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This is the way to ask questions about orders, ordering, products, product uses, becoming a Keys reseller, and anything you want to know.  This is an automated system that will reach out to the next available person during normal working hours during the workweek. Our team receives a notice and will get to your request as soon as they can.

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Order Failed

My Orders are failing, and I can’t order?

Keys uses a very sophisticated internet system that is very secure and efficient. Our GT Metric ranking is 98 out of 100. So, when there is an ordering problem, 98% of the time it is because of something else.

So, here are a few things to check:

  • Make sure to turn off any VPN’s
  • Try a different browser.
  • Make sure www.KeysPure.com is whitelisted on your router.
  • Firewalls can be a problem if set too high a security level.
  • Cable TV-based internet will throttle. So, one day you might be able to order, and the next may get zapped.
  • Your billing address is different from what your credit card company has on file. It often takes them months to update changes. So try an old billing address if you have recently moved in the last six months.
  • Your name has changed will also kick out an order if your credit card company is lagging on the update. Just like billing address
  • You are trying to order from a country we do not serve.
  • Your IP address has multiple fraud reports. Many cable internet providers use shared IP’s, and if there has been a fraud, it casts a shadow on that IP. If you can, try a different place or service to try to place the order.
  • The internet is your area can be maxed out because of loads and traffic. Try a different time of day.
  • You are trying to order using a cellular provider where tower loads are too busy.
  • You are using a freebie email provider. We see problems with old Yahoo and AOL addresses being kicked by the US Merchant Banking System. This is sometimes true of Gmail accounts. We use Wells Fargo Merchant Banking which can be a bit restrictive.

Our systems are very similar to Amazon. The big difference is that they set their protection very loosely and absorb any fraud. Keys cannot afford to do this as a small company. So it is feasible that you can order on Amazon and not Keys. Sorry for that, but we have to protect ourselves.

If all fails, please be advised that we cannot take phone orders because of the merchant banking account we use. So, reach out to our customer service through this ticket system, and we will try to help. Lastly, our close partner, www.smallflower.com sells on Amazon. They are our only authorized reseller on Amazon.com