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Why No Larger Sizes

Why Don’t you Make Larger Sizes?

We do get a few questions about the product sizes that we choose to offer. There are several reasons that we have for the sizes we offer, and they may not be obvious. So herein are the reasons in order of priority:

  1. Our products use very little water, and they are concentrated. Many big box brands use 65%+ water to stretch the product and offer 32oz sizes. Our Tortuga Lotion is a little less than 4oz, but actually contains the same level of moisturizing as those 32oz products. So use just a drop or a drop on wet skin for the same effect. All without chemicals and with world-class natural ingredients.
  2. The FDA has restrictions on the best used by dates and sizes (including refills) where Paraben biocides are required as a preservative. Not every manufacturer follows the rules, but we do.
  3. Liability insurance! Similar to the FDA, we use Llyods of London for our liability insurance. They have size restrictions where too big a bottle has a much higher insurance rate. This is pretty rare and mostly with our dog products because we offer supplements as well as topicals. This also gets interesting when we consider any internal products for humans. It is a dragon to doing business, but it is what it is.