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Reversing Aging Damaged Skin?

Can my skin recover after years of damage? Yes.

Wendy Steele
Keys CEO

I recently had a 60-year-old woman ask me if there is a way to reverse the damage she had done to her skin over the years. She elaborated that she had tanned too much in her teens, lives in a desert environment, smoked, and spent her business years flying and scurrying around airports. Looking at my skin, she commented that she’s never looked that good. It was a nice compliment, I replied that it was many years of work and staying out of the sun, but you can improve reasonably quickly.

Here is How.

Our skin is our largest organ, but we tend to treat it the same as a jumpsuit that we step in and out of. It is far from that, and it responds or reacts to how we treat it. Beat it up, and it looks beat up. Treat it nicely, and it will look beautiful.

Our skin will respond to various regimen changes and will react rapidly to significant changes. The prime reason it will do that is called the ‘Collagen Factor.’ Our collagen, overly simplified, are little helicoid springs. Keep then pointed in the right direction, and they are tight and resilient. Let them hang sideways, and they sag. I hate the word “Sag.”

It is Reversible

  • Hydration
  • Sun protection
  • Diet
  • Skincare


As a society, Americans are dehydrated, driving toxins to our organs. Remember, the skin is an organ and responds or reacts to our hydration levels. My simple solution is to drink regularly 1 ounce of water per pound of bodyweight throughout the day. If you are 150 pounds, you should space out 150 ounces of water over the day. Within a week, you will notice changes in your skin.

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Sun Protection

Because I sell a facial moisturizer with SPF that I am going to tell you to slather it all over. Not true, and since starting Keys over 15 years ago, I have always advocated covering up. When I had my Melanoma, Sun Precautions was the only clothes available that offered SPF 50+ in styles that I wanted to wear. Today, most significant brands offer UPF/SPF clothing that looks and feels cool.


Eat fish, lots of plant-based oil, and vegetables with Sulphorophane. I am Keto and eat mostly a healthy fat-based diet. My ratios are 70% fats, 20% protein, and 10% carbohydrates. Besides losing 25 pounds, my skin loves, loves, the way plant-based oils and veggies treat my skin. Yes, leaner makes you look younger, and your diet directly affects your skin.


Anti-aging and age-reversing are possible with the right chemical-free products. My husband, boyfriend, and the man that saved my life from Melanoma wrote a seminal book titled “Chemical-Free Skin Health®.” It was launched at Maria Shriver’s California Women’s Conference and is an unbelievable reference when it comes to understanding chemicals. We knew it was spot-on because it so bristled the industry, including uptight members of the EWG. Pharmaceutical-grade whole natural ingredients in therapeutic proportions will help your skin immensely.

So Yes!

The answer is yes. You can reverse and stop skin damage at any age. So, there are no excuses.

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