• Human-Like Complexity of Dogs

    The Remarkable Human-Like Complexity of Dogs’ Digestive, Immune, and Cognitive Systems The intricate systems within dogs, particularly their digestive, immune, and cognitive functions, exhibit a remarkable similarity to those of humans. This similarity not only underscores the deep bond shared between dogs and their human companions but also highlights the potential of dogs as models for understanding human physiology and disease. This article delves into the scientific underpinnings of these systems, exploring how they mirror human biology and what this means for both species. Digestive System: A Tale of Omnivorous Adaptation Dogs possess a digestive…

  • Unveiling Keys® Holistic Health Lineup for Dogs

    Unveiling KODA’s Holistic Health Lineup for Dogs: ProBiome, ProCalm, LifeTrace, and OmegaLife In the realm of canine health, a new suite of products is making waves with their promise of natural, holistic well-being for our four-legged companions. KODA, a brand dedicated to pet health, has introduced a lineup of supplements designed to address various aspects of a dog’s life, from digestion and calmness to overall vitality. Let’s delve into the details of these innovative products: ProBiome Liquid, ProCalm, LifeTrace Liquid, and OmegaLife. KODA ProBiome Liquid: A Digestive Game-Changer for Dogs KODA’s ProBiome Liquid is a…

  • Keys® Regimen for Dog Lick Granulomas and Hot Spots

    The Back Story Our mascot, a Bichon Frise named Jasper, is sometimes an ironclad mess of compulsive behavior in the form of a lick granuloma. Driven by allergies, neurosis, or the spring weather, he starts incessant liking that creates one or more lick granulomas. Sometimes it is on a leg and sometimes in a challenging area like on a hip. Then there are those ever-present hot spots that need to be looked after before becoming a granuloma. All dogs can be tricky hiding their licking, and Bichon, like Jasper, is extra crafty. First, What is…

  • KODA Dog Products Explained

    Bob Root, Keys Scientist explains uses and functions of Keys KODA products. KODA helps to extend your dogs life by providing supplements that are functional and topical therapies to protect them from the environment!

  • Keys KODA Products Help with ACL/Joint Issues in Small Dogs

    Keys KODA LifeTrace, Proflexoil and Omega life supplement joint and ACL issues in small young dogs. Add a Paleo diet and long walks extends their lives. This is our story of how applying known human natural medicine help both our older Bichon live longer and helped our young Bishon, Jasper, recover.

  • Polluted Pets – What we are doing to our pets!

    I am raising a red flag when it comes to our pets and the environment. In my book, Chemical-Free Skin Health® I pointed out that about 50 years ago just about everything we put on our skin or came in contact with was naturally derived. Now nearly 95% is synthetic.

  • KODA ProShine – Shampoo & Conditioner

    ProShine is a foaming shampoo-conditioner that is made using a 500 year old Welsh recipe that is saponified in a brewing. The shampoo deep cleans and has a slightly acidic pH. To that, we add essential oils to condition the skin and hair. It has anti-allergy properties to reduce skin itching and hot spots.

  • KODA OmniClean – Therapeutic Shampoo & Soap

    OmniClean is a natural Castile like therapeutic foaming shampoo and soap used for dogs with skin irritations, insect problems and to heal disorders. We add Neem and Karanja oil to the soap for their ayurvedic medicine healing and insect repellant properties.

  • KODA OmniShield – Natural Insect Repellent Spray

    OmniShield is an intense therapeutic naturopathic insect repellent spray that uses OmniCare as its base adding high levels of Neem and Karanja oil, peppermint, red thyme and lemongrass to repel over 200 flying and crawling insects including fleas, ticks, flies, mosquitoes and lice.

  • KODA OmniCare – Topical Therapy Spray

    OmniCare is a naturopathic therapeutic spray designed to heal skin irritations, insect bites, cuts, scrapes and hot spots. It is a combination of botanical, herb and spice extract that are brewed and then distilled.

  • KODA Proflexoil – Joint Health & Pain Relief

    ProFlexoil is a multifaceted vegan joint compound for dogs of all ages whose joint stress comes from both external and internal forces. It is a Cox-2 enzyme inhibitor with ingredients including Glucosamine HCL (not sulfate) and Collagen.

  • KODA LifeTrace – Ionic Mineral Water Supplement

    LifeTrace76 is an ionic mineral supplement to be added to the dog's water. Filtered, RO (reverse osmosis) and distilled water strip needed minerals along with the harmful pathogens. LifeTrace76 adds back in all 76 minerals needed for healthy bodily functions and is very low in sodium and potassium

  • Koda Products Sneak Peek!

    A sneak peek of the products that we will be introducing at the international pet trade show this September in Las Vegas. These are the first ten products in the line that will be available soon

  • Itchy Dog? Ditch the Perfume

    As for that nagging feeling about the itching and scratching after your dog’s bath or after a grooming session? The most likely reason your dog is scratching and itching is directly related to the perfumes, artificial fragrance and harsh ingredients in dog shampoos!

  • Polluted Pets – What are we doing?

    I am raising a red flag when it comes to our pets and the environment.  In my book, Chemical-Free Skin Health® I pointed out that about 50 years ago just about everything we put on our skin or came in contact with was naturally derived.  Now nearly 95% is synthetic.  There are now tens of thousands of chemicals that are in use that have never been tested for safety.  Worse, our pets are exposed in direct contact to hundreds of more chemicals for the shear reason that they typically where no shoes, clothing and dogs…

  • Groomers, The Good, Bad and the Ugly

    We travel all over North America for our businesses.  We choose to travel in a motor coach for a number of reasons.  Probably the most important are named Jasper and Isabel.  Jasper is our two year old Bichon pup and Isabel our Abyssinian-Tabby cat.  Besides, airports and hotels are no fun.  BTW, That is Japer on the masthead running on the Oregon coast with his favor pink ball. One of the toughest things is to find a groomer we can trust.  Not just to give Jasper a good cut, but to find a groomer that…

  • Dogs and the Dirty Dozen – No Mix!

    Killer Chemicals? The “Dirty Dozen” Chemicals in Everyday Pet Products I was pretty irritated when I found out that many contract manufacturers that make pet shampoos, conditioners and skin products follow no strict guidelines for the chemicals they use or the amounts of these chemicals.  Worse, I found manufacturers using ingredients that were band for people.  Rather then dumping the product, they relabel it for pets. You would think with the Melamine in pet food scare killing pets a few years back that we would learn.  I do not know about you, but I treat my dog…

  • Disney’s Story – How Keys Pet Care Products Began

    Great products solve problems and make you feel good.  Most products are born out of a need to solve a problem.  This is true of the original Keys line of pet care products. Keys began as an all-natural therapeutic skin health product line about 8 years ago.  While on tour test marketing their products, an almost tragedy was the beginnings of the Keys Pet Care line of products.  Keys Pet Care has now morphed in to KODA Pet Care Products On our way back from the Florida Keys, I took our Bichon Frise, Disney, to…

  • Koda Story

    KODA is the dog therapy product line established by Keys.  Products include chemical-free natural supplements and topical therapies for dogs.  We use ancient remedies and modern technology to make natural products that makes dogs feel good and solve both internal and skin problems.  We use pharmaceutical grade ingredients in therapeutic proportions to solve problems that account for the top 10 reasons for vet visits.  KODA is a combination of wellness products and natural solutions. Koda is Lakota Sioux for “Friend.”  The word perfectly describe the intention for our products and their recipients.  Today’s dogs are…