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The News Is Not All Bad!

Bob Root, Keys Chief Scientist & Founder

I must admit that I have been CNN Free for nearly tens years. Really!  I find myself working at looking at the world through positive lenses.  I have found that watching things out of my control affects my overall health.  This is not an “ignorance is bliss” approach to living as much as it is a focus on what I can effect, affect and control.

For some time now, I have been afflicted with the belief that much of our health is not about doctors, prescription or even prevention.  As I have studied, for my own life, I have found that health and specifically skin health, are directly relates to changing behaviors and realizing that it is not just about what we put into or on our body, it is how we do it and exercising the critical systems of the body.  Simply, just eating right and going to the gym are minor things and pale in comparison to focusing on our physical, mental and endocrine body balance.
My research may or may not be leading to a new book, but one thing for sure is that I believe that much of our skin health has been too focused on the negative aspects of just a few chemicals when how we live our skin health is far more important.

I have been working on a skin health regime that involves changing lifestyle and is almost devoid of talking about products in favor of changing behaviors.  Mehmet Oz (aka Dr. Oz) inspired me to look at a holistic approach to skin health.  Indeed I have began to write this “book” and will publish excerpts here as they become more real to me.  My hope is to take a part of a well deserved holiday and, at least, write a definitive blog article that one could call a book draft outline.

As I have studied, I realized that we have all be overly influenced by blog articles, public lobbying by NGO’s (non governmental organizations) like FOE, NPA, EWG et al.  Life should be about balance and I struggled to find a single source that I can reference that would offer a positive approach to skin conditions, skin disorders and skin health.  I was chatting with a fellow researcher involved at the Human Microbiome Project. ( and asked her if she knew of a resource.  She laughed at me and said, “how about next door.”   I have to admit that I had one of those V8 moments as I slapped my forehead.  What she meant by next door is the National Libraryof Medicine sponsored by our tax paying support of the National Institutes of Health.  The group is called MedlinePlus and is an online resource that is amazing.

I obviously believe in the Skin Deep database, the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, The Breast Cancer Fund and all the positive work that goes on.  Said, these people take an approach of “don’t use this or that,”  “these things will hurt you” and “don’t do this” without offering many reasons or solutions.  MedlinePlus makes all of the information from all these “Bad News” agencies pale in comparison.  The best analogy I have is that if information was water, all of the NGO resources add up to a thimble of water into an Olympic pool that is MedlinePlus.

So, here are just a few articles that focus just on the skin, nails and hair on the MedlinePlus database.  My hope is that they will offer you positive solutions to help your skin and feed your positive spirit at the same time.

Update!  Our friends at The Babble Out ( approached our customer service to look at an eczema article they wrote.   It is quite good and worth reading.  Here is the link to Everything About Eczema.

Note:  When our customer service leader forwarded the article from Zoey at Babble Out to me, it caused me to read the article for value here, but it also reminded me that innovation is constant and articles like mine or from Babble Out are not dynamic unless we stay on top to make these article real-time.  Next to impossible, we will try to be more diligent in staying current with new technologies.

Coming from the computer industry where you either innovate or die, our world has begun to adopt the rapid innovations cycle.  Anything where people are helping people is both responsibility and serving.

For example, there is amazing work being done in Canada in Vernon at a spa where they expose eczema suffers to decreasing temperatures where the skin is blast-chilled.   Results have been remarkable and worth Googling “Eczema Cryotherapy.”

MedlinePlus Trusted Health Information for You

Skin, Hair and Nails Topics
Below is the link to the ‘Cosmetics’ link above to give you an idea of what you will find.  What you will quickly notice is that there is a simple description and links to numerous articles on various subjects in detail.  All said, don’t get too caught up in this because it all may lead to a new form of insanity disorder.  😉

Photograph of an eye shadow case with four shadow colors and a brushCosmetics

Also called: Makeup

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 Cosmetics are products you apply to your body to clean it, make it more attractive or change the way it looks. They include
  • Hair dyes
  • Makeup
  • Perfumes
  • Skin-care creams

Products such as dandruff shampoo, fluoride toothpaste and antiperspirant deodorant are both cosmetics and drugs. A good way to tell if you’re buying a cosmetic that is also a drug is to see if the first ingredient listed is an “active ingredient.” The active ingredient is the chemical that makes the product effective, and the manufacturer must have proof that it’s safe for its intended use. To find out all the ingredients in a cosmetic you use, check the container. Manufacturers are required to list them. Labels such as “natural” and “hypoallergenic” have no official meaning. Companies can use them to mean whatever they want.

Food and Drug Administration

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