Hand Sanitizer – Extra Strength

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Hand Sanitizer – Extra Strength


Organic Ethanol Alcohol

We combine 75% organic scientific-grade ethanol alcohol with Spearmint Essential Oil for an effective and functional hand sanitizer

  • Contain 75% concentration of Organic Ethanol Alcohol
  • 1% Organic Lakota Spearmint Expeller Pressed Essential Oil
    for hand soothing
  • Ultra Fine Mist fogger sprayer
  • Airless Technology Bottle will not evaporate
  • Sprays Upside Down
  • Softens Cracking Skin while Killing Germs
  • May be DIY Refilled (Read)

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, No Animal Testing, Chemical-Free, No Preservative

Wash Hands When You Can

Washing your hands is the most important thing you can do because the process reduced the biomass of pathogens on your hands. Further, some reports popping out of the NIH indicate that virus have lipids (or fat) that protect the virus. Washing with oil or grease reducing detergents like liquid dish soap or a Castile soap like our Galleyon or Dr. Bronners Peppermint Castile soap is a more natural solution and is just as effective. Remember that sanitizers are a stop-gap when you cannot wash your hands.

When you do wash your hands, wash up thoroughly past your writs mid-forearm for at least one minute. Longer if you can. Rinse and briskly dry with paper towels.  

Also, remember not to touch your face with your hands. Hard, but try.

Hand Sanitizers Do Cause Skin Irritation!

Hand sanitizers can inflame the skin. Many on the market add aloe vera and oils to calm the action of the alcohol. If you do experience dryness or redness from any sanitizers, a lotion, like or Tortuga Lotion, that are natural oil-based lotions and do not contain glycols. Natural lotions will help to soothe your hands.

Eczema or Psoriasis

If you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, sanitizers are notorious for irritating the skin more. Our customers have reported that of MetaCare lotion helps with these conditions and should also help if irritated with alcohol sanitizers.

Learn To Be A DIYer

For many of you, this is a tough request. It is so easy to buy something and throw away the container when you are done. Tough times bring tough measures, and we are asking you to learn a few new tricks that will save you money and keep you in a safe zone with your own sanitizers.

I applaud the DIYers that are posting videos and blog articles on how to make your own sanitizers. Just keep in mind that the minimum alcohol level is >60%!

Become A DIYer & Reuse Our Sprayer!

Please plan to reuse the sprayer. The sprayer mechanism was tested for far more actuations than you will ever need. To make this more cost-effective, plan to build your own when this spray is depleted.  We are not allowed to sell you refills of the hand sanitizer because of US Federal Agency – ATF regulations.  This is why you only see small bottles to purchase.  You can make your own very easily.

Formulas: To Build Your Own Refills

There are three sanitizers that you can make it home. The first is my recommended formula and so on.

  1. 99% 190 Proof Grain or Corn Alcohol and 1% essential or carrier oil. The alcohol is available from liquor stores, including Wal-Mart’s that sell liquor. The most known brand is EverClear, and any 190 proof grain alcohol will work. I like spearmint oil, but you can use any other essential oil. Mint oils are reported to help with pathogens, but this is not proven.  

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