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California to License Groomers?

From Cal Watchdog

Even Dogs Have A Nanny In CA

Katy Grimes: A California state Senator has authored a bill which would regulate pet grooming and require dog groomers to pay a whopping $350 for a state-issued license.

As if the state Legislature’s attempt to require helmuts for skiers and snowboarders, licensing hair braiders, and and imposing child-car seats restrictions just isn’t enough – California now wants to monitor and regulate the bathing and clipping of Bowser and Fluffy.

Will legislators be creating a new state agency to do this?

Sen. Juan Vargas, D-San Diego, who is also running for Congressapparently decided that injuries to pets by unlicensed groomers is a serious enough issue to warrant a new law.

Vargas said he proposed SB 969, also known as “Lucy’s Law,” named for the Yorkshire terrier mix injured by a groomer,  because he wants to see more regulation to protect dogs from inexperienced groomers. “I’ve introduced legislation SB 969 which would require pet groomers to be licensed,” said Senator Vargas. “The status quo is causing animals to have their nipples shaved off, part of their paws taken off and they’re injuring these animals in horrible ways.”

Ouch. If a groomer did that to my dog, I would never return, and I’d tell all of my dog-loving friends. If the injuries were serious enough, I’d make the groomer pay the vet bill, or sue the business in small claims court. It might be a hassle, but there already are remedies.

However, nanny Vargas said, “A routine trip to the pet groomer should never result in serious injuries to your pet or the loss of your pet’s life! Our State can make a difference by professionalizing the pet grooming industry to ensure that groomers are properly trained and pets are protected from harm.”

Vargas will also put many small groomers out of business. Why should anyone be forced to apply to the state, and pay $350 for a license, to wash and clip a dog?

Violators of SB969 would be fined $500 to $2,000, and could include 30 days to one year in jail.

Doesn’t California have a serious deficit, debt and credit problem? Isn’t the state’s unemployment the highest in history? Aren’t public school children suffering from some of the lowest math and English test scores in the country? Isn’t the state’s welfare system supporting more than 30 percent of all of the nation’s welfare recipients?

What would possess a state Senator to pursue such a ridiculous piece of legislation?

On the other hand, with this idiotic bill, Sen. Juan Vargas just offered his support of Assemblywoman Shannon Grove’s Part Time Legislature ballot initiative. SB 969 is just one more reason why everyone in the state should vote to make the state Legislature part time – Bowser and Fluffy agree.