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How Are Keys Therapy Products Different?

How Are Keys Therapy Products Different than Keys other skincare?

Our two largest selling categories are the “Face” and “Therapy” product categories.

Keys skin therapies add a high percentage of Neem and Karanja oil to our base ingredients that feature avocado oil, black seed oil, and carrot seed oil to overly simplifying things. Neem and Karanja are Ayurvedic medicines that have been used for thousands of years in eastern medicine. Both Neem and Karanja are legendary for their skin healing and anti-insect capabilities. Karanja is less known and is a symbiotic plant with Neem. Take some time to read on the internet about each ingredient. Make a special note about the things that the National Institutes of Health have to say.

Neem and Karanja oil are also at the center of many Keys KODA topical dog products.  Great as insect repellants and for skin disorders like hot spots, itching and rashes.

If you have a typical skin disorder, allergies or chemical intolerances, Keys therapy products will help.  All are good for people and dogs.

Keys has been using Neem and Karanja oil for over 15 years, and we have sustainable vendors that make pharmaceutical-grade versions. So, they are effective, natural, and whole ingredients in therapeutic proportions.





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