Keys Extra Strength Hand Sanitizer is Back in Stock!

Our Extra Strength Hand Sanitizer is back in stock on our online store!

At 75% alcohol, the Hand Sanitizer exceeds the Center for Disease Control guidelines of 60% for additional efficacy. We will keep making it as long as there is a need and while supplies last

Hand sanitizers are in very short supply around the world.  We have decided to make a short run of extra-strength sanitizers made from organic ethanol alcohol available to our online customers only, at wholesale pricing.  

$12.95  Wholesale $9.47

Let your friends know.

Hand Sanitizer - Extra Strength
Hand Sanitizer - Extra Strength
Hand Sanitizer - Extra Strength  30ml Organic Ethanol Alcohol We combine 75% organic scientific-grade ethanol alcohol with Spearmint Essential Oil for an effective and functional hand sanitizer • Contain 75%…
$ 9.47
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Something To Make You Smile - Good News!
Bob was working on our customer service line to help out. He fielded this comment from a customer's online order for our Hand Sanitizer.  This note touched us all but paled in comparison to the exchange Bob & Laura had after her initial order note and Bob's followup.
Get The Facts - Please - PubMed!
Get The Facts! - Please! Living with an engineer scientist, the common phrase I hear is, "Where Are Your Facts?"  When it comes to your health, Dr. Google is an excellent resource as long as individuals do not have an intention for themselves. So, where do we go for HealthLine facts so we can make good decisions? You are responsible for your personal and family health. Having a resource that you can count on is…
Alert! - Extra Strength Hand Sanitizers Now Available from Keys
We are making a single short run of Extra Strength Hand Sanitizers for our customers. Here are the details: We have allocated a supply of fine-mist sprayer bottles that we…
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Visit Keys Online Store
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