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Revolutionizing Delivery: Our Commitment to Innovative and Sustainable Shipping Solutions

Big Changes in Shipping Offering New Options

shippingIn the face of changing global logistics landscapes and consumer expectations, businesses are constantly seeking ways to adapt and improve their shipping practices. Our commitment to innovative and sustainable shipping solutions encapsulates a forward-thinking approach to these challenges, signaling a shift towards more efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly methods of getting goods to customers. This change suggests a transformative shift in operations that not only prioritizes the customer experience but also aligns with broader environmental and social responsibility goals.

Logistics and shipping are some of the toughest and most expensive business challenges. Equally, you, the consumer, take the brunt of the expense, but there is hidden costs to manufacturers you never see. Since well before COVID, we have asked USPS, FedEx, and others for a simple, more cost-effective solution to priority services. Finally, there is a solution that will benefit the consumer and us.

For years, the USPS has considered letters the same as packages, which was totally wrong thinking. As letters have fallen by the side to email and text, the USPS has finally realized that they must streamline package delivery as a priority.

The USPS Ground Advantage™ service is an affordable and reliable way to send packages within the U.S., with delivery expected in 2–5 business days for items up to 70 lbs. This service is part of an initiative by USPS to improve package offerings by increasing reliability, lowering prices, and simplifying services. It combines three existing USPS® services: USPS Retail Ground, Parcel Select Ground, and First-Class Package Service into one comprehensive product.

The service announced 2 to 5-day transit times, but in our tests, the service was the same as priority mail.

Features of USPS Ground Advantage™

  1. Wide Coverage: USPS Ground Advantage allows shipping to all 50 states, U.S. military bases, territories, possessions, and Freely Associated States.
  2. Hazardous Materials Shipping: It is the primary option for sending hazardous materials (HAZMAT) that can’t go by air.
  3. Pricing: Prices start at just $5.00 at a Post Office™ location. Shipping online with enhanced Click-N-Ship® service offers lower Commercial Rates.
  4. Negotiated Service Agreement (NSA): This is available for larger volume shippers who meet the minimum requirements.
  5. Returns for Businesses: USPS Ground Advantage Return is a convenient option for customers who need to send items back. Both outbound and returns include $100 insurance.
  6. Free Package Pickup: USPS Ground Advantage offers free package pickup at your home or office.
  7. Free $100 Insurance: This is included for both outbound shipments and returned parcels.
  8. Forwarding and Return-to-Sender Endorsements: These are included for all USPS Ground Advantage Shipments.
  9. Tracking: This is included for free on all Ground Advantage packages.

Benefits and Advantages of USPS Ground Advantage

USPS Ground Advantage is a cost-effective ground shipping option suitable for larger and heavier items. It is commonly used for non-urgent shipments when cost is a primary consideration. The service is a good alternative for domestic lightweight shipping options offered by other carriers, including UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

One of the key benefits of USPS Ground Advantage is its affordability. The service offers tiered pricing—under a pound, at 4 oz. increment levels (4 oz., 8 oz., 12 oz., and 15.999 oz.). Businesses can get additional savings on select services by opting in to the Business Rate Card.

Another advantage is the service’s reliability. USPS Ground Advantage is part of an initiative to improve package offerings by increasing reliability. This makes it a dependable choice for businesses and individuals alike.

Finally, USPS Ground Advantage simplifies the shipping process by consolidating three existing USPS services into one. This makes it easier for customers to choose and use the service that best fits their needs.

Yes, we still offer Priority Mail service as an option, but we feel it is an overpriced option that is non-functional at best.