When I am in front of customers, doctors, estheticians, makeup artists, actors, and cosmeticians, the question is always the same. “When are Keys going to create a makeup line?” My answer is when I can find safe ingredients that have the right colors and staying power.

No Makeup Clean Look
No Makeup Clean Look? Not with these!

I began looking at traditional makeup about fourteen years ago. I studied conventional makeup products as well as mineral makeup. I found in common a group of minerals and compounds that are earth derived from oxides or rock ground into tiny particles that are suspended either in a cream, lotion, or dry powder base. Also, many red colors come from Carmine, which is a ground insect. Carmine, red or purplish-red pigment obtained from cochineal, a red dyestuff extracted from the dried bodies of certain female scale insects native to tropical and subtropical America. Before synthetic coloring materials, Carmine was used extensively for watercolors and fine coach-body colors. Since then, it has been used only when a natural pigment is required: for pastries, confections, cosmetics, water-soluble drug preparations, and histologic stains.

Upon further investigation, I found that many lipsticks, eye shadows, and tints contained lead, mica, silica, iron oxide, and even some minerals with low-dose radiation. When I discovered this, I wondered why the mainline makeup companies did not use berries, extracts, plant parts, and safer ingredients. As I studied further, I realized that using the “more natural” ingredients did not work nearly as effectively as their mineral alternatives. Why? The answer is that most non-mineral colors are weak and have low staying power. Most mineral-based makeups are opaque, whereas fruit-based colorants are more transparent and water-soluble.

I have continued studying and checking in with friends in the industry in a collaborative effort. At the last Natural Products Expo West, friends and I scoured the show looking for natural colorant ingredients. My friend Kathleen Beaton would ring my cell phone and tell me of a booth re had found that had something that looked good. As a premier makeup artist, I respected her eye for color. She appreciated my scientific ability to quickly determine whether the particular ingredient was clean, green, and had the staying power. I spent that day running back in forth a few steps behind Kathleen. Then the phone would ring, and it would be someone else looking for something and wondering if I had seen it. We checked in with the makeup companies at the same show and the ones new to offering makeup—still the same old same old minerals.

Los Angeles – No Makeup Clean Look Universe Center

No Makeup Clean LookAs a man, I appreciate makeup but could not understand it. Checking in with the idea of creating a makeup line on occasion, I did not understand a lot until recently when I was in LA. We were scheduled for a big Hollywood event at Erewhon. I looked forward to catching up with old friends.

I had lunch with Kathleen Beaton in Venice Beach, checked in with Ele Keats, my favorite actor and a natural look expert, and was on the Weeds set with Jill Cady and Jill Crosby staring at the beautiful skin of Mary Louise Parker. With the help of all, I finally got makeup! It was like creating a painting, except the canvas already had features, texture, and color.

There is the color, and there is the canvas! Probably obvious to most women, I realized that most makeup is the smoothing out and even out the complexion so color can be layered on. What I learned is that makeup is like painting a portrait in reverse. To start, an artist takes white paint and covers the canvas with several coats to smooth out and make the finish consistent. Then they layer color on the white canvas to create the image they want. Layer after layer builds up the color for the final image with details, texture, and color. Makeup has traditionally been the same. Take foundations and minerals to the face to create a smooth, even finish. Then add color to finish. This confused me because covering up beautiful skin seems wrong. My friends pointed out that not everyone has beautiful skin. I disagree that everyone can have beautiful skin. It just takes work, time, and a healthy lifestyle. Something that I believe all Keys customers aspire to.

Kathleen calls her art “painting faces.” We have gotten together and talked about her efforts to create a makeup line for years. I struggled to help her as my friend, but it wasn’t easy because I did not understand the entire makeup concept. I respect Kathleen’s work and her abilities. She is a great makeup artist and has one of the most challenging jobs in LA because she often does makeup for TV using everyday people as the stars of the commercials. When I see those commercials, I cannot believe how natural-looking those people appear. It is a lot of work! Now with high definition, it is even tougher.

No Makeup Clean LookThe Erewhon event came. Standing next to the stage listening to Ed Begley talk, I was suddenly in the embrace of this beautiful woman. Ele Keats had surprised me with a visit down from the Hollywood Hills. She looked radiant, and her skin just glowed. I know that she is a devout fan of Luminos PLUS and Luminos. It was a weekend, and LA always turns out in their most refined designer grunge. Still, in this sea of beautiful people, Ele just glowed. Her skin was clear, even, natural, and with a dewy glow. Like always, she looked perfect, and the infectious smile of Ele Keats topped off her look.

I headed to Portland, Oregon, from LA, to open the new Fez Studios. I love Portland because it is a fabulous city with lots to do and see. Most of the year, Portland is wet and rainy. One of the first things you notice is that people have gorgeous clear skin. No sun damage here! Talking with the women at the event, I could not help but see that they had no foundation with color only on the lips, eyes, and maybe cheeks. It all became clear to me in a flash! I was really in the makeup business. Fez and the many natural makeup stores carry our products because of what we were able to do to get that natural look. I said to myself; it was because we make No Makeup Clean Look products.

Clear Cosmetics Is Keys Transparent Foundation. Just add color!

No Makeup Clean Look
Luminos, The Original No Makeup Clean Look

How can there be such a thing as No Makeup Clean Look? Remember that painting of the canvas before the artist can start? The purpose of that and foundation on the face is to create a smooth, even look before adding color. I think there is nothing prettier than the glow of naturally healthy skin. As I thought about Ele and Mary Louise, I realized that their natural glowing, dewy skin was incredibly sexy because the real person shows through.

I now know what I have created is a line of No Makeup Clean Look where our foundation and regime bring natural clarity to the skin. Our products do the two primary things that foundations do for the skin. First, the skin heals and gets an even natural glow using our regime. Because it is transparent, the smoothness comes from the new quality of the skin. Secondly, our light diffraction technology using natural Aloe crystals further smoothes the appearance of the skin, diffusing light to create beautiful glowing energy for women and men of all ages.  

Keys No Makeup Clean Look Regime and the Keys Challenge

First, the regime I want you to try is the price of one item at a Nordstrom brand makeup counter. All of the items combined are less than some lipsticks at Barney’s in LA. So try it, but please be religious about it for ten days.

There are four products in the regimen:

  1. Island RX Foaming Wash
  2. Luminos Moisturizer Clear Foundation
  3. Eye Butter Clear Eye Enhancer
  4. Luminos PLUS

Island Rx Foaming Wash

Island Rx Foaming Wash is a cleanser adjusted to be slightly alkaline to clean and tone the skin. The simple formulation contains no chemicals that cause skin inflammation, and the Clary Sage reduces inflammation. After turning Jojoba, avocado, and olive oil into a cleanser using an ancient process, we add back in avocado oil, Clary sage essential oil, and blood orange essential oil. These oils also serve specific purposes that clean, hydrate, condition, and exfoliate the skin without harsh scrubs, toners, or chemical peels.


Luminos was developed for Hollywood to create a glowing illusion to improve the look of the skin under high-definition photography and motion pictures. We later discovered that Luminos also created that look for everyday use as a clear makeup. Luminos contains pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in high proportions combined with a concentration of Aloe Vera crystals that act like millions of tiny prisms on the skin. It naturally smoothes the skin’s finish while providing a glow that increases the depth and definition of the skin cells. Applied lightly over a freshly cleaned face with Island Rx, it also provides a natural barrier from pollutants, hydrocarbons, and allergens that affect the look and condition of the skin.

Eye Butter

Wildcrafted grade Shea butter from Ghana is blended to soothe the eye tissue as well as plumping the tissue to give a fuller look. Eye Butter starts with a unique cucumber extract that ensures that the log chain polysaccharides are intact, offering firming and fine line reduction around the eyes. We then add our Aloe Crystals to create the same illusion as Luminos and Luminos PLUS, but for the eyes. Eye Butter melts at skin temperature and is quickly absorbed, leaving a slight tack to grab makeup as it is lightly brushed around the eyes. In a few minutes, it sets to hold the makeup.

How To Use the Regimes:

In the morning, wash your face with Island RX foaming, applying the foam to wet skin using your fingers to cleanse the skin and lightly exfoliate the skin. Then apply Solar Rx evenly and lightly to the face, neck, and backs of your hands. Then take your ring finger and put an ample amount of Eye Butter, letting your finger warm it for a few moments. Lightly pat the Eye Butter around the eye below and on the lid. Make sure it is smooth. (note: many people also put Eye Butter on their lips before using lipstick to soften and moisturize the lips). Now apply makeup as desired around the eyes, cheeks, and lips. Do not use any foundation, but if you must, do it lightly.

Now for the challenge, there always has to be a challenge, right?

Follow Wendy’s Regime for ten days. If you want, shoot a before and after picture. Notice the difference in your skin! More importantly, listen carefully to your friends and family to see when they notice the changes in you.

Lastly, follow Ele Keats best beauty secret. Smile like you are in love!

And it is Made in the USA.

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