• Mendacious Trends or Just Plain Lies

    UnNatural Trend In The Natural Products Industry.  “Smiling Faces Sometime Tell Lies.” Mendacious and lying have similar meanings, but the two are not interchangeable.  Mendacious is more formal and literary, suggesting a deception harmless enough to be considered somewhat bland.  Lying is more blunt, accusatory, and often aggressive. You might yell, “You lying rat!” in an argument, but you would most likely stick to the more diplomatic, “Aren’t you being somewhat mendacious?” in a business meeting.  Mendacious can also imply habitual untruthfulness, whereas lying is more likely to be used to identify specific instances of dishonesty. It is hard to be funny about what appears to…

  • Greenwashing and Vaporware – Naturally (OpED)

    The natural skin products industry has never been regulated since the invention of the snake oil salesperson. The industry operates under the 'GRAS' banner, which means "Generally Accepted As Safe." Simply, this means that there is a lot of good in the industry and some bad.