KODA for Dogs – Wellness!

KODA is Lakota for “Long Life Friend.”

I love my dog! He is my child! When I learned that dogs and humans share many biological traits, it started me thinking why.? It is because dogs and human relationships go back thousands of years. So food, nutrition, and skincare needs are virtually identical. He is 9, and I recently took him to this very cool Vet who does wellness health panels and testing. You can only imagine when his results came back that he was, health wise, half his chronological age. What I attribute this to is KODA!

OmegaLife and LifeTrace are an everyday regimen for him. When he goes to the groomer, only KODA products are allowed to touch his skin. When we are on our daily two-mile walks, OmniShield protects him from bugs. For a scratch or scrape, OmniCare fixes everything. When he is off to the puppy prison for when I am traveling, it is ProCalm. You get the picture. I am a KODA girl!   What is cool is I helped to develop the KODA products.

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