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KODA OmniClean – Therapeutic Shampoo & Soap

OmniClean is a natural Castile like therapeutic foaming shampoo and soap used for dogs with skin irritations, insect problems and to heal disorders.  We add Neem and Karanja oil to the soap for their ayurvedic medicine healing and insect repellant properties.

OmniClean is based on the famous Keys MetaClean shampoo and soap.  Throughout history, soaps and Castile shampoos have been used to deliver healing medicines to broad areas of the body.  Soaps, unlike synthetic detergents, retain added oils and deposit them on the skin in a very thin coating.  After they deposit the oils, the residual soap/shampoo rinses lightning fast as part of the nature of Castile formulation.  MetaClean’s history began in helping the search and rescue dog returning from Hurricane Katrina.  OmniClean builds on the learning that we experienced listening to customers that use MetaClean in their daily lives for all sorts of skin conditions and maladies.

Washing a dog or washing small areas like the paws with OmniClean will reduce bacteria, yeast and allergens while also depositing the Ayurvedic medicine onto the dog.  Keys MetaClean is used by customers to soothe irritations, reduce allergens, heal skin disorders and add oils to the skin that help stop itching and biting.

OmniClean uses Neem and Karanja oil like both OmniCare and OmniShield.  Outbreaks in mange and MRSA in dogs around the country caused us to custom formulate MetaClean by adding oregano oil to the blend.  Oregano oil has been shown to be very effective in staving off mange and MRSA.  It is also effective in reversing these conditions.  We have testimonials of dogs that were going to be ‘put down’ and recovered using the modified MetaClean.  OmniClean adds the oregano oil as a standard ingredient.

We add other oils to the blend to improve the coat and skin of the dog to reduce itching, biting and scratching.

Here are some benefits of OmniClean

• Heals Skin Disorders

• Quiets ‘Hot Spots’

• Antibacterial

• Anti-itch Treatment

• Anti-Fungal

• Heals Insect Bites

• Reduces MRSA Impact

• Reduces Yeast Levels

• Anti-Inflammatory

• Easy Foam Application

• Lightning Fast Rinsing

 Here is the Therapy Facts and Ingredient Deck for OmniClean


 Use:  For best results, wet the dog and foam the OmniClean into your hands.  Wash the dog or the affected area massaging in the OmniClean for a few minutes.  The pup will like the attention and this will give the ingredients time to work.  Quickly rinse the dog and towel dry.  OmniClean rinses very thoroughly and quickly.  OmniClean rinses four to five times faster that most dog shampoos.   The scent of the product is pleasant to humans and will not cause the dog to over product musk to hide fragrance in most pet shampoos.

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