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Keys® Tortuga – Makeup Remover

Bob Root, Chemical-Free Skin Health® author and Keys chief scientist

An Aquarian Man’s Perspective

You can imagine that being in my business that I receive a lot of beauty and skincare publications, both online and some Luddite ones in paper. I am always a sucker for the ones that the headline starts with, “Learn About The Latest Trends In…..” The one in particular that inspired this article was one whose headline was “Latest Hollywood Trends in Makeup Removal.” It went on, “Using Cold Creams to Remove Makeup.”

First is a funny story when I was about 6 years old, I walked in on my mother in the bathroom, and I was permanently scarred for life when she turned around, and her face was covered in cold cream. I ran!  

I must admit laughing out loud reading this latest Hollywood trend article because my mother growing up, only used cold cream for makeup removal and night moisturizing in one easy step. Anyhow, I learned that she would come home from work and remove her war paint, as she called it, and apply cold cream all over her face and eyes. She let it sit for a few minutes and then meticulously removed it with a tissue. She would leave the remnants on her face overnight as a moisturizer.

About ten years back, a Broadway actor friend asked if I had a makeup remover that did not have nasty harsh chemicals. I thought about it and told Stacy to try and use my Tortuga Lotion, harkening back to my mother’s cold cream routine. She said it worked perfectly, even removing her Kiss Me mascara. It left her skin smooth and clear. It became her go-to remover as well as a moisturizer.

So, I thought I would share what I told her with a simple formula.

This is a simple Keys DIY to cleanse, remove makeup and moisturize in one step. My friend, the Broadway actor, told me she uses Keys Tortuga Lotion as a makeup remover for her heavy stage makeup. So, I figure that this will work for everyone else wanting to remove makeup daily.

Tortuga will not only remove even waterproof makeup, but it also cleanses the skin and moisturizes before bedtime.

So, when I wrote this, I was in a typical Aquarian sort of off-the-wall mood, so I wrote it like a Food Network recipe. My apologies 

This is fast and easy.


Keys DIY – Makeup Remover Good Enough To Eat

Recipe Type: Cleanser Remover Moisturizer

Cuisine: Natural Skin Care

Author: Bob Root

Prep time: 1 min

Cook time: 5 mins

Total time: 6 mins

Serves: 1TBS

Use Tortuga to remove makeup, cleanse the skin, and deep moisturize.


  • 1 Tbs (About 3 to four pumps, give or take) Keys Tortuga Lotion


  1. Pump Tortuga lotion into the palm of one hand
  2. spread evenly all over the face, lips, and around the eyes.
  3. Let stand for 1 to 5 minutes
  4. Wipe off with a soft tissue
  5. Rinse with cool water or not
  6. Let air dry or pat dry


You may have to use more Tortuga on eyelashes where an encapsulating mascara has been used. This includes mascara like Kiss-Me. You can apply the Tortuga, let it sit, and then pull the tubes off the lashes using a very light pinch and pull technique. After, you can reapply Tortuga to the lips to help with chapped or chemically dried lips. Seems creepy to me, but I am a guy.


If you want to, then create a mask with Tortuga Lotion. Take about three pumps of Keys® Tortuga Lotion and mix it with a tablespoon of fresh ripe soft avocado; in a pinch, use about the same amount of avocado oil. It is less ugly and works almost as good. Spread that mixture thinly but amply on your face and let sit for at least ten minutes before tissuing off. You can choose to rinse with water or not. Unlike my terror image of my mother in all that cold cream, a thin but ample covering of my recipe on your face will do the trick, and you are less likely to scare someone.


If you have a dog, they may want to lick your face. It won’t hurt them as Tortuga is good enough to eat.   


I have not tried this on all makeup types, but those I have shared this formula with over the years say it has worked for them. Some have told me they had to do the process twice and leave it on longer before removing it.

Give it a try. Get 10% off Tortuga for the rest of May 2023 using the code TORTUGA10 at checkout.


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