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Autoimmune Skin Disorders – The 80/20 Rule
Autoimmune Skin Disorders – The 80/20 Rule
In life, there seem to be consistent numbers that play out. One set is commonly called the 80/20 Rule. A recent study I have read suggests that 80% of skin disorders are autoimmune related. In my book, Chemical-Free Skin Health®, I connected some of these to chemicals in everyday skincare products.
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We're Okay, You're Okay
We're Okay, You're Okay
There is so much talk, chatter, and news about the global logistics problems that have caused many skincare manufacturers to go out of stock. We want to clear the air about Keys products. We are good! That said, the logistics situation is not good, and that is why most major brands are showing out of stock in the stores and their warehouses. Again, we are good because of our alert team.
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The Quest for the Fountain of Youth. Tamanu Oil?
The Quest for the Fountain of Youth. Tamanu Oil?
Tamanu oil appears very effective for the treatment of skin conditions and is very recommended for the problems of atopic skin: eczema, pimples, and scars of acne, psoriasis, cracks, various dermatoses, and for an in-depth treatment of wrinkles, dark circles, and bags under the eyes as a decoagulant.
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Wendy Steele, Keys CEO
Alternative Skin Health for Me
The meaning of alternative skin health for me is me taking responsibility for my skin health. Being responsible for me as the manager of me. Yes, I consult with doctors and experts, but I am ultimately responsible for my well-being and my skin health. So are you.
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Super Emollient Concentrate
Super Emollient Concentrate
Okay, we are not announcing a new jumbo-sized Tortuga lotion. We just want to make a visual point. When you buy a 100ml bottle of Tortuga or any other Keys products, you are getting the equivalent emollients of 1000ml of just about any other lotion. And it is all-natural and has the highest quality ingredients made. Did You Know? Most brands of lotion have greater than 80% water. So, those 32 ozs, family economy size, lotions are probably only 15%-20% emollient, and the rest is water. Worse, most contain propylene glycol (PEG) that has addictive properties. You will understand because, layer some on, and 20 minutes later, your skin begs for more. Add parabens as preservatives, and you have a nasty chemical cocktail. None of this junk is in Keys products. We want to make the point that when you buy Keys products, they are vegan, gluten-free, and chemical-free. They are as emollient as possible, and the natural ingredients are whole and complete.
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