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Keys Customer Loyalty Rewards Program


Keys Customer Loyalty Program

In July of 2013 we put in place a loyalty program that offers a 5% return on every dollar spent on the Keys online store.  Registered customers will notice that when they buy any full-size Keys product that a reward amount is listed on the products detail page.  Every time you buy a product, you are building a reward for future purchases that you can use just like cash at the time of checkout.

For example, if you purchase $100 worth of products, the next time you sign in to buy, you will see that you can apply a $5.00 reward against your purchase.  The rewards can be used the next time you buy, or you can leave it in the store to accrue to a larger amount.

Everything is automatic and the only thing you have to do is register on the store buy purchasing from us and using the same email address to login.  Registering also gives you added value by having your address stored online so that everything except your credit card is filled in automatically.

Because of various state regulations, this is not a cash redeemable rewards program.   It is a reward against future purchases.

The program has been automatic and in place since July 2013.  It is a unique program that we developed for our customers and is not affiliated with any other Keys rewards or sale program.  The program is also not related to products purchased from our resellers either online or at their establishments.

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