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Shipping Procedures & Charges

One of our most common questions is about shipping costs and procedures. Here are the basics of how we work shipping your products at Keys.

First and foremost:

  • We do not markup shipping charges
  • We do not charge for boxes or packing materials
  • We do not have handling charges

Here is how it works:

When you place your online order, it immediately goes into the queue in our fulfillment center. When Tory arrives at work, she has a list and starts picking and packing orders in the order they were received. She uses a barcode system where she scans each product and places them in a box. Each product is individually wrapped using a technology developed by Disney Imagineering called Geami. It is special expandable recycled paper dunnage. Liquids are individually plastic bagged using a biodegradable plastic zip bag. The package receives a packing slip and is closed with an old-school-style paper gum tape.

Tory then weighs the finished box, and our online systems generate a label with postage. In the weighing process, our shipping software electronically contacts the USPS online postage rate system, and a shipping label is produced to match the exact weight of your package. This all happens in real-time in milliseconds. Tory affixes the shipping label and then scans the barcode, which identifies your package to our system and marks it as processed. Then she is on to the following order.

The finished boxes are then stored, awaiting the USPS postal carrier to arrive. They usually arrive between 3 pm and 4 pm Pacific time. Our shipping system produces a single bar code called a scan sheet. The carrier scans the scan sheet bar code, which identifies all the shipments for that day. Instantly, our shipping system sends out an email to all customers who notice that their package was shipped, and a tracking number from the USPS is assigned. There is a link in the email to track your shipment until it arrives at your location. When the local postal carrier scans the package at your door, we instantly receive notification that the package was delivered, and our software then sends the final notice to your email that your package was delivered.

That’s it. Everything is automated from the moment you order until you receive your package. We hope you can feel the care given to your order when you receive it.