Alternative Natural Gels & Sprays

Alternative Naturals – A Vegan Replacement for OTC Petroleum Jelly Products + Natural Sprays

My friend Paul is an exercise animal. He runs a half marathon to get to an Ironman. A 100-mile bike ride is typical for him. What is also common for him are rashes, abrasions, and constant discomfort from his wide-ranging sports addition. What is unusual about Paul is that he is allergic to petrolatum, aka Vaseline®. We were at a surf and sports trade show, and he asked if I could invent a salve for sports irritations. “Funny you should ask because that is why I am here!”

My story is long. I have been trying to figure out how to jelly avocado oil for years. Keys customers pleaded for a salve that is vegan and not based on crude oil like petrolatum. Jellied Avocado oil is the basis of the Alternative Natural line.

Avo Jel is a direct replacement for Vaseline® without the petroleum. Made from jellied organic avocado oil, it is 100% pure.

In the design process, I realized how many everyday products combine an active ingredient with petroleum jelly. Products like Vicks®, IcyHot® et al. use petroleum jelly as a base. So, I made them too. I also decided that I wanted an insect repellent that did not use DEET® and a skin-aid to replace Bactine®. So I made them as well.

Yes, it is just jellied Avocado oil!