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Nextra Anti-Aging NeoRetinol Complex and Collagen Builder

Nextra NeoRetinol anti-aging cream from Keys uses whole-natural ingredients known to reduce the effects of aging. At the center is Element 6™ which we manufacture from botanicals. Element 6™ is similar to synthetic Retinol but without lingering and harsh side effects. Element 6™ has better properties than bakuchiol, with the addition of collagen renewing (uptake) and faster-acting skin renewing properties. The balance of the ingredients are active in collagen production, anti-inflammatory, and skin resurfacing.

Nextra is a daily-use, night-and-day product instead of a regular Retinol regimen. No burning, rash, dry patches, or redness*. No photo-sensitivity means it is a day-and-night product with no retinoic ingredients. Expect fine line reduction, skin smoothing, skin tone improvement, wrinkle reduction, and healthier, brighter skin. Some customers report tighter and more contoured skin in the first 30 days.

Nextra NeoRetinol 50ml is a serum lotion packed with extra skincare benefits:

  Skin plumping to erase the look of fine lines

  Super softening & soothing for sensitive skin

  Natural ingredients penetrate deeply to collagen levels and fast results 

  You can feel it working on the skin

  Skin tone begins to improve within days

  Fine lines & wrinkles start diminishing

  Nextra NeoRetinol uses whole natural botanicals

  Affordable Chemical-Free for daily use

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