• Time To Get Wise – Dear 16 Year Old Me!

    Wendy Steele, Keys CEO is a Melanoma Skin Cancer survivor. May is Melanoma Month and Wendy has written an article expressing here concern that May is also prom month. That little white dress does not need a tan to set it off! So, it is time to get wise. If the article is not convincing enough, the video just might be!

  • Skin Cancer & “The Ugly Duckling” …Hold the Mayo! (Update May 21st)

    WISDOM FROM “UGLY DUCKLINGS” by Wendy Steele  (Original Post May 9, 2011…See updates below) My recent experience with several “ugly ducklings” has once again put a bright spotlight on my desire and responsibility to share my personal wisdom about skin health. So far in this month of May, I have had the pleasure to personally talk to and meet many of our mid-west customers during multiple special events.  At one event I was wearing several flesh-colored bandage strips on my upper chest and self-consciously made sure that I covered those strategically with clothing, as I…

  • The Story of Cosmetics • Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

    Comments of the personal care industry, by Bob Root, Keys CTO “The world is a changen,” is an old southern phrase.   It generally means that new things continue to appear at a little to fast a pace.   The concept of safe cosmetics does not fit into that phrase.  I believe we are actually returning to the basics and our roots from not a too distant a past. Our first lotion was a refined version of one my grandmother created.  She taught me to make a very fine lotion that she used to simmer…

  • UV “B” Chic and UV “A” Wise – How to avoid skin cancer!

    Wendy Steele, Keys CEO UV “B” Chic and UV “A” Wise  Video After the shock of being diagnosed with Melanoma Skin Cancer and the aftermath of dealing with all the chemical in my life that cause my skin disorders, the reality set home pretty quickly.   My skn could never again be exposed to prolonged UV events.  Growing up with a golden tan every summer, sailing the Chesapeak Bay and living in San Diego on a boat caused me to rethink my lifestyle.  Moreover, it caused me to become a advocate and spokesperson for UV…

  • KEYS TV – About Keys

    KEYS TV About Keys Simple, Effective Pharmaceutical Grade Products for Skin Health Video Many people have asked how we started Keys and why. This short video overview will give you a sense of who we are, why we started and our purpose. As an overview, Wendy Steele, Keys CEO was diagnosed with Melanoma Skin Cancer a little over ten years ago. She survived the cancer, but was terribly afflicted with skin disorders that were diagnosed by doctors as adult acne, eczema, psoriasis,l contact dermatitis and a myriad of other incorrect bad guesses. What she found…

  • Our Green Piece…How It’s Made at Keys!

    by Bob Root Keys Technologist Clean, Caring, Concerned and Diligent! Everyone want to know these days what is in your products, what is not in your products and how does the making of your products effect the environment.  I thought it might be lighter to use the title Green Piece with an ‘i’ because that is what the PR people call the eco statement that a company offers.  Often these are full of $5 dollar words and platitudes.  So, I have attempted to inform here without using too many words or big words that have…

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