• New Luminos PLUS with Zinc Oxide for Problem Skin

    We are happy and super excited to announce a new product called Luminos PLUS with Zinc Oxide. It is a wide-range anti-aging product because it protects and restores across many fronts. Luminos PLUS Zinc Oxide is another tool in staving off aging caused by our environment. We are still 100% advocates of covering up with UPF clothing, a big UPF hat, UV protective sunglasses, and sunscreen on exposed areas. Luminos PLUS is a way to fight back time. luminos PLUS is genuinely a bit of a time machine that even makes this guy look better…

  • Breakthrough Routine to Revive Winter Skin

    Winter is tough on our faces. Dryness, rapid changing temperatures, and chapping happen. There is a regimen that I use to fight off the effects of winter skin. So, herein I will share what I learned and what I use. Read on to learn more. Do better when you known better.