KPRO - Shimmering Beauty

Bob Root, Keys Founder, and Formulator

KPRO for Highlights, Sparkle & Strobing

Over the years, I have consulted on over six feature-length movies and many television shows ranging from Sci-Fi to drama shows. My relationship with Hollywood and TV makeup artists has been fun and rewarding. I have learned a lot. The actors have kept me honest and authentic to our original pledge.

KPRO is a product of my relationship with makeup artists. In an era of flat mineral makeup, they wanted foundations, creams, and powders that created shimmery highlights and strobing effects to enhance the face and eyes. Our OptiFX particles in our chemical-free lotions and butter’s, along with some highlighting powder, catches the eye of the beholder with sparkles and shimmers. Use KPRO with Luminos or Solar Rx to create sparkle, catch-lights, and strobing effects.

Nighttime creates sparkles, and during the day, KPRO highlights and shines like a beacon that says, “Look at Me!”