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We are Moving!!!! Store Closed Until April 1, 2013

movingWe are so pleased to announce that we are moving into a new state-of-the-art factory.   It is a big move for a lot of reasons and our store will be closed for a little while so that we can begin production and build inventory.  Now, the plan is to be closed and reopen April 1, 2013.  If possible, we will reopen sooner, but that is the plan for now.

What you will notice are new labels, new containers, new improved products and an all-new customer service system that will ship orders faster, more efficiently and at lower transit times.  This is indeed a revolution for us that has been in the planning for over a year.  We listened to what you have said and worked to improve every aspect of our business.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and when we reopen, we will be placing everything on sale for the month of April.  Everything will be 10% off the entire month of April, so your wait will not go unrewarded.

  • New Class 1000 Cleanroom Factory

  • New Processes and Products

  • Keys Store Closed Until April 1, 2013 (may reopen sooner)

  • 10% Off Everything When We Reopen