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What To Use & When on My Face

There are no redundant Keys “Face” products.  All of them have a place and use.  Regimens vary regarding how much and when.  Your skin is different and therefore the regimen is different for everyone.

Below is a regimen if you were to use all of the face products in order of use:

  1. Wash with Island Rx Foaming Wash, Rinse, Pat Dry
  2. If you use Omni or AquaVit toner, do that next and let dry naturally as a deep toner
  3. Use Nextra NeoRetinol on all areas you want to smooth, brighten, or to reduce aging marks. Please do keep in mind that Nextra NeoRetinol is an active ingredient product.  Less is more, so use a thin application or thin more applying to slightly damp skin.  Our only experience with any irritation over the two-year test period was when people used too much.
  4. Reflex serum on spot areas where super hydration, dryness, or patches are seen
  5. Eye Butter for around the eye and lips
  6. Luminos Moisturizer for night or evening
  7. Solar Rx as an SPF daytime moisturizer with sun protection
  8. Tortuga Lotion for extremely dry areas in cold or dry regions.  Use where needed on face, hands, elbows, feet, etc.

Some customers use all and some customers use all depending on the time of year and their climate.  Younger hydrated skin needs less