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Koda Story

KODA is the dog therapy product line established by Keys.  Products include chemical-free natural supplements and topical therapies for dogs.  We use ancient remedies and modern technology to make natural products that makes dogs feel good and solve both internal and skin problems.  We use pharmaceutical grade ingredients in therapeutic proportions to solve problems that account for the top 10 reasons for vet visits.  KODA is a combination of wellness products and natural solutions.

jasper-table_2Koda is Lakota Sioux for “Friend.”  The word perfectly describe the intention for our products and their recipients.  Today’s dogs are exposed to all sorts of environmental and chemical exposures that are and will shorten their lives.  After an experience with our 14 month old pup, Jasper,  that forced him to have to take strong antibiotics and Prednisone,  we  realized that the Veterinarians were ill equip to balance his prescriptions with a wellness program.  Determined, we set out to find the finest ingredients the same way that we developed our custom regime for Jasper.

Koda is a new brand for our established Keys product line.  We have been making natural topical therapies for people and their pets for over 7 years.  Our Neem and Karanja oil based topical products also include therapeutic and essential oils known for their topical and internal applications.  For Jasper, it was a combination of natural extracts to build his immune system, plant essences to calm him and probiotics to help his digestive system to recover as quickly as possible.

The Keys products have always been cross-over for people and their pets.  When we made the decision to provide both topical and internal wellness products, it was clear to us that we needed to spin-off a dedicate pet line.  Equally, since these products are a combination of extracts that we designed and known natural healing ingredients we decided to use a dedicated facility and separate research to design our products.  Koda engineers work closely with Keys engineers to develop all of our products.  The Koda products engineering effort also reaches out to partners around the world for their proven ingredients, expertise and knowledge.   We use this power to bring the most effective and gentle products to our best friends.

Simply, Koda products are design to extend the lives of our pets offering them happy and healthy growth through all phases of life.  The key words are happy and healthy.

We originally developed a line of topical products for the search and rescue dogs and their handlers returning from Hurricane Katrina.  The dogs returned with rashes, sores and open lesions form all the chemicals, poisons and toxins that were in the stagnant water.  We formulated soaps, sprays and lotions that were all natural and quickly healed their disorders.   These same proven topical products offer pets an outside protection while our new products work internally to help the majority of reasons for vet visits.

Veterinarian medicine is more advanced than ever before.  The courses and actions to help pets recover from disease is very specific.  It is rare, but a growing movement where a wellness regime accompanies the course of action they prescribe.  Our place in these procedures is to provide the balance by offering wellness additions to speed recovery.

According to Nationwide Insurance Pet division, the top 10 reason for Vet visits are below in order of priority.  This was the beginning benchmark we used to build out our initial product line.  As you can see, our products mirror the dominant two areas of gastric and topical disorders.

Top 10 Canine Claims

1. Ear infections
2. Skin allergies
3. Pyoderma (hot spots)
4. Stomach upsets
5. Intestinal inflammation/diarrhea
6. Bladder diseases
7. Eye infections
8. Arthritis
9. Hypothyroidism
10. Sprains


The Koda Difference

We use human grade pharmaceutical natural ingredients in therapeutic proportions to affect quick results.  Our products are chemical-free, natural, gluten-free and vegan.  Although these are animal products we do not test ingredient safety on innocent animals.  We half-joking and half very serious that we test Koda products on ourselves first.  Our engineers research ingredients, obtain the best in the world and then build our products so that they are safe for humans.  Then we consult with clinical universities teaching schools of veterinarian medicine for interactions with prescription drugs.  Then we consult with holistic animal practitioners and naturopaths as well as vets that study eastern medicine.  Only then does a product for pets come into existence.

There are no sulfates, glycols, parabens, phosphates or any of the famous “Dirty 30” chemicals in our products.  Our pet products follow the guidelines of the Environmental Working Group human safety ingredient guidelines, FDA pharmaceutical guidelines and those of the USDA.  We are serious that every product we produce is focused on results, but not at the cost of long or short-term safety.

Our plans do not stop at topical or internal treatments.  We have found that some pet accessories are very dangerous for the well being of pets.  For example, we tested collars made of nylon braid and found 1,4 dioxane.  Pet bowls are sometime treated with Triclosan which is a bactericide.  When it gets into the pets gut, it kill the good flora that is needed for digestion.  The list goes on, so we will also search out, design and make products that are pet focused that do no harm to the pet in a continued effort for life extension.

Knowledge is king.  We have created a sister website called Koda Karma which is a blog site focused on education, knowledge and information to help people make good decisions for their pets.

Another facet of Koda is a sophisticated customer service software that will get direct help via a prioritized ticket system with escalation provisions that will get helpful answers to consumers trying to help their pets.  This system will also provide an automated knowledgebase that learns from questions and answers that have come before.  When a consumer begins to type their question to our online customer service, possible solutions and answers will popup offering them instant information.   This software was originally designed for high tech customer service and adapted for Koda.

Koda will sell direct to consumers via an online webstore as well as selling to dealers/resellers.  Current Keys resellers will also have the opportunity to purchase Koda products.