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Breanne’s – Keys Video Reveals Her Regimen

Hi All,

Breanne Parhiala
Wendy Steele – Keys CEO

Well, Bre is at it already telling her fans about her love affair with Keys.  This YouTube video is about her favorite Keys regimen.

I already knew that Bre is a huge Tortuga fan.  In her video, she reveals that she uses it as a facial moisturizer.   True!   We have always let people know that Tortuga is an everywhere lotion.  Many actors and makeup artists have found that the constant makeup on and off really dries the actor’s skin.  Tortuga is a fast deep conditioning lotion and facial moisturizer.

Bre had some sunspots on her arms and Nextra started working right away.  So like Tortuga, Nextra serves more than one purpose.  It is not just for the face.   One of our makeup artists is experimenting with Nextra using Red Light Therapy.  More of that later.

Reflex ProBiome is our deepest oil and serum moisturizer.  There is nothing like it and a fraction of the price of other serums from both beauty and Rx brands.

Bre offers a coupon to use for first-time buyers of Keys.  Sorry, if you are already a Keys customer, the code will not work.  You have returning customer privileges, so you are already a part of the family.