• Probiome® 101 – A Guide

    Probiome® and the Importance of Prebiotics and Probiotics in Skincare and Your Microbiome Keys® Probiome® skincare refers to a range of skincare products that incorporate prebiotics and probiotics into their formulations. These products are designed to support and enhance the skin’s natural microbiome, a community of beneficial bacteria living on the skin’s surface. The goal of Probiome® skincare is to promote healthy, hydrated, and resilient skin. For instance, Reflex ProBiome is an anti-aging serum made from pure organic oils that replicate the skin’s sebum. It offers tetrapeptides, triglycerides, fatty acids, quadracarotenoids, and nutrients that affect…

  • SmallFlower Interviews Bob Root, Keys Scientist & Founder About Probiome

    SmallFlower Interviews Bob Root About Probiome. Keys Natural Skincare & Beauty was born after co-founder Wendy Steele was diagnosed with and beat melanoma. The cancer was gone, but she was still dealing with some nasty side effects on her skin – itchy, irritated patches that were just made worse by sticky sunscreens. Read this interview here.