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“Best Of” Are Fake News

Bob Root, Keys Scientist & Founder

It’s Hard Enough Without Fakes

You have seen those full page “articles” in magazines and eZines showing all sorts of products strewn about with the headline Best Of xxx.  Many say “editors choice or editors pick.”  The one thing they all have in common is they are fake purchased advertising.  Rarely, some actually have the term “advertisement” in 4 point text somewhere on the page.

Be Better When You Do Better

Believe it or not !?, is a real punctuation mark not used for a very long time. It means “UNBELIEVABLE” in the sense of unreal or not possible. It means something is fake. You know, UNBELIEVABLE!?.  The mark should be used much more often these days. Fake news abounds even in the “pristine” world of natural products.  If you only knew how much greenwashing and sensationalism actually exists.  It used to be rare and now it is mainstream marketeering.

2020 was a year with incredible ups and downs. The one thing is how much misinformation was spread and how this funny looking mark should have been used more. I must admit how much I have used the phrase “unbelievable!?” in 2020.

Just One Email Set Me Off.

The reason I am writing this articles is that I received an email from a well-known industry person asking why our Luminos did not make the top 10 list for an international beauty magazine. My first response was unbelievable!?  Not because we were not on the list, but that this industry insider was not aware that these lists are all fake. The positions are paid for, and the first ten that pay make the list. Not cheap, these can cost from a LOW of $3,500 to a HIGH of $20,000 to place a product. Every magazine, influencer, and blog all claim to be the ear of the market segment. Which is also Unbelievable!? They all have their hands out with “no guarantees.”

So, they are fake, and most natural products companies are too small and too ethical to play in that game. Like celebrity endorsements, these types of promotions can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for small companies to try to compete.

Notice also, these promotions in magazine block pages or blog posts do not rank the products; they infer that they are the best without testing or basis. They are paid fake advertising in an editorial format.

This Should Be Illegal

Well, it is illegal in most European countries to present a fake ranking without testing and for companies to make claims that are not backable. That is why advertising and press promotions are so different. Some countries are even more restrictive, but it does level the playing field where “big money” cannot buy their way into a market. This is true for the most unimportant products all the way up to health and welfare. Not true in the US, but we certainly are unable to change the rules. The same is true for NGO’s making sensational claims of hazards, referencing minor studies as their sources.

Try before you Buy

We make trial sachets for most of our products and offer them for free with orders because we want people to try them to see if they work for them. Just because a paid influencer, magazine editor, or blog post creates a fake ranking claiming “The Best Of” is all advertising-driven and does not depend on product performance.   Trying is proof if a product works for you.

Understating fake from real is essential for the consumer because these promotions and advertisements waste your time and money. The value of actual research is paramount to your skin health. Beauty is one thing, but skin health should be a significant concern for you and your families.

Do you think that these influencers, editors, bloggers, and retailers have your skin health in mind!? Most do not, but some do. You have to figure out who you trust. Remember always that you do better when you know better.

Thanks for listening to my feelings and experiences. I feel better now 😉