Hair Care

Skin Disorders Happen on the Scalp. Is Hair Care the cause

What I learned is the scalp is a stepchild subordinate to our hair.  Hair processed everyday with chemicals in shampoos and conditioners have shown to cause scalp disorders that mirror skin diseases.  The term Hair Care seems contradictory when you analyze what is in most products.

Clean Shinny Hair is Nice, but Not at the Expenses of an Itchy Scalp.

I never realized how harsh, sulphates and paraben based bactericides were to my scalp.  One day I was in a meeting and watch this beautiful woman with incredible hair break the beauty spell by constantly scratching her head.  Clearly it was a scalp disorder.  Was it caused by hair color, hair products or allergens.  My guess was all the above.  Bob, says our hair care products made him grey.  Hair care products are tough to make naturally and he did it.

The next time you scratch your head, think of what is the cause.